Every now and then I like to update my  viewers with a look at my iPhone and all the apps/tweaks I’m currently using. That said for the month of July I’ve shot a video of all the apps on my phone & explaining a bit of my workflow of my iOS device. Keeping in mind […]

Recent examining of the iOS 8 code by developer Steve Troughton-Smith has brought to light that iOS 8 has support for split screen applications. This means that multitasking for devices such as the iPad will now have the ability to have apps running side by side. Further updating the way iOS handles “multi tasking”.  Springboard, the interface shell […]

A video was uploaded to youtube earlier today by user Ibrahim taking responsibility for a security breach made in Apples iOS Dev center. This breach caused the dev center to go down for 4 days and recently was announced by apple on the page.   The video above shows how he details the “breach” and […]

  Have to say I completely agree that this a feature that apple needs to implement. Especially in scenarios of a family centered device like an iPad this could fit well into iOS. If implemented clean and simply separate user accounts could store things such as  wallpapers, bookmarks, even apps and so on. Storage would become issue at this […]

Appitizer is our daily app show featuring application reviews & deals. Monko Jumpo is action packed side scroller that packs 2 game modes in one.   Appitizer #12- Monko Jumpo   Video Review:   Download the app : https://itunes.apple.com/app/monko-jumpo-the-melon-monkeys/id447592395?mt=8

Google has recently released their maps application to the iOS app-store. Since the removal of Google Maps in Apples iOS 6 release many have been upset with the latest “Apple Maps” app that was bundled with iOS. Issues such as faulty directions, corrupted map data, and so on were just some of the bugs at […]