As I sit here writing this blog post on my site I realize the many platforms I use for blogging. For the relaunching of DigitalDojos we settled with the Twitter-Bootstrap version of WordPress. However the internet is filled with many different platforms so its hard to just choose one. This can be especially difficult if your purpose for […]

  Google has finally unveiled their new flagship android device the “Nexus 5″. Pairing with LG the nexus 5 brings a 5-inch power house device all at the price of $349 unlocked.     Video Overview:     The Nexus 5 features a new design with a plastic back that they describe as “silky” smooth. […]

 Grand Theft Auto 5 has been the hot game for the last couple of weeks now. Rockstars 5th version of GTA has already accumulated $1 Billion+ since its release. However just yesterday the GTA Online mode was opened worldwide. The multiplayer mode allows for players to interact in an online environment teaming up, performing missions, […]

A new top 5 series starting off with a list of my personal favorite website designs. Design to me is more than look but the feel & context of a site. So these 5 I’ve selected are sites that range from great HTML 5 implementation, responsive design, down to just unique ideas.   Check them […]

iCarbon kindly sent out their “iPhone 5 Carbon Skins” for review and heres a full look at the product. In the past we took a look at their 4S line and with the iPhone 5 they’re now offering a new two-tone skin kit. Over at iCarbon you can find a variety of their skins for […]

iPhone 5 Review – Same old phone, New tricks. Apples iPhone 5 has been out for quite awhile now and features an upgraded design from the 4S, while still maintaing that old iPhone form factor its internals are all new and improved. Now featuring the 4-inch retina display, A6 CPU, and 4G LTE antenna along […]