DojoCast Episode 3  New Tech Surfaces Stories Cover: APPLE WWDC Overview – Microsoft Surface- KimDotCom Megabox- iPhone 5 Concepts- Best Smartphones per Carrier- Tesla S - Podcast (Video)     Enjoy the content feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on the stories below!

Today marked the announcement of the new iPad 3rd generation and even new apple tv at apples yearly update round. The keynote while great pretty much lived up to speculations of all rumors etc, nothing out of the ballpark released but still a great update to the new iPad along with some other products.   […]

Apple has confirmed its March 7th event for the rumored iPad 3. Speculations have been going around for the past months on when and what exactly we’ll see done to the latest iteration of the iPad.   Rumor List: So far rumors for the latest iPad have been : – Updated screen w/double the resolution -Thicker by […]

Modern Warfare 3 will be the latest update in the popular Modern Warfare first person shooter series. Today the official debut trailer announced that it’s official launch will be November 11th, 2011.The trailer which can be viewed below features what looks like campaign gameplay taking place in multiple areas from England, France , Germany and […]

Sony has been in the spotlight for quite awhile these past couple weeks but for all the wrong press. As many of you may know the PSN network was hacked and many accounts including personal information was leaked to these hackers. Two attacks have already been confirmed and a rumored 3rd may be in the […]

You host Adrian Cauguiran (kidguru) talks about the latest technology news including: MTV, Apple ending bumper cases, Youtube instant, Facebook overtaking Google, and the 101 best mobile apps. Stories,2817,2368998,00.asp Pick Large Files

We’re currently live streaming the iPad 3 event with our opinions views and updates.   Tune in now!   UPDATE: So far everything’s going as predicted retina, 5 mega pixel camera , new iOS, etc . Have all be incorporated into the new iPad, its faster its and all at the same price.

The 3rd installment of Call of Duty series was launched earlier this week MW3 (Modern Warfare 3). Picking up off the sequel Modern Warfare 2. The game is categorized into 3 sections Campaign, Multiplayer, and special ops. Each providing hours of fun and endless achievements etc to keep you busy.   Campaign The campaign picks […]