Instagram Brings Search to it’s Website

Instagram Brings Search to it’s Website

The popular photo sharing app Instagram has finally brought search functionality to its web counterpart. has been a complimentary portal to your feed for some time now. Today they’ve made it possible to search users, hashtags, and locations all via the web.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 5.01.42 PM


Via the website you can just about do everything you can on mobile with the exception of actually uploading photos. The sites main purpose is to serve as another method of access to your photo stream & people your following. While Instagram plans on keeping its main focus of course on the mobile end this is a nice addition for those who like myself time to time like to open up IG on the browser end.

As of now still no word on a desktop/web uploader for photographers who may use another camera to take their pictures. For now you’ll have to stick to importing the photo from desktop to mobile device. However search away at

Fiverr Overview: The $5 Marketplace

Fiverr Overview: The $5 Marketplace

I’ve used Fiverr for nearly 2.5 years now, first introduced by a good friend Duncan Maile about the site & it’s vast marketplace. Whether your a seller or buyer your bound to find some use out of Fiverr for kick starting a project, making things work on a budget, or just earning anywhere from a part time to full time income.

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Fiverr is an online marketplace where people do specific tasks for a “Fiverr” or $5 USD. The idea being gigs are “I will _____ for $5”.  These gigs can be anything from produce a video, design a logo, record a voiceover & thousands of other gigs. On the other end you can of course sell your service to customers for $5. Now while this is the base price there are many add ons that allow sellers to make more.

Gig Extras: Are extra services offered within a gig for more money (increments of $5) so for example I have a extra within my gig that allows for rendering a video in 1080P for an additional $10.

Custom Orders: This was recently introduced but allows for clients for bigger scale projects allow for custom orders.

All of these are unlocked as you climb the tier of levels for Fiverr sellers.

The site itself is filled with various categories that are sure to fill your needs one way or another.

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Another great aspect of the site if your a buyer you can post out the type of job you need done to help find the correct sellers.

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All that said I’ve made several thousand dollars from Fiverr in the past. An experience that has taught me a lot about the service & site itself. Fiverr is a great way to take something you may be talented or skilled in & offer it for a side income. Dedicating more time you can make a considerable amount of money. At the same time I’ve had my quarrels with the site. As someone who transitioned to a client services business ScreencApp there’s a bit of a gap when it comes to Fiverr & the real world client services business. Typically in my experience the transition to have people who pay less than $5 for a gig aren’t usually interested in spending anything 10x that cost.

The old adage still stands however be willing to pay for quality work. So whether your a buyer or seller always keep these things in mind.

  • As a buyer know your only paying usually $5 for a service expect that & nothing more. Of course there are standards and such but don’t expect $1,000 quality for $5 worth of work
  • As a seller do your best to hold your satisfactory level with your clients to a high but don’t offer the impossible for prices that aren’t premium

In the future I’ll dive deeper into some things I’ve learned along the way on the service.

None the less Fiverr is a very popular service & great platform to get started. If your a entrepreneur on a budget & looking to get simple things like a logo, website, graphics & other material set up than for under $100 you can get a lot done via Fiverr. In the same respect as a seller I’ve had many other doors open up from the site. Frequent clients of mine went on to contact me to work on various other projects & or bulk orders. Thats one of the big advantages of the network despite the smaller payout compared to normal you have access to thousands of clients looking for sellers.

So in summary if I had to round up my experience of the service overall in my time using it:


  • Access to a wide client base
  • Potential for expansion
  • Great way to establish side income/full time
  • Affordable method for finding certain services


  • Payout delay is a bit long
  • Customer Support is a hit or miss in my experience
  • Their $5 Gig material at the end of the day which depending on your seller can be a really great or not so great experience


Fiverr is a very massive marketplace which I think you’ll be able to utilize whether you want to be a seller or buyer. That said if your interested in signing up & giving it a chance check out my link below to get a free gig. Additionally feel free to check out my gig page where I still offer basic gigs on their service.

Sign up today & get a free gig!

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Methods to Monetizing your Website

Methods to Monetizing your Website

In this DojoGuide we’ll be taking a look at methods to monetizing your website. What exactly monetization means & some methods you can use to implement on your site & make anywhere from a side income to even a full time income with some hard work & preparation.

Video Overview:

What is Monetization?

Monetizing is essentially making money from your site/business whatever it is you may offer. It could be a small blog or a business based site built around an idea. At the end of the day the most important thing to take away from these methods if you implement one or a combination of each is to offer your viewers something of value. Having something to give to your users in the first place is whats key to utilizing the methods we’ll discuss.

1- Ad-Banners

One of the most traditional methods of monetizing is advertisement based banners. Think of them as the digital form of billboards, posters, etc. Ads on your site featuring companies, sites, or services in exchange for a cash compensation. This varies into two categories the networks like Google Adsense or independent advertising or the ability to sell your own ad space to sponsors/advertisers on your own. Each have their own benefits to them it really comes down to personal preference in the end. Networks are easy to get started with & offer decent rates if you have high enough traffic but don’t always take into account value over CPM.

Popular Ad-Networks:

Google Adsense



When it comes to independent campaign in which your either contacting sponsors or selling space on your site take these few things into consideration. Decide what content bests fits your site & audience and look around that industry. With some research you’ll be able to find companies, products, or services that’ll be interesting promoting their company to your audience. Start by reaching out to companies via their “Contact Us” page in order to pitch what you have to offer. While stats are important here it’s also key to define the value your site has to offer them. Be it your targeted readers, amounts of content, and so on.

2- Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are another lucrative monetization method that involves your promoting products/services to your viewers & when they purchase said product you earn a commission. Rates vary here from program to program but it’s a great way to earn some money promoting products/services you probably already use or cover in relation to your content.

For example if your reviewing a specific group of services such as web hosting you’ll most likely be linking off to their sites. If you use an affiliate code provided by those services when a user signs up under your link you can get percentage of that sale. It’s a nice & passive income method that can make anywhere from a few dollars a month to thousands of dollars.

Popular Affiliate Programs:

Amazon Affiliate

Commission Junction

Apple Affiliate Program

Note that the best way to really promote affiliate sales is by sticking to things you already believe in & or use yourself. Furthermore keeping it inline with your sites normal content helps the readers feel at home when using products you recommend. Cause at the end of the day affiliate programs are essentially referrals. So be sure to promote the services/apps you believe in.


The most simple & straight forward method of making money via your site is to sell something. There are countless platforms/services available where you can create a site plug in your product or software & being distributing out to your customers. I highly advise using a service in this case as it handles the technical background of transactions, customers, etc. Leaving you to focus on product & sales.

Popular eCommerce Services:





At the end of the day when it comes to product you have to have something to offer your customers. It can be an app, something home-made, or even products of others. You can focus on a group of products or stick to one specific thing. eCommerce is a big business & works well when you promote your site & whatever it is you’ll be selling in a variety of formats. Be it social networking, word of mouth, referral programs, etc.

4- Services

A branch of eCommerce a services based site offers something to their customers in exchange for a flat rate fee or even a subscription model. This is the king of passive income as typically you have guaranteed income based of something you provide access to. This can vary from video courses, access to premium content, and so on. You can get creative here & implement your expertise into a service offered to your clients/subscribers.

There are a ton of ways to set up these membership based sites but the best option in my opinion is via WordPress.

A wordpress installation in conjunction with these plug-ins make for great service based sites.

Membership Plug-Ins:


WP Membership Plug-in 


In summary when it comes to these methods you can choose to use each in some sort or fashion or just stick to one. Offering value around the content you build & offer to your viewers is what builds a good foundation for each of these methods. Enough time, work, and creative thinking can turn these from small side profits to a full time job if implemented correctly. So get monetizing & building your small site to a profitable income.