In a bold move, Tesla & CEO Elon Musk have made their patents freely available in an effort to push the electric car technology forward. Tesla released a blog post stating: Tesla Motors was created to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. If we clear a path to the creation of compelling electric vehicles, but […]

iOS 8 was discussed at WWDC 2014 announcing a slew of new features. Personally I see it as what iOS 7 should’ve and could’ve been. That’s neither here nor there. With that said, I wanted to take a look at my top 5 features that iOS 8 offers.   1- Interactive Notifications iOS 8 now allows […]

  Google has finally unveiled their new flagship android device the “Nexus 5″. Pairing with LG the nexus 5 brings a 5-inch power house device all at the price of $349 unlocked.     Video Overview:     The Nexus 5 features a new design with a plastic back that they describe as “silky” smooth. […]

Apple has just finished up their October 22nd iPad event and here’s a look at everything announced.   Sales Figures: As all Apple events open Tim Cook would recap on some recent sales figures -iPhone 5S/5C sales top 9 million sold -iOS 7 adoption rate is at 64%  -60 Billion App accumulative downloads -$13 Billion […]

 Apples keynote has finally settled and the many rumors surrounding the iPhone 5S & 5C finally come to light.  Video Overview:  They keynote itself this year was not live streamed as it was held at Apples Cupertino HQ, however the recording is now live at Apples homepage.  iTunes Festival  The keynote began with Tim Cook […]

   According to reports from Bloomberg and articles over at Macrumors Samsung is gearing up for their next smart watch release. Now Samsung is no stranger to this market having developed products in the late 90s surrounded around smart watch technology. In the interview with Bloomberg  Lee Young Hee VP of mobile business said “We’ve been […]

iCarbon kindly sent out their “iPhone 5 Carbon Skins” for review and heres a full look at the product. In the past we took a look at their 4S line and with the iPhone 5 they’re now offering a new two-tone skin kit. Over at iCarbon you can find a variety of their skins for […]

The holiday season is upcoming and here at DigitalDojos I’ve compiled our Holiday 2012 Tech-Gift Guide. Gifts and deals to take advantage of with the holiday season savings, helping you to find the perfect gift for that tech-geek in your life. Starting the list I’ll break down into some categories from under $100, $50 and many […]