Skype has updated their mobile iOS application to support group calling up to four people. Simply make a call on the application then use the + button to add on an additional three people into your call. Previously the iPhone app only supported one to one calling and has made the same jump that the […]


Instagram announced their latest standalone application “Hyperlapse”. It’s based of instagram’s stabilization engine and allows you to easily shoot & create smooth high def time lapses.   Putting the power of time lapse videography in your hands. Making the whole experience simple, smooth, and enjoyable. Our video review and walkthrough of the app can be […]


Facebook has been all over the news lately since the official transition of the Messenger application. To interact with messages you’ll now need to install a sister app “Facebook Messenger” to reply to messages received over the social network.   This move has been pre-planned for some time however the final transition has caused a […]

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In a surprising announcement old rivals IBM & Apple form a partnership to take iOS to the next level in enterprise.   Quoted directly from their site The next level of enterprise mobility: where data meets engagement The partnership aims to bring businesses devices, security, services, and further integration down the line in the mobile […]


Google’s popular Ingress app has finally made its way to iOS. Available for download for free in the app store this finally brings the app cross platform to both Android/iOS. Ingress is an augmented reality app that uses the world around you and turns it all into one big game. Choosing from either the “Resistance” […]