This Post is an Opinion Post repersented by the author and has no reflection on DigitalDojos as a publication Come October 26th Windows 8 will hit the main stream releasing to the masses and bringing in the next generation of windows operating system. CREDIT: Windows Club The big question still arises whether or not […]

The Razer blade gaming laptop that took gaming news by storm one of Razer first actual gaming computer. A 17 inch sleekly designed gaming powerhouse that first time around was criticized heavily for being underpowered for its price point. A V2 edition of the Razer Blade is upcoming with tons of new changes taking the […]

If you haven’t seen the announcement video here, I’ll be leaving for a week or so for some family business and a small vacation to the Philippines. As I went packing up for the trip I figured I’d drop my 5 tips for traveling with technology and some things to consider on the go.   […]

PicPick is a great free image editing tool with all in one tools built in. It has a built in screenshot tool along with basic image editing features with a very simple editing interface. Packed with extra design tools that make it a great app for any developers or designers. Tools like -Pixel Rulers -Angle […]

Making money in whatever form is something everyone strives to do, so if you could make it online why not. The web 2.0 generation has so many possibilities to make a revenue online with your website and content all it takes is some time and work.  These few tips are the ones I’ve gathered and […]

Aside from software tweaks, optimization, etc hardware upgrades are about the best things to do to speed up an old and or even new computer be it mac and or windows. Here are the top 5 upgrades that can be done with a reasonable amount of skill level. 1-Hard Drive Upgrade   Hard drives are […]

Coming this summer Apple behind the scenes announced OS X Mountian Lion, their latest upgrade to their operating system line up. Nothing to major more a unification of the iOS with OS X. “Inspired by the iPad” apple quotes they’re bringing the most commonly known features from iOS over to OS X. So what exactly […]