Technology is FUCKING amazing.

Technology is FUCKING amazing.

How’s that for a headline?

So let me set the premise. I spent the better half of last night listening to the new “Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader” audiobook that was released. I closed up shop in my office around late afternoon, snapped a picture of the dull lit sky cutting through my windows & proceeded to my bedroom across the tiny hall. Literally about 5 steps from my office door.


I laid down in the bed. Reached for my Galaxy S5 & turned on my Sharp TV using the IR blaster built into the phone. I then took out my iPhone 5S with the Audible app on it & used Airplay (Apples wireless streaming protocol) to sling the audio from the phone to my Apple TV. All of this in the matter of seconds.

Laying there as the audio narrated about Steve Jobs rise in his younger years to the CEO of Apple. Starting from the garage of his house making circuit boards & so on. Then it occured to me what I had just done. I used my phone to turn on my TV, connected to my Apple TV set top box, slinged the media from my iPhone onto the screen & streamed the audio over the TV speakers.

I’ve done this before hell I’ve done things much more complex than this.

  • Building custom computers
  • Deconstructing & rebuiding an iPhone
  • Fix an iPod speaker with only an ID card & piece of cardboard

the list goes on. However it never seemed so seemless than that moment. Only to be reminded while listening to the book & figures like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and or Bill Gates that this is technology in its simplest form.  A line from the book (I’m paraphrasing) talked about the idea of Jobs having a realization that electronics & technology was this thing that if you put something in something would come out. It wasn’t magic or anything mystical. Theres a science to it.

I’ve covered technology for going on 8 years now. Starting at the age of eleven when I was full of ambition on a curiosity that seemed to stretch for miles. Somewhere along the way I got lost in everything and became content with the state of technology as one does when covering something for quite awhile. I had to be reminded of a very hard truth that I believe in expectations kill everything.

We expect so much out of a lot of things & thats the reason things whatever they may be don’t excite us. We hold things to such a high standard that when something different comes along we brush it off cause its not what we’re used to. Think of your favorite artists music album that you could relate with so much & how you thought that it was perfect. Well in the artists mind it may have been or may have just been a start for something new. They release something else & to their dismay everyone else is upset with it cause its different.

That’s the way I had felt with technology for awhile. Things to me were evolutionary not revolutionary in the sense that things were surely evolving just not at something that was exciting to me.

Technology in itself however is fucking amazing. I’ve always believed in this but had to be reminded along the way.

We complain about our electronics & gadgets but if we simply took a step back to see what we have & what its capable of then maybe we wouldn’t complain so much. In 2015 anyone with a smartphone carries the worlds knowledge in their pockets. The ease of access for information that only 100 years ago required research & hours of scouring in physical books for information now is reduced to a couple of seconds. Yet its too slow, doesn’t have this or that, batery isn’t long enough, so on & so forth.

Think about what we have & how far we’ve come with technology. I write this right now from my office in Okinawa, Japan will hit the publish button & eyes around the world will have access to it. The ability to post a simple status on a network that reaches millions, capture a breathtaking moment with tap of a finger, or as simple as turn on a TV with a phone. Maybe it seems like nothing to the millenials of my generation but it’s amazing to me & will always be.

Technology transcends what we deem possible & creates tools and methods for us to make life easier.

Technology is fucking amazing.

Pin & download Apple Apps with Pinterest

Pin & download Apple Apps with Pinterest

The popular social networking site Pinterest thats popular for its visual pin boards now adds a new feature “App Pins”. This feature allows for users to add apps to their pins which adds an install button that does allows the app to be downloaded without being taken out of the Pinterest experience.


Apple in conjunction with this feature release has taken advantage by making an official AppStore board with their own pins of featured apps.

This all of course only displays within the iOS app itself. Taking you directly to the app page within Pinterest to download said app. The new feature can prove to be a big push for pinners to showcase apps they enjoy & use. On top of that with a very cluttered AppStore a platform like Pinterest which is highly known for its various categories of boards can take advantage of this feature to cut through the noise. As for Pinterest they could use this model in combination with the promoted pins & ad-market to make some revenue from the new feature. Their users get a feature that makes app discovery & installation seamless which seems to be the trend nowadays. The less friction from point A to B makes it all the much better for the user. With Pinterest growing future already on track to surpass Twitter, new features that enable users to find more of the content they want with ease only strengthens their network.

Any thoughts on the new feature? More over I’m sure we’ll see creative ways users will integrate this features into their pin boards.

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Snapchat “Discover” Overview

Snapchat “Discover” Overview



Snapchat recently released their all new “Discover” mode in the last update. This is both a monetization platform for the network as well as a dive into the news business. Discover is a way for users of Snapchat to discover ongoing news topics from various networks including CNN, People Magazine, MTV, and more in a very Snapchat-esque format. Simply swipe right to your stories page to find the new discover button in the top right of the app. This then opens bubbles corresponding to all the networks available as of launch.

Once in the discover mode you can easily swipe through the news headlines/videos. Swiping up goes to the full article or content, swiping to the right goes to the next headline, and lastly swiping up takes you back to the discover page.

Essentially a news outlet or snapchat story for these many networks. Surely this also allows for advertisement/monetization for the platform. What really stands out is the ease of use & navigation behind all of it. Something most users who use Snapchat daily will be comfortable with. Integrating news in the already popular network. To me this captivates the audience who are used to short form content in a very appealing user interface. While most users may not normally have a news reader app or open CNN or MTV if its a swipe away within their favorite social network then why not. I feel Snapchat is used to see whats ongoing in your world. Your friends, their stories, and sharing yours. This discover mode lets you take that one step further & consume whats going on in the world in all too familiar format.

As their blog post on the release of new feature depicts:

Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. All too often, artists are forced to accommodate new technologies in order to distribute their work. This time we built the technology to serve the art: each edition includes full screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising.


It’ll be interesting to see how Snapchat expands upon this.