Springtomize 2 is the latest springtomize update in the jailbreak tweaks, its an all in one configuration tool. Allowing you to customize nearly everything about your iPhone lock screen, dock, icons, animation speed and much more. More info on the package: Springtomize 2 Site: http://filippobiga.me/st/doc/ Price: 3$   Video Overview : (Please comment , like, and […]

How to officially jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4S or iPad 2   Note: Backup photos/Videos etc before restore/jailbreak UPDATE: Windows & Linux Versions launched- http://greenpois0n.com/?p=173 Today Greenpoison tool known as Abisinthe was released today as a simple jailbreaking tool thats as easy as a click of a button and patience. The video overview can […]

  Digest90 is our new news show featuring the tech-news that mattered to us in 90 seconds. For full tech-news coverage listen to our DojoCast podcast on iTunes. Episode for the week of August 26th.   Stories: Steve Jobs Resigns iTunes Cancels 99cent TV rentals Apple Hires Comex Pandora is now 3.6% of all radio […]

Here’s a quick guide to the tethered jailbreak of iOS 4.3.5The video below goes through all the steps, links on what you need are below as well. 4.3.5 as of current of this post is only under a tethered option meaning you will need to use a computer with redsnow to boot tethered if your […]

Today I decided to finally update my iPhone 4 from 4.1 to the latest 4.3 update sitting out for sometime , with that I rejailbroke my phone and decided to share my personal 5 favorite Jailbreak apps/tweaks. NO SPECIFIC ORDER 1- Display Recorder Ever wanted to record your iPhone/iPod screen and upload that video straight […]

How To Tutorial on Jailbreaking 4.3 iOS Devices: iPhone – 3GS  & iPhone 4 & iPad 1st Gen , iPod Touch   Download: http://blog.iphone-dev.org/   Tethered Jailbreak refers that anytime you restart your device you need to plug it into a PC and boot tethered .   Tutorial in video below      

Ever wanted to tether your iPhones 3G connection as a wifi to other devices around like a laptop , ipod touch , iPad when your in an area with no internet connection available. Well unless your paying for the tethering with the new verizon iPhone , the other way to tether for FREE is to […]