The best way to advertise via DigitalDojos & get your product/service directly seen across our audience.

I believe in promoting products & services I support across my entire audience & network. Whom of which are geeks, nerds, designers, & more importantly enthusiasts.  Our various campaigns offer just that with exclusivity & at affordable rates. Your sponsorships help support me as an independent content creator & the site as a whole.

Packages Available

Campaigns are booked in advanced & advertisers are alerted of the schedule upon payment. All invoices are handled securely via PayPal.

Premier Sponsorship Campaign| 2-Week Campaign | $650 USD 

(Example of Pre-Roll Ad & Sponsored Overview Video)

  • 250×250 Exclusive banner on homepage/blog sidebar
  • RSS promotional item at start/end of campaign + Post on Social Media accounts
  • 3 Pre-roll ads on the next three videos+ link in description (
  • 1 Featured Overview sponsored video featured on our Youtube channel

Youtube Advert | 2-Ads | $200 USD

  • 2 Exclusive Burned in Pre-roll ads on the next two videos +links in descriptions (
  • Social Media Promo Post

Custom Campaigns

We offer various other advertisement opportunities across different categories/sections of the site  allowing for a more specific display of your campaign to our vast audience.

For more information & quote for a tailored campaign for your app, website, product or service feel free to contact us down below to work out the details & book a spot.


To submit a request for more information or book sponsorship please contact

Our audience/stats

Audience of tech savvy readers, entrepreneurs, fashion forward thinking individuals. Overall enthusiasts who appreciate & value quality in their products/services.

60k+ monthly visits

3k+ Youtube subscribers

1+ Million Video Views

40k+ Social Media followers (Twitter/G+/Facebook)


Past Campaigns

  • Scrivener
  • Curbi
  • Skype
  • Desk.PM
  • Pamela Recorder
  • iFixit
  • Astaricks