Application Overview : TextExpander for Mac  Smile Software are the great team behind TextExpander for mac and iOS, today I wanted to take a look at the OS X version and why I think its one of the best productivity tools out there. Think of text expander as snippets shortcuts that allow you to save […]

How to officially jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S or iPad 2   Note: Backup photos/Videos etc before restore/jailbreak UPDATE: Windows & Linux Versions launched- Today Greenpoison tool known as Abisinthe was released today as a simple jailbreaking tool thats as easy as a click of a button and patience. The video overview can […]

A new series covering the sony vegas video editor starting from basics of editing to some advanced techniques. Showing you around the software and tips to getting great video quality etc. Download trial of sony vegas- Sony Vegas Interface In the first tutorial we’re covering the interface and navigating around sony vegas and it’s […]

Joshua Oakes better known as wee493 on the web has started a series on PHP. Setting it up and more in depth videos dealing with variables etc are to come in the series.         Watch Part 1 : Introduction “Installing Wamp/Mamp”   DOWNLOAD LINKS: WAMP (Windows) – MAMP (Mac) – […]

So you cracked your iPhone 4 screen and don’t want  to pay for some repair service or get a new one from apple, you could always do it yourself by ordering the parts and conducting the repair. Get the Best Parts & Repairs at REPAIR GUIDE: A couple notes before conducting the repair,  first off […]