Google recently launched its new “Cloud storage solution” Google drive. All the information can be found at here. Their offiicial video can alos be viewed below   What exactly is drive well it competes with most competitors out there like Dropbox, Carbonite etc etc in that its an online storage solution allowing you access all […]

Dunbars number in todays social media Robin Dunnbar is popular for his research in that we as human beings can only maintain a relationship with 150 people. Anywhere beyond that we tend to forget people and drift theres tons of research on the topic and can variate obviously depending on situations. Though taking that number […]

My full review on cloud engines PogoPlug. The viewers voted on the next product for review and the pogoplug was voted #1.   REVIEW: Below the full video review is posted. The PogoPlug is a personal cloud storage device that takes hard drives and turns them into NAS (Network Attached Storages) . This allows you […]

The Seagate GoFlex TV is a media box that is small and compact and allows you watch High def content on your HDTV easily.   The unit itself is lightweight box that offers a variety of ports to connect to your TV. -HDMI Port -Ethernet LAN -2 USB Ports -Optical Audio -AV Out -YPbPr   […]

Sony has been in the spotlight for quite awhile these past couple weeks but for all the wrong press. As many of you may know the PSN network was hacked and many accounts including personal information was leaked to these hackers. Two attacks have already been confirmed and a rumored 3rd may be in the […]