A hidden feature within iOS 8 allows you hide photos within the “Photos” App. Technically it does this by hiding the set photos out of the default view and moves it into a “hidden” album, literally. So if you have those embarrassing photos that you’d rather not let people who browse through your phone see […]

  This holiday season will be filled with tablet purchases be it iPad or Android and so on but with so many options available theres tons of things to consider before buying a tablet, especially in the case its for someone else. Below are some our top tips to consider before buying your tablet to […]

Looking to upgrade to a new phone, computer, maybe even TV? How do you go about getting rid of your old electronics in order to get some extra cash for your new products and or just get rid of old electronics taking space.   Tip# 1- Gazelle  Gazelle is a great service that allows you […]

If you haven’t seen the announcement video here, I’ll be leaving for a week or so for some family business and a small vacation to the Philippines. As I went packing up for the trip I figured I’d drop my 5 tips for traveling with technology and some things to consider on the go.   […]

Over the years of blogging heres some tips I’ve picked up to helping those new and veterans to becoming a better blogger. By no means have I reached and enlightened status of blogging rather these are the tips I’ve picked up along the way.     TIPS: 1-Schedule Scheduling how and when you run your […]

So you’ve finally decided to monetize your content on your blog/site here are some tips to maximize the placement and revenue of your ads. 1-Ad Network First things first you need to decide on your ad network of choice and the approach you’ll take to putting ads on your site. The top network of course […]

On Mac OSX by default hidden files are obviously hidden this hides folders like “Library” which contains app data for stuff like IPSW files from itunes. Heres how to enable hidden folders via terminal. Terminal Command:  defaults write AppleShowAllFiles -bool true