What is LoL? League of Legends one the popular RTS games available right now that is free to play. Popular for its windows based users Riot however the maker of the game lacks an official mac osx client. There is couple options however to work around and play LoL on your mac. LoL is based […]

Over the years of blogging heres some tips I’ve picked up to helping those new and veterans to becoming a better blogger. By no means have I reached and enlightened status of blogging rather these are the tips I’ve picked up along the way.     TIPS: 1-Schedule Scheduling how and when you run your […]

Making money in whatever form is something everyone strives to do, so if you could make it online why not. The web 2.0 generation has so many possibilities to make a revenue online with your website and content all it takes is some time and work.  These few tips are the ones I’ve gathered and […]

On Mac OSX by default hidden files are obviously hidden this hides folders like “Library” which contains app data for stuff like IPSW files from itunes. Heres how to enable hidden folders via terminal. Terminal Command:  defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles -bool true

  Jailbreaking 101 A common question I get revolves around Jailbreaking what it is, how you do it, etc etc. This post is here along with the video to fully explain the common things surrounding jailbreaking and the basics of it all.     What is Jailbreaking: In its simplest form, allowing your iDevice to […]