Mozilla announces its latest metro 8 based browser for the Windows 8 operating system. The new firefox edition for windows 8 will be compatible both with the classic windows desktop environment and the new windows 8 interface (previously metro). The new interface will have all the features of the classic firefox browser including sync, add […]

Sparrow mail client popular from iOS/OSX has now been acquired by Google. Popular as an alternative mail client to apples Mail both on mobile devices and OSX. Sparrow is set to come to the Gmail scene and help improve upon clients for iOS and Android. We’re expected to see updates to Gmail interface and probably […]

Dunbars number in todays social media Robin Dunnbar is popular for his research in that we as human beings can only maintain a relationship with 150 people. Anywhere beyond that we tend to forget people and drift theres tons of research on the topic and can variate obviously depending on situations. Though taking that number […]

Google’s CEO Larry Page has just revealed that there are more than 200+ million people already using Google Chrome all over the world. It was first released on beta version for Microsoft Windows on 2nd Sept 2008. This 3 years old browser got about 120 million in Dec 2010 while 150 million users in May […]

Netflix is abandoning its widely decision to seperate its DVD-by mails and internet streaming services because it would make them difficult to use. Netflix users will be able to use both the services under one account as CEO Reed Hasting said on Monday in a blog post. Less than a month ago Netflix said that […]

So finally we heard of settlement talks b/w Apple & Samsung but from recent events that those talks probably didn’t came up-to expectations.  yesterday in Australia, however, Samsung’s lawyers have reportedly extended an olive branch, hoping to end delay of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 launch in the Australian market. If Apple accepts the terms of […]