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CEO Satya Nadella has announced today Microsofts initiative to merge the windows platform all into one operating system. Windows has been developed previously for multiple devices/platforms. They announced the Windows Universal Apps for developers which allowed them to develop for one platform that would go across multiple devices. However, from now on it’ll be that […]

Last year Microsoft announced the launching of Kinect for Windows v2 to come in the summer of 2014. Today Microsoft has confirmed that they will be available for pre-order. Those who do will be receiving them this July. The all new Kinect v2 is built for Windows specifically to enhance the windows experience with the high-tech camera that […]

The holiday season is upcoming and here at DigitalDojos I’ve compiled our Holiday 2012 Tech-Gift Guide. Gifts and deals to take advantage of with the holiday season savings, helping you to find the perfect gift for that tech-geek in your life. Starting the list I’ll break down into some categories from under $100, $50 and many […]

Windows 8 has been officially released and will be sold on new laptops/desktops so whats the biggest difference in the UI that you’ll notice? Well for one the new modern UI may throw some users off but aside from that within the desktop environment that we all know the universal “start button” on windows is now gone. […]

Windows 8 was released to the public just recently for you to buy/upgrade. You can buy it off Microsoft’s site here. What exactly you may be asking is new in Windows 8? What do you need to upgrade, what are the main features, and so on.   Upgrading to Windows 8: You can download Microsoft’s assistant tool to find […]

Mozilla announces its latest metro 8 based browser for the Windows 8 operating system. The new firefox edition for windows 8 will be compatible both with the classic windows desktop environment and the new windows 8 interface (previously metro). The new interface will have all the features of the classic firefox browser including sync, add […]

Looking to upgrade to a new phone, computer, maybe even TV? How do you go about getting rid of your old electronics in order to get some extra cash for your new products and or just get rid of old electronics taking space.   Tip# 1- Gazelle  Gazelle is a great service that allows you […]

   This Post is an Opinion Post repersented by the author and has no reflection on DigitalDojos as a publication Come October 26th Windows 8 will hit the main stream releasing to the masses and bringing in the next generation of windows operating system. CREDIT: Windows Club The big question still arises whether or not […]

The Razer blade gaming laptop that took gaming news by storm one of Razer first actual gaming computer. A 17 inch sleekly designed gaming powerhouse that first time around was criticized heavily for being underpowered for its price point. A V2 edition of the Razer Blade is upcoming with tons of new changes taking the […]