I’ve lived overseas in Japan for the last 8 years . That said, there are two ways to get access to US-based content such as Netflix, Hulu, and so on. Either you pay the ISP for a US-based IP or go through what is known as VPN (Virtual Private Network). Essentially this tricks sites into thinking […]

Over the years of blogging heres some tips I’ve picked up to helping those new and veterans to becoming a better blogger. By no means have I reached and enlightened status of blogging rather these are the tips I’ve picked up along the way.     TIPS: 1-Schedule Scheduling how and when you run your […]

Hello to all the readers out there I thought it was time for another update post concerning plans moving forward and recent activity, updates, etc. An Apology I as the owner of the site have to apologize first off for being so busy lately and off schedule and in my view lacking content. I made […]

Using a popular web service known as Paper.li making an online newspaper is as easy as signing up and letting the service automatically form your daily newspaper. Paper.li allows you to also manually add feeds or services to add on to your newspaper. The paper updates every 24 hours and allows to post out to […]

Quick Tip: Shorten your Google+ Profile URL   Google + has become a popular network since it’s release and as of now it still has no vanity url support. The website – http://gplus.to allows you to take your profile and shorten to a simple link  (- http://gplus.to/adrianc) for example is my profile url. It’s as simple […]

Google recently called out it’s primary competitor, Bing, in a blog post with some strong evidence that Bing is copying search results from them. Google has done their research and has great evidence to prove that Bing is indeed copying some of Google results. If you’re interested in the “search wars” between Google and Bing […]

2010 is coming to an end and incomes 2011. We all at DigitalDojos hope you had a great year and look forward to new plans for DD with 2011. 2010 marked the launch of the site and youtube channel and already we coming up to nearly 1,000 subscribers in nearly 4 months, we couldn’t have […]