iPhone 6S Review: The “S” is for Speed

iPhone 6S Review: The “S” is for Speed

The iPhone 6S is Apple’s current flagship device. An “S” release that was debuted alongside the 6S Plus. The typical “S” upgrades mean faster, more advanced hardware, new features type of phone. The 6S packs all of that & more in the same design you’ll find on the 6. The only difference being the improved durability from the 7,000 series aluminum that makes the phone that much more stronger & less prone to bending/dents.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.11.26 PM

This review will break down my overall thoughts on the product & answer some of the major questions consumers may be posing such as what’s new & is it worth the upgrade?

Video Review:



The iPhone 6S features the following hardware

  • A9 X CPU
  • M9 Co-processor
  • Retina 4.7 inch display (3D Touch Sensor)
  • 16, 64, 128 GB variations
  • Improved Touch ID Sensor
  • 12-megapixel iSight Camera (720P 30 FPS, 1080P 30 FPS, 1080P 60 FPS, 4K 30 FPS)
  • 5-megapixel FaceTime Camera

Price wise the 6S can range anywhere from $649-$849 depending on the model chosen.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.12.46 PM

The new A9/M9 CPU performs at outstanding speeds in everyday usage. Packaged with iOS 9 my experience with the 6S was efficient & it handled everything I threw at it. Despite my gripes with iOS 9 multitasking, gaming, and day to day use of the phone ran smoothly.

A noticeable difference in switching between apps & perhaps the most pivotal change in my opinion is the Touch-ID 2 sensor. This allows you get into your phone instantly, and I mean instantly. To the point where people have complained that you can’t just preview your lock screen unless you use your non Touch-ID finger. My personal favorite upgrade to the 6S it makes getting in & out of your phone secure but doesn’t at all compromise on efficiency.

What’s New in the 6S:

Aside from the obvious hardware upgrades & overall performance be it on benchmark testing or everyday usage here’s a look at some other things new in the 6S.

Camera- The updated camera more specifically the rear facing camera shoots amazing photos & videos. Still one of the easiest cameras to use, the iPhone has amazing quality with a very raw look to their photos. Great for those who like to edit their photos after the shot has been taken. Video wise you now have 1080P 60 FPS video (Sample Video) which is super fluid! Taking another step up you have 4K video at 30 FPS which is outstanding. While most people won’t shoot in this format it is an option. Additionally the Facetime camera features a software flash which has been overdue, and the new Live Photos feature. Essentially it makes a gif out your pictures recording a couple seconds before & after you take a picture. While its great to capture the moment surrounding a shot I honestly found myself just turning it off as I don’t use it all that often.

Sample Pictures

IMG_0556 IMG_0024 IMG_0005


























3D Touch– The 3D touch sensor within the screen allows for pressure sensitive based interaction. You can press deeper into the screen to get sub-menus to pop up as well as interact with certain items in iOS. This is what Apple calls peek & pop. While it seems gimmicky after spending time with the 6S you find yourself trying to force touch items on older iOS devices. The support isn’t all there across apps however the apps that do feature it make it that much more convenient to quickly access certain functionality. It’s a glimpse at how we’ll interact with iOS in the future & another control mechanism for apps. Certain gaming developers have already begun adding 3D touch based support to their apps.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.19.37 PM

These are the most noticeable differences aside from the already mentioned A9, M9 and Touch ID updated hardware in the phone. Though they’re slight additions to the phone if you use your camera on a daily basis (which I’m sure many iPhone users do) then its definitely a big difference. The 3D touch while a nice add on to iOS & the iPhone is still in its early stages. It’s not a selling point as of right to upgrade by itself much like Siri was or the camera upgrades on previous iPhones.


That said is it worth upgrading to the 6S? The phone itself is hands down one of the best smartphones out there without a doubt. However if your on last years 6 you can probably wait out this generation unless you simply just have the money to spend. Anything below an iPhone 6 then by all means the upgrade is 100% worth it. You get a phone while not different in looks except the new Rose Gold (Pink) color it comes in. Does pack a punch with its all new hardware. A faster and sleek device. For those who want the smaller screen size & portability coupled with speed the 6S is simply the best smartphone in that category. Backed by an amazing app store, iOS ecosystem, and hardware it’s the reason it’s the top selling phone for Apple & why their sales have reflected as such.

Are there better featured Android phones out there, certainly. However one thing I like about Apple is their patience to not rush out new features to appease the crowd. Rather they try to implement things when they feel they’ve near perfected it & made it such a seamless experience. This is shown in the Touch ID sensor, their camera & it’s software, the overall build of the device.

Overall Thoughts-

All in all the 6S is a great phone for most people, if you want a bigger screen sized iPhone than the 6S Plus is your best bet. For your other needs well there’s a phone for everyone but for iOS users and those looking to update their current iPhone line you can’t go wrong the 6S. Keeping in mind when I bought this phone along with the 6S Plus I was upgrading from an iPhone 5S. Which still to this day is one of my favorite iPhones. It was efficient for me and still is for most people but the significant jump from that to the 6S really showcased all that I was missing. The lighter & rounded form factor that is reminiscent of the earlier iPhones. From an engineering perspective I’m still amazed at the power they pack in year after year into these even thinner devices. A truly great device for all my day to day needs.


  • The Camera hump on the back while aesthetically unpleasing didn’t bother me much case or no case.
  • Rose Gold is more a soft pink
  • Phenomenal Battery Life (Apple claims 9-10 hours) however in reality I get everyday usage out of it & for the most part I’m always within a chargers distance
  • Touch-ID is crazy fast. Hands down my favorite sensor upgrade.
  • 1080P 60 FPS… I use this more than I do my DSLR which is incapable of shooting in such a format.

In typical “S” upgrade fashion it’s a phone that is that much faster & better despite it’s external likeness to last years model. It’s Apples best phone in that its their latest. Faster, more durable, and packed with their latest OS & features. The iPhone is Apple’s baby & lead selling device & the iPhone 6S encompasses the exact reason why.


DigitalDojos 2015 Revamp

DigitalDojos 2015 Revamp

As 2015 has came upon us I’ve decided to revamp DigitalDojos as brand & business. This site which was originally founded by Duncan Maile, Joshua Oakes, Dan Valverde, Nuno Ledo, and I began as a way to provide high quality technology content for the masses. The nerds & everyday users alike. Focusing on content from news to reviews & tutorials.

The site & network has both grown & stagnated along the way. I took ownership of the network a little over a year and half ago. I had visions to scale the site which didn’t go according to plan. I was spread to thin & had other obligations which prevented me to providing the attention DigitalDojos needed. Since then I’ve started ScreencApp a client services business which has grown in the last year to 100+ clients.

All of that said I wanted to revisit the idea of DigitalDojos & what we intended it to be. A content platform to provide the masses with meaningful & educational material. One of the most important goals for me in my work over the last 9 years has been to instill value to my audience & community. To make an impact with the work I produce.

In order to do so I’ve directed a more focused idea for DigitalDojos & its future. While this network isn’t my primary source of income I’d like to still scale the project & continue offering content to my viewers. To do so some changes have to be made to allow more time and attention to be spent on it.

I’ve made the decision to go fully independent with the site as far as the business model goes. Allowing me to not only pick advertisers & sponsor campaigns but rid it of any big named networks. Another big part of the site will be the community involvement. A membership program has been instilled to allows supporters to contribute a small portion to keeping everything running as well as pave the road going forward. Another big part of the change to the site will be an expansion of content coverage.

While technology is still something I’m very passionate about my interests are very diverse. I’d like a platform to share just that & educating consumers in other areas that I’ve developed a passion for. Still following the same principle of delivering content of value no matter the category.

The following outlines the details of the major changes of DigitalDojos:

  • Revamped design & clean slate

I’ve decided to revamp the whole site in relations to the new direction for DigitalDojos. Providing a better sense of the content I want to produce & how I want it presented. A clean slate was something that I also found necessary to begin the new year. So that the mission statement of the site isn’t confused in the archives of posts. I wanted to illustrate a network that focuses on more than just one side of technology. Truly catering to the nerds, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and most importantly everyday user.

  • Renewed Revenue Model

Switching to a more independent model allows me to ditch some of the older forms of revenue streams I use to run through the site. Two major components will make up the new model. Advertising will still exist to keep the lights on & allow me the site to have a revenue stream. However we’ve moved to a hand picked model allowing me to accept & decline sponsors at will. Campaigns will be chosen specifically by me in interest of the content & what I believe my readers will enjoy. Ditching the older ad networks to provide a more tailored experience when browsing our network. The other half will consist of a membership program for my readers to help support the site & content we produce. Lastly the site will be introducing some new methods of income from paid content to new courses that I’ll be introducing down the line. I’ve spent the last 9 years producing free content for my viewers & will continue to do so. Paid content will just be something new to supplement the income of the network but primary content will remain free.

As I aim to be transparent about the revenue streams of the network hears a breakdown

  1. Membership Program (Crowd Funded by you the readers & viewers of my content. Support from my audience allows me to invest more time in DigitalDojos & focus on expanding the network as a whole)
  2. Advertisers/Sponsor Campaigns (Independent advertising method will allow me to hand pick the sponsor campaigns that go live on the site. This allows me to showcase products/services I believe in while paying some of the bills without directly affecting the audience. Above all this allows me to cut out advertising networks & provide a more streamlined experience for everyone)
  3. Premium Content (Elaborated in the section below.)
  4. Affiliate/Referral Program (Products/Services linked may have affiliate programs tied in which essentially means I get a cut if you buy any products we link off to. In some cases even saving you some while we get a small portion of the sale.)

All of this again to bring DigitalDojos to the next level & of course create an income for the time I’ll be investing. This is a network of valuable content that I aim to deliver but at the same time a business I’d like to keep up & running. The independent model allows me to have complete control & provide a better experience to the readers & community members so that you get content you enjoyed coupled with amazing supportive sponsors & campaigns we believe in while doing our best to deliver the same high quality content.


  • Content Expansion

A bigger part of the revamp will be the launch of new content categories. Focusing not just on technology itself from news, reviews, and tutorials but in a much broader sense. Branching out to business based content & lending my advice, tips, and experience from my entrepreneur background. Beyond anything I don’t want to limit the site by focusing on just one topic of interest. Rather as an enthusiast of many things I want this network to reflect my interests & passions. All while giving back to my readers & viewers of my content. Another part of this expansion will be diving into new media opportunities. Podcasting has been something I’ve tried to tackle on & off without much success. DigitalDojos will be a platform for me to publish shows I’ve been wanting to release for quite some time. Expanding into new areas & platforms of media that I hope the audience will enjoy. Most importantly bringing a better sense of order & focus that has long been lacking in my content. New types of content you’ll be seeing on the site will include

  1. Opinion based pieces (Keeping the personal feel to the site I’d like to expand on my thoughts/insight on specific topics)
  2. Linked Content (Sharing & getting other great content from other creators is apart of something I’d like to share on this site as well)
  3. Curated Content (Rounding up the best of my own material as well as curating the internet so that you can get a feel of not just my own reviews or thoughts but others as well. So best of, list content, and more)
  4. Paid Content (I’ll also be introducing some paid content such as courses, educational material, and so on. This will be covering software & other lessons from technology to business. These premium content will be another way to supplement a revenue stream for the site & myself. While majority of content will remain free these course which I’ll be putting a lot of time, effort, and research into will be content that I’ll charge for in the hopes that the community will support the work & gain some value out of it)
  • Value & Community

One of the most important principles behind the content I’ll be putting up here is instilling value. I aim to give back as much value as possible to my readers & community members. The new content in areas of business will aim to shed as much light on the things I’ve learned over the years. In an effort to influence others to chase their passions & become self sufficient themselves via the internet. A total transparency model that will dissect the income of this very site & how I draw my revenue streams in an effort to showcase by example. The failures, pitfalls, and ultimately successes of the network. Another big focus will be community. I’ve always wanted to get the viewers of my content more involved & hope to do so going forward with direct input. Implementing some new tools & services to get a feel for what the readers want & are interested in viewing. Anywhere I can give back in my areas of expertise I aim to do so. From tech-support, FAQ’s, and more. We’ll be implementing new ways for our users to stay up to date with everything from a newsletter & e-mail list to account system that’ll give users certain benefits to interact with the site & its members.


All these new changes will take some time to get right & for me to adjust to. It’ll be a tedious process but one that I think will be worth it for both the business end & personal direction I want to be taking. Allowing me to focus more on producing content that I enjoy while expanding to new areas of interest. My main goal in this line of content production work is to always enjoy what I do, to have the underlying passion always be there. While also maintaining a successful & prosperous business. This is a project I’m currently undergoing completely by myself & independently with 100% bootstrap funding. Down the road it may be something worth hiring some extra hands for but as of current it’s something I choose to pursuit alone. I’ve reduced other responsibilities & even cut off projects to focus on the future & where I see myself down the road. DigitalDojos has become a hobby in light off of my other ventures like ScreencApp I hope to be able to rebuild it as a more stable & successful business going forward while maintaining many of the core values & passion that begun this whole journey. As always your continued support across all platforms & in any capacity is always appreciated. I literally would not be writing this very announcement if it wasn’t for my audience & the voice they gave me.

That said I’d like to end this post with a list of goals I have in place for 2015 & DigitalDojos one that I’ll be checking on periodically as the year goes on. A list to keep the mission of the network in focus & allow us to have milestones to work towards.

DigitalDojos 2015 Goal List:

  • 10,000+ registered RSS readers
  • 1,000+ Subscription Members
  • 2+ Podcasts launched reaching 50+ episodes
  • 10,000+ Youtube Channel Subscribers
  • 100+ published articles

These are broad goals but attainable none the less. I look forward to the 2015 year & chance to rebuild the site & name that is DigitalDojos. The name which originally formed in part because of the technology angle & age we’re living in “Digital” & “Dojo” which derives from a martial arts school popularly known in Asia. In effort to connect that of the internet age & a place of learning & education. An enthusiasts playground if you will, a place to learn, interact, and most importantly enable you as a reader to go out & pursuit your own goals in life. My aim as an individual & by extension my businesses is to be to complex to categorize. A jack of all trades. I look forward to partaking in that journey.

Welcome to the new DigitalDojos.