As I sit here writing this blog post on my site I realize the many platforms I use for blogging. For the relaunching of DigitalDojos we settled with the Twitter-Bootstrap version of WordPress. However the internet is filled with many different platforms so its hard to just choose one. This can be especially difficult if your purpose for […]

A new top 5 series starting off with a list of my personal favorite website designs. Design to me is more than look but the feel & context of a site. So these 5 I’ve selected are sites that range from great HTML 5 implementation, responsive design, down to just unique ideas.   Check them […]

Google has recently released their maps application to the iOS app-store. Since the removal of Google Maps in Apples iOS 6 release many have been upset with the latest “Apple Maps” app that was bundled with iOS. Issues such as faulty directions, corrupted map data, and so on were just some of the bugs at […]

Mozilla announces its latest metro 8 based browser for the Windows 8 operating system. The new firefox edition for windows 8 will be compatible both with the classic windows desktop environment and the new windows 8 interface (previously metro). The new interface will have all the features of the classic firefox browser including sync, add […]

Sparrow mail client popular from iOS/OSX has now been acquired by Google. Popular as an alternative mail client to apples Mail both on mobile devices and OSX. Sparrow is set to come to the Gmail scene and help improve upon clients for iOS and Android. We’re expected to see updates to Gmail interface and probably […]

Google recently launched its new “Cloud storage solution” Google drive. All the information can be found at here. Their offiicial video can alos be viewed below   What exactly is drive well it competes with most competitors out there like Dropbox, Carbonite etc etc in that its an online storage solution allowing you access all […]