As I sit here writing this blog post on my site I realize the many platforms I use for blogging. For the relaunching of DigitalDojos we settled with the Twitter-Bootstrap version of WordPress. However the internet is filled with many different platforms so its hard to just choose one. This can be especially difficult if your purpose for […]

A new top 5 series starting off with a list of my personal favorite website designs. Design to me is more than look but the feel & context of a site. So these 5 I’ve selected are sites that range from great HTML 5 implementation, responsive design, down to just unique ideas.   Check them […]

So you’ve finally decided to monetize your content on your blog/site here are some tips to maximize the placement and revenue of your ads. 1-Ad Network First things first you need to decide on your ad network of choice and the approach you’ll take to putting ads on your site. The top network of course […] Names the top business to watch SPONSORED POST Search Maryland is a leading local directory of business and has recently named “ Top Businesses to Watch”. Search Marlyand is a local Maryland directory that provides businesses, organizations and companies a way to be recognized and advertised. A sort of online yellow pages for locals. […]

Making money in whatever form is something everyone strives to do, so if you could make it online why not. The web 2.0 generation has so many possibilities to make a revenue online with your website and content all it takes is some time and work.  These few tips are the ones I’ve gathered and […]

Browsing the web is something we all do on a regular basis to entertain ourselves or even waste time. Sometimes we’re on a mission to get work done, check email, catch up on blogs, or whatever else you do on the internet… but other times you search for something interesting. I have recently stated using […]

Tips to starting a blog and running it 1- Subject First off find out what you want to write about. What subject interests you and could contribute to others. What are your hobbies etc find out what you want to write about so you can form your blog around that whether it be (Technology , […]