DojoCast Podcast Episdoe 4- We don’t give a plus w/Mobilephone2003 (Duncan Maile)   Stories: Android 4.1 Jelly bean - iOS/Android Malware- iPhone 5 not going to see NFC?- Next Gen Cloud Console- Nexus 7-   Video Podcast    

  DojoCast Episode 3  New Tech Surfaces Stories Cover: APPLE WWDC Overview – Microsoft Surface- KimDotCom Megabox- iPhone 5 Concepts- Best Smartphones per Carrier- Tesla S - Podcast (Video)     Enjoy the content feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on the stories below!

  DojoCast Episode 28- CES 2012   Episode 28 of the DojoCast this week I cover CES 2012 news, Facebook IPO, Greatest Innovators of 2012 and more…   Stories: What is ACTA? – Greatest Innovators of 2012- Can regular people invest in Facebook IPO- CES 2012- iPhone 4S Boost Sales- […]

  DojoCast Episode 26: iPhone 5 in September?   Stories : Co-Host : Josh Oakes (wee493)   DOJOCAST 26 iPhone 5 in September? HOST: Josh & Adrian Adobe Edge iPhone 5 this September?;mostRead Twitter Paid Tweets;title External Thunderbolt PCI Expansion Chassis and Hub in Development iPad for Skype ——————————————————————————————————————————————– The […]

Google + Opinions Spotify US… uTorrent Premium… OSX LION LATE DELAY FIREFOX ReDesign…

Appitizer (1:30) iOS 5 (2:40) P2P Lawyers score a victory (6:56) Piracy on the decline (10:08) People officially say “LOL” (12:32) sold (15:02) Firefox 4 (17:59) Youtube Animation Tools (21:03) iPad Application (24:59) Check out our gaming channel –

You host Adrian Cauguiran (kidguru) talks about the latest technology news such as apple announcements, intel releases, and the facebook effect. Links;page

In todays podcast your hosts Kidguru (Adrian Cauguiran) and Wee493 (Josh Oakes) talk about the latest in technology news such as Digg ending RSS submissions, Guitar hero ending, and possible Amazon streaming coming soon. View all the stories here: Digg Band RSS Submission Activision Kills Guitar Hero Amazon streaming to launch soon? […]