Appitizer brings you daily apps reviews & deals, today we’re looking at ATrackr for the iPhone.   Episode #11- ATracker ATracker helps in tracking your daily activities in an easy to use UI, making tracking and productivity simple. Easily get your performance reports and analytical breakdowns of where your spending your most time and what your doing […]

Apple has finally rolled out its latest iTunes 11 update that features an all new redesign. This update has been hinted at now for awhile since its preview a couple months back and the software update has finally been pushed.   Download the iTunes 11 update directly here. Video Overview of iTunes 11      […]

iPhone 5 Review – Same old phone, New tricks. Apples iPhone 5 has been out for quite awhile now and features an upgraded design from the 4S, while still maintaing that old iPhone form factor its internals are all new and improved. Now featuring the 4-inch retina display, A6 CPU, and 4G LTE antenna along […]

Apples October 23rd Event set some new standards for apple products and released tons of new lineups in terms of macs and mobile. My full video overview of the event + opinions can be viewed below VIDEO OVERVIEW:     Sales: The keynote started out as it usually does with Cook making opening statements regarding […]

AllthingsD is reporting that the iPad mini event will take place October 23rd in a private apple event thats invite only. Tons of iPad Mini rumors have been surfacing and now more and more credible outlets are reporting thats it’ll be announced and is being manufactured currently. So what exactly are all the reports and […]

Apple today at the end of their keynote unveiled two new upgrades to the iPod lineup . Along with a new set of earbuds to go along with the new devices and latest iPhone 5. iPod Nano Starting off with the iPod nano and what apple dubs the (7th Generation ) instead of taking an […]

Ever wanted a less obtrusive more minimalist notification banner? Well now with MiniBanners tweak you can on a jailbroken iOS device of course. MiniBanners free in the ModMyI Repo allows you to change the standard banner notification to a mini banner that only shows the app icon, name, and # of notifications. Check out my full video […]

Starting the end of this month and months to come I’ll be posting a round-up of my favorite applications for the specific month. Rounding up my favorite games, productivity apps, and so on. Free and paid applications will be mentioned and in this case it’ll be highlighting iOS applications for both iPhone/iPad depending on the […]