In an effort to tighten security, the TSA has implemented a new law on uncharged devices. The TSA now has the right to ask you to power on devices such as laptops, tablets, mobile phones at the checkpoints and those which are dead or out of power may be revoked from access to the flight. […]

Apple has just finished up their October 22nd iPad event and here’s a look at everything announced.   Sales Figures: As all Apple events open Tim Cook would recap on some recent sales figures -iPhone 5S/5C sales top 9 million sold -iOS 7 adoption rate is at 64%  -60 Billion App accumulative downloads -$13 Billion […]

Microsofts CEO Steve Balmer sends a memo out to the employees and public regarding Microsofts new company organizational changes. In summary a big unification of the organization. Out with the redundant positions. Unifying chiefs into more wider roles. Personally I think this is something Microsoft has had to for quite some time now. However theres […]

AllthingsD is reporting that the iPad mini event will take place October 23rd in a private apple event thats invite only. Tons of iPad Mini rumors have been surfacing and now more and more credible outlets are reporting thats it’ll be announced and is being manufactured currently. So what exactly are all the reports and […]

   This Post is an Opinion Post repersented by the author and has no reflection on DigitalDojos as a publication Come October 26th Windows 8 will hit the main stream releasing to the masses and bringing in the next generation of windows operating system. CREDIT: Windows Club The big question still arises whether or not […]

Today Nintendo had a New York Press conference to show off the WiiU and announce some important launch date + pricing. Nintendo set the price on its WiiU along with its launch date starting at $300 on November 18th. Keeping in mind the release date is set for the US.  There are two options when buying […]

Apple today at the end of their keynote unveiled two new upgrades to the iPod lineup . Along with a new set of earbuds to go along with the new devices and latest iPhone 5. iPod Nano Starting off with the iPod nano and what apple dubs the (7th Generation ) instead of taking an […]