Twitter the 10 billion dollar social media platform has confirmed the rumors of them filing an IPO. Their direct twitter account reported:  An IPO or initial public offering essentially means opening up your company to sell stock to the public. Facebook recently has their company go public & now Twitter will be the next major […]

 So yes Instagram launched the latest 4.0 update bringing “Video” to IG. In essence a straight shot at Twitters sub-network “Vine”. A vine killer if you will. Quick run down of the new IG 4.0 is as follows:   -15 second video recording (No Loops) -Video Filters (Live Preview)  -Enhanced loading times  -Undo segment recording […]

  A month ago I wrote a post entitled “Disconnect” in it I spoke about my aim to unplug in the small scale that I could. I aimed to take a bit of break from things and depend on less. I started with something that I felt consumed a lot of my time and faced […]

Dunbars number in todays social media Robin Dunnbar is popular for his research in that we as human beings can only maintain a relationship with 150 people. Anywhere beyond that we tend to forget people and drift theres tons of research on the topic and can variate obviously depending on situations. Though taking that number […]