The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will begin as of June 10th 2014. This is an event completely geared towards gamers. What exactly can we expect from this years E3 following last years Xbox One & PS4 announcements?   Regarding some of the bigger companies, lets take a look at what will go down:   Microsoft: Microsoft is […]

  Top 5 Mechanical Keyboard Picks: Quick Bit: Mechanical keyboards are different from traditional keyboards that use membrane like material. Mechanical keyboards use independent mechanical switches of various types on each key making typing that much more accurate, faster and overall satisfying. Mechanical keyboards tend to eliminate such issues as ghosting etc and are commonly […]

Starting the end of this month and months to come I’ll be posting a round-up of my favorite applications for the specific month. Rounding up my favorite games, productivity apps, and so on. Free and paid applications will be mentioned and in this case it’ll be highlighting iOS applications for both iPhone/iPad depending on the […]

Today marked the announcement of the new iPad 3rd generation and even new apple tv at apples yearly update round. The keynote while great pretty much lived up to speculations of all rumors etc, nothing out of the ballpark released but still a great update to the new iPad along with some other products.   […]

Recently there has been circulating news that obiwan222222 has made it possible to play Wii games on the Asus Transformer through network streaming, smart ideas. – I haven’t been up to posting that much lately as I’ve been very busy moving around and at school, I will try to keep on track.

Google has not long just rolled out a gaming service to selected users on its upcoming Google+ social networking site. The new feature has launched with a small but robust library with popular titles such as Angry Birds, Bejeweled Blitz, Dragon Age Legends, Sudoku and Zombie Lane. If you compare closely you can see that […]

Modern Warfare 3 will be the latest update in the popular Modern Warfare first person shooter series. Today the official debut trailer announced that it’s official launch will be November 11th, 2011.The trailer which can be viewed below features what looks like campaign gameplay taking place in multiple areas from England, France , Germany and […]

FPS Freeks are great products offered by Kontrol Freeks , they’re analog grips for your xbox 360 or PS3 controller that provide a better and more comfortable gaming experience. It does this through rising your analog sticks and a more grippier substance making more range of motion and easier game play. These analogs are aimed […]