It’s been rumored that Apple has been set to update the iPhone 5S to a newer model in the 4-inch display space. This would be a phone for those who preferred the smaller footprint phone while still getting all the new specs. It was reported that this phone would be labeled the iPhone 5SE.


Credit: MacRumors

Until recent new revealed Apple will be dropping “5” and be calling it the iPhone SE. That being said here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s upcoming iPhone SE.

What is it?

As noted the iPhone SE will be an upgrade of Apple’s 2013 iPhone 5S. Rather than going with an iPhone 6C this year Apple will release the SE to cater to the crowd that prefers the smaller screen size devices, despite the move to bigger screens across smartphones. The SE will feature upgrades & support for current generation hardware such as the A9 processor,  M9 Chip, upgraded 8 megapixel camera and more.

What will it look like?

There have been many renderings & concept pieces of what the SE will look like. More than likely it’ll be identical to the 5S with some curved additions to the screen & edges. Some reports say that the new SE may even be able to share certain accessories with it’s previous 5S model. It’s also said to receive the new Rose Gold color limited to that of the 6S.

Where it Lacks:

The SE isn’t meant to be spec for spec with the newer 6S devices rather and upgraded generation of an already “S” based device thus the SE title. That said it’ll most likely only come in 16GB & 64GB variations and limited to 1GB of memory/RAM. This may however make it a more cost affordable options for those looking to get an iPhone for family members or for those who just prefer the 4-inch form factor.

Apple made a similar move with the iPhone 5C at first release it was a phone featuring a plastic body to appeal to a certain user base. Given the move to bigger screen sizes however both on iOS & Android devices this is an unlikely move. Only sales numbers will determine the reaction to said device. Until then we have to await the announcement of the SE at Apple’s March 15th event that will also feature other hardware releases/upgrades.