Cyber Monday starts soon with the Black Friday weekend and shopping online is one of the safer and more efficient ways to get deals without having to fall in those retail lines. Here’s a list of some of the best upcoming and current deals offered on great technology for the price. Whether its discounts, free […]

Windows 8 has been officially released and will be sold on new laptops/desktops so whats the biggest difference in the UI that you’ll notice? Well for one the new modern UI may throw some users off but aside from that within the desktop environment that we all know the universal “start button” on windows is now gone. […]

Windows 8 was released to the public just recently for you to buy/upgrade. You can buy it off Microsoft’s site here. What exactly you may be asking is new in Windows 8? What do you need to upgrade, what are the main features, and so on.   Upgrading to Windows 8: You can download Microsoft’s assistant tool to find […]

As of Monday 13 year employee at Google Marissa Mayer is now Yahoos new CEO. Mayer also announced her pregnancy to  Forbes in that she’s expected a baby boy come October. Yahoo has said that they’ve been aware of the pregnancy since late June and won’t be an issue says the board. Filling for Scott […]

  DojoCast Episode 3  New Tech Surfaces Stories Cover: APPLE WWDC Overview – Microsoft Surface- KimDotCom Megabox- iPhone 5 Concepts- Best Smartphones per Carrier- Tesla S - Podcast (Video)     Enjoy the content feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on the stories below!

Over the years of blogging heres some tips I’ve picked up to helping those new and veterans to becoming a better blogger. By no means have I reached and enlightened status of blogging rather these are the tips I’ve picked up along the way.     TIPS: 1-Schedule Scheduling how and when you run your […]

WEEKEND SALES!   Whether its Black Friday, saturday , sunday or Cyber Monday theres sales left and right both online and at brick and mortar stores. Posting this a little late after black friday everyone knows the weekend prior to thanksgiving is filled with tons of sales on many items but mainly electronics. Heres some […]

This week the rumor mills have been talking all about apples iPhone. As expected the upgrades tend to roll out every year whether its a major upgrade or minor in terms of software etc. This year however the timeframe was a bit off for a new iPhone announcement while the iPhone 4 is still a […]

Another great feature added by Microsoft. After making Hotmail safer, and faster, here’s another security feature added. You know those spam/virus emails your friends email to you? Emails like “Check out my pic x”? Well, Microsoft has got that covered. They have added an option on the “Mark As” menu, named, you guessed it: “My […]