Apple restricts App Store reviews in prerelease iOS versions

Apple restricts App Store reviews in prerelease iOS versions

Not to long ago Frederico Viticci of Macstories wrote this post. In it highlighting why these prerelease app reviews were harmful to developers. Seeing as betas like iOS 9 are still not out for the public its understandable that there’ll be bugs with certain 3rd party apps. As developers work to update for the upcoming version.


As Frederico states

Betas are, by definition, unfinished software, and unfinished software has bugs and works inconsistently. As Apple writes on their Beta Software Program website, “you can take part in shaping Apple software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think”.

Developers here are crippled in that they literally can’t post updates for iOS 9 & OS X El Capitan as the App-Store won’t allow it. So users on these betas have who’ve been experiencing bugs have been taken to the review section.

However as of today that changes as Apple now restricts anyone from writing reviews on prerelease versions of iOS, as it should be. While most apps work fine on iOS 9 there are still some bugs & crashes you’ll experience that aren’t on the fault of developers who are well aware of the issue. As of right now this is limited to iOS but we’ll surely see this adapted to OS X betas as well. For now however it’s a good start.


How To: Paint on iOS w/Pixelmator

How To: Paint on iOS w/Pixelmator

Pixelmator has made the series of content we’ve been producing this week possible. A huge thanks to their team for the support & for making the amazing image editor that is Pixelmator. Download it for iOS & OS X today!

I’m no artist but I’ve always loved painting & creating art on digital based devices. I think the ability to create whenever inspiration strikes on our phones & tablets is revolutionary. Pixelmator is an app that facilities just that with their amazing painting tools. Painting on Pixelmator is easy whether your a novice or veteran designer/artist. The vast array of brushes, options, and technology built into the app makes it all seamless & allows you to focus on your art.


Video Overview:



Pixelmator offers a wide variety of brush types to get that right touch for your image.

  • Pencil
  • Crayon
  • Marker
  • Ink
  • Paint
  • Spray
  • Watercolor
  • Smudge

Each with a collection of styles within each category. The design & technology that goes into their brushes are unparalleled. My favorite for example the water color brushes allow for great blending of colors & make edges that are defined & detailed.

Here’s an example of an image thrown together using the watercolor brushes. Notice how the colors overlap & blend into each other rather than featuring harsh edges. That level of detail is what makes pixelmators brushes so great.



Tools have never been easier to use & the interface no matter mobile or desktop is simple to use. The best part of Pixelmator & its toolset such as paintbrushes is that your limited by what you want to create.

Overview: Hearthstone for iPhone

Overview: Hearthstone for iPhone

Blizzard’s popular digital collectible card game Hearthstone has made its way to mobile phones. You can now play Hearthstone on both Android & iOS phones. Previously it was available for tablet devices with a bigger screen size.

Nowadays with smartphones growing in screen size this makes playing the card game much more convenient on the go.

Video Overview:


You can download the smartphone versions here

Android & iOS


The mobile hearthstone game works ideally on bigger devices however still is very intuitive on the touch screen devices. Players can log in with their standard address or create an all new login for new players. Your cards, decks, and ranks will all be available in the mobile app. You have the ability to play all game modes be it standard, arena, or deck customizations.  Overall the game runs fluidly & feels all to familiar for traditional players. Surely updates will improve the performance & bugs as time goes on.

Grab Hearthstone today & enjoy it on the go and on your smartphone!

Periscope Overview: Twitter’s Live Streaming App

Periscope Overview: Twitter’s Live Streaming App

Video Overview:

Periscope was purchased by Twitter several months ago for $100 mllion & was going to be their entry into the livestreaming space. The company officially released the mobile app yesterday to the public for iOS users. This comes at a time where live streaming & social network integration has become a big thing with competing services like Meerkat.

The idea behind Periscope is to see the world through someone else’s eyes. The application is a mixture of livestreaming & the social network Twitter integration. Combining socializing & sharing to the world whatever it is your seeing.

Periscope’s app has a very polished & clean look to it. Compared to its counterpart Meerkat the app features a much more complete & native experience. From streaming to viewing other streams Periscope offers a great UI.

The app features the ability to:

  • Live Stream to your followers (private stream) or public stream w/external or front facing camera
  • Chat with your stream viewers/streamer (Built into the app) Unlike Meerkat which carries the conversation through Twitter
  • Tap to “Heart” the stream
  • Save your stream as a “Replay” feature for others to watch later

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.30.28 PM

Your account is based off your Twitter account so you automatically have the option to follow your exisitng followers who have Periscope acconts. Live streaming has been around for quite a few years now & is nothing new. However the integration on the mobile end allows users to share their moments live with their own social following. Creating an interactive experience thats easy to turn on/off. Apps like Periscope or Meerkat are paving the way to make live streaming a social norm.

That said we’ll have to wait to see how Twitter continues to integrate Periscope within their already popular social network & how it’ll stack up to Meerkat overtime.


Download Persicope for iOS (Coming for Android soon)

Technology is FUCKING amazing.

Technology is FUCKING amazing.

How’s that for a headline?

So let me set the premise. I spent the better half of last night listening to the new “Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader” audiobook that was released. I closed up shop in my office around late afternoon, snapped a picture of the dull lit sky cutting through my windows & proceeded to my bedroom across the tiny hall. Literally about 5 steps from my office door.


I laid down in the bed. Reached for my Galaxy S5 & turned on my Sharp TV using the IR blaster built into the phone. I then took out my iPhone 5S with the Audible app on it & used Airplay (Apples wireless streaming protocol) to sling the audio from the phone to my Apple TV. All of this in the matter of seconds.

Laying there as the audio narrated about Steve Jobs rise in his younger years to the CEO of Apple. Starting from the garage of his house making circuit boards & so on. Then it occured to me what I had just done. I used my phone to turn on my TV, connected to my Apple TV set top box, slinged the media from my iPhone onto the screen & streamed the audio over the TV speakers.

I’ve done this before hell I’ve done things much more complex than this.

  • Building custom computers
  • Deconstructing & rebuiding an iPhone
  • Fix an iPod speaker with only an ID card & piece of cardboard

the list goes on. However it never seemed so seemless than that moment. Only to be reminded while listening to the book & figures like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and or Bill Gates that this is technology in its simplest form.  A line from the book (I’m paraphrasing) talked about the idea of Jobs having a realization that electronics & technology was this thing that if you put something in something would come out. It wasn’t magic or anything mystical. Theres a science to it.

I’ve covered technology for going on 8 years now. Starting at the age of eleven when I was full of ambition on a curiosity that seemed to stretch for miles. Somewhere along the way I got lost in everything and became content with the state of technology as one does when covering something for quite awhile. I had to be reminded of a very hard truth that I believe in expectations kill everything.

We expect so much out of a lot of things & thats the reason things whatever they may be don’t excite us. We hold things to such a high standard that when something different comes along we brush it off cause its not what we’re used to. Think of your favorite artists music album that you could relate with so much & how you thought that it was perfect. Well in the artists mind it may have been or may have just been a start for something new. They release something else & to their dismay everyone else is upset with it cause its different.

That’s the way I had felt with technology for awhile. Things to me were evolutionary not revolutionary in the sense that things were surely evolving just not at something that was exciting to me.

Technology in itself however is fucking amazing. I’ve always believed in this but had to be reminded along the way.

We complain about our electronics & gadgets but if we simply took a step back to see what we have & what its capable of then maybe we wouldn’t complain so much. In 2015 anyone with a smartphone carries the worlds knowledge in their pockets. The ease of access for information that only 100 years ago required research & hours of scouring in physical books for information now is reduced to a couple of seconds. Yet its too slow, doesn’t have this or that, batery isn’t long enough, so on & so forth.

Think about what we have & how far we’ve come with technology. I write this right now from my office in Okinawa, Japan will hit the publish button & eyes around the world will have access to it. The ability to post a simple status on a network that reaches millions, capture a breathtaking moment with tap of a finger, or as simple as turn on a TV with a phone. Maybe it seems like nothing to the millenials of my generation but it’s amazing to me & will always be.

Technology transcends what we deem possible & creates tools and methods for us to make life easier.

Technology is fucking amazing.