Younity Overview: Stream, Access, & Share All Your Files from your Computer on iOS

Younity Overview: Stream, Access, & Share All Your Files from your Computer on iOS

My thanks to the folks at Younity for making this video & content possible. Head over to their website for more information.

Younity is a free & easy to setup application that allows you to stream all of your files for easy access across your iOS devices (Android support is in the works). Stream your video/movies, photos, and documents from a Mac or PC & get access on your mobile device anytime & anywhere instantly. Best of all Younity is completely free & unlike other services there are no plans or restrictions. Unlimited storage & streaming of your files while still providing top notch security & convenience. No more having to store gigabytes of files locally on your iOS device when it can all be accessed via Younity.

Video Overview:

Setting Up Younity:

Younity requires an installation on your desktop to act as the server of your files. This can be a Mac running OS X or a Windows based PC. Install the Younity server software here. After the software is installed you’ll need to run through the settings in order to determine your files you’d like streamed via Younity.

The first thing to take note of is the location settings in Younity. This determines the files which will be streamed from your server to your respective devices. This can be your whole drive or specific folders such as photos, music, and movies. Additionally Younity has support for iPhoto/Photos or Lightroom libraries.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 4.04.30 AM

The more files you have the longer the scan process will take. The next tab houses your settings, from here you can tweak certain options such as whether or not the app boots with your computer which I personally recommend that way you never have to worry whether or not Younity is running.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 4.04.50 AM

The next step is to install Younity across your mobile devices in this case my iPhone. After signing in & registering your device you’ll now have access to your files via the simple app interface.


Younity Mobile App:

IMG_0528The app will showcase any current playing media alongside four categories music, videos, photos, and files (documents). For the most part the Younity app was able handle every file I threw at it. Be it .jpg, .mp4, .rtf & so on. However there are some restrictions like iTunes DRM based content can’t be played back, though that isn’t the fault of the app itself. The app did a great job of pulling in all the meta data related to files I streamed across. You can now view movies on the go that are hosted via your computer or listen to music from your iTunes library. Certain files like photos for example can be downloaded locally to your Younity app to help save load times. It goes a step further with extra features such as AirPlay support, ability to directly send photos from Younity to apps like Instagram. This is useful for taking those DSLR or other pictures from your desktop & easily uploading them via Instagram without having to manually transfer the photo over.

The app also features a search to make it easy to comb through your folder of files & a filter option to make it easy to find specific files such as ones you’ve downloaded locally, alphabetic order, and so on. The app’s settings allow for further customization & security enhancements such as the ability to set a pin code on the app itself for an extra layer of protection.

These are just some use cases of course. This is a solution that can come in handy be it for professional or personal usage. Another great aspect is the sharing feature. Sharing allows you to share certain files to friends easily & securely. All transfers are encrypted & your data is never viewed by Younity itself as they never store it, it’s all streamed. Shared files have an expiration time as well which help serve as a peace of mind.



All in all Younity is a great solution to a lot of problems. Be it for saving storage space on your iPhone, having access to your files from anywhere in the world, the convenience of streaming your photo, video, or music library. Take your pick. One thing I want to also emphasize is the speed at which files are streamed while maintaining the quality, whether it was a picture or video. You get access to all your files at your fingertips & never have to worry about manually syncing anything you may need access to again. That’s where it came in handy for me personally. I always run into cases where I’m out & need access to a work document I forgot to sync somewhere or e-mail to myself. Younity eliminated that problem entirely as long as it’s in one of my designated location folders I don’t have to think twice about getting access to it.  Best of all there’s not much at stake, cost of entry is 100% free & there are no limitations as to how many files you can stream over or access. If your looking for a simple to setup but highly effective file streaming solution look no further then Younity.


YouTube to Implement a Paid Ad-Free Subscription Service

YouTube to Implement a Paid Ad-Free Subscription Service

The all powerful video platform that is Youtube has announced a new subscription model that will allow users to pay a fee in order to get a “Advertisement Free” experience.

This will allow people to pay a monthly fee to get a no ad video experience. No official statement as of yet on the pricing. However it’s rumored to be around $10 monthly & include other features such as offline video storage on mobile devices.

The announcement was sent out in a letter to partners in which it stated

“excite your fans and generate a previously untapped, additional source of revenue for you.”

Meaning that there’s a potential for creators to get paid off of this subscription service. More specifically the way it’ll work is a pool based system. If a user is a subscriber of this “Ad-Free Account” earnings are then based off how much time that user spends watching your videos. So partners will get paid based on views by these subscribers essentially. The cut being the traditional Youtube cut of 55% to the creator & 45% to Youtube.


This is both bad & good news for creators. First off most users nowadays may use something like “Ad-Block” as is to prevent advertisements in content. From a creators perspective I understand the need to make & monetize content to earn a living. The DigitalDojos channel in itself is in the process of ridding of adverts based in the video in place for custom burned in pre-roll ads from sponsors I choose however this is also something thats being phased out by Youtube. I like the idea of subscription accounts for those who use the service enough & get a great benefit from it to get ad-free as well as other things like offline access. However this will really benefit the major partner channels out there that hold majority of the views in their space. Not so much the lower/middle end partners. Not to mention the cut is pretty much half of the earnings.

Many services outside of Youtube have started to form to offer creators more control over their content as well as earnings & percentage of ad revenues which could force Youtube to change some policies. At the end of the day YouTube is the platform to be for video & thus the reason we have to apply by these changes like it or not for creators like myself.

If anything I’d like Youtube to fix the subscription service on all free accounts before rolling out a paid one.


Quick Tip: How to View Your “Liked” Posts on Instagram

Quick Tip: How to View Your “Liked” Posts on Instagram

I follow a lot of fashion/style based Instagram accounts for inspirations & ideas. That said I was looking for an outfit that I liked a while back on Instagram only to wonder how exactly you access your “liked” photo gallery. It’s definitely a feature within Instagram just a couple taps away in the settings panel.


Step 1: Profile Tab

Begin by clicking on your profile tab within Instagram.



Step 2: Settings

Open your settings panel by clicking the gear in the top right. Which will take you to your Instagram settings.


Step 3: Photos You’ve Liked

Under the account section you’ll find the “Posts You’ve Liked” button. Enjoy viewing a gallery or list view of the photos/videos you’ve liked. Making it easier to filter through the posts you enjoy.



Relative to Instagram version 6.6.1