Periscope Overview: Twitter’s Live Streaming App

Video Overview:

Periscope was purchased by Twitter several months ago for $100 mllion & was going to be their entry into the livestreaming space. The company officially released the mobile app yesterday to the public for iOS users. This comes at a time where live streaming & social network integration has become a big thing with competing services like Meerkat.

The idea behind Periscope is to see the world through someone else’s eyes. The application is a mixture of livestreaming & the social network Twitter integration. Combining socializing & sharing to the world whatever it is your seeing.

Periscope’s app has a very polished & clean look to it. Compared to its counterpart Meerkat the app features a much more complete & native experience. From streaming to viewing other streams Periscope offers a great UI.

The app features the ability to:

  • Live Stream to your followers (private stream) or public stream w/external or front facing camera
  • Chat with your stream viewers/streamer (Built into the app) Unlike Meerkat which carries the conversation through Twitter
  • Tap to “Heart” the stream
  • Save your stream as a “Replay” feature for others to watch later

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 2.30.28 PM

Your account is based off your Twitter account so you automatically have the option to follow your exisitng followers who have Periscope acconts. Live streaming has been around for quite a few years now & is nothing new. However the integration on the mobile end allows users to share their moments live with their own social following. Creating an interactive experience thats easy to turn on/off. Apps like Periscope or Meerkat are paving the way to make live streaming a social norm.

That said we’ll have to wait to see how Twitter continues to integrate Periscope within their already popular social network & how it’ll stack up to Meerkat overtime.


Download Persicope for iOS (Coming for Android soon)

Technology is FUCKING amazing.

How’s that for a headline?

So let me set the premise. I spent the better half of last night listening to the new “Becoming Steve Jobs: The Evolution of a Reckless Upstart into a Visionary Leader” audiobook that was released. I closed up shop in my office around late afternoon, snapped a picture of the dull lit sky cutting through my windows & proceeded to my bedroom across the tiny hall. Literally about 5 steps from my office door.


I laid down in the bed. Reached for my Galaxy S5 & turned on my Sharp TV using the IR blaster built into the phone. I then took out my iPhone 5S with the Audible app on it & used Airplay (Apples wireless streaming protocol) to sling the audio from the phone to my Apple TV. All of this in the matter of seconds.

Laying there as the audio narrated about Steve Jobs rise in his younger years to the CEO of Apple. Starting from the garage of his house making circuit boards & so on. Then it occured to me what I had just done. I used my phone to turn on my TV, connected to my Apple TV set top box, slinged the media from my iPhone onto the screen & streamed the audio over the TV speakers.

I’ve done this before hell I’ve done things much more complex than this.

  • Building custom computers
  • Deconstructing & rebuiding an iPhone
  • Fix an iPod speaker with only an ID card & piece of cardboard

the list goes on. However it never seemed so seemless than that moment. Only to be reminded while listening to the book & figures like Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and or Bill Gates that this is technology in its simplest form.  A line from the book (I’m paraphrasing) talked about the idea of Jobs having a realization that electronics & technology was this thing that if you put something in something would come out. It wasn’t magic or anything mystical. Theres a science to it.

I’ve covered technology for going on 8 years now. Starting at the age of eleven when I was full of ambition on a curiosity that seemed to stretch for miles. Somewhere along the way I got lost in everything and became content with the state of technology as one does when covering something for quite awhile. I had to be reminded of a very hard truth that I believe in expectations kill everything.

We expect so much out of a lot of things & thats the reason things whatever they may be don’t excite us. We hold things to such a high standard that when something different comes along we brush it off cause its not what we’re used to. Think of your favorite artists music album that you could relate with so much & how you thought that it was perfect. Well in the artists mind it may have been or may have just been a start for something new. They release something else & to their dismay everyone else is upset with it cause its different.

That’s the way I had felt with technology for awhile. Things to me were evolutionary not revolutionary in the sense that things were surely evolving just not at something that was exciting to me.

Technology in itself however is fucking amazing. I’ve always believed in this but had to be reminded along the way.

We complain about our electronics & gadgets but if we simply took a step back to see what we have & what its capable of then maybe we wouldn’t complain so much. In 2015 anyone with a smartphone carries the worlds knowledge in their pockets. The ease of access for information that only 100 years ago required research & hours of scouring in physical books for information now is reduced to a couple of seconds. Yet its too slow, doesn’t have this or that, batery isn’t long enough, so on & so forth.

Think about what we have & how far we’ve come with technology. I write this right now from my office in Okinawa, Japan will hit the publish button & eyes around the world will have access to it. The ability to post a simple status on a network that reaches millions, capture a breathtaking moment with tap of a finger, or as simple as turn on a TV with a phone. Maybe it seems like nothing to the millenials of my generation but it’s amazing to me & will always be.

Technology transcends what we deem possible & creates tools and methods for us to make life easier.

Technology is fucking amazing.

Review: Layout from Instagram

Instagram has released yet another app in the photo/video tool space to acommpany their social network. Previously they released Hyperlapse their stop motion tool & today they’ve released Layout. As the name entails its a photo collage based app, making it easy to upload multiple photos in one to your Instagram or across the web.


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.35.08 AM

Focusing on simplicity & ease of use controls.

Download Layout for iOS (Coming for Android soon)

You can view our full video review down below:

The app in itself features a very simple interface thats easy to use & navigate. Compared to other layout based apps I’ve used it has the most inuitive design from swapping photos, adjusting sizes, and more. However it is lacking in some areas as well. To break down here are the pros/cons



  • Simple Interface
  • Instagram Friendly Resolutions
  • Supports up to 9 Photos
  • Built in Photo Booth


  • Lack of “Undo” button


These line of apps have been something Instagram/Facebook has been focusing on to keep the tools & experience in-house. Rather than incorporating these features into Instagram they’ve made completley dedicated apps to solve these solutions then tie back into Instagram. As of now this will replace my default collage app based on the UI experience alone. Grab your copy for iOS today for free!

Google’s CFO Retires & Leaves a Note on Work/Life Balance

Patrick Pichette the 7 year CFO of the search engine Google has announced his retirement via a post on his Google+.

In his announcement he left a great note on work/life balance or lack there of.

In the end, life is wonderful, but nonetheless a series of trade offs, especially between business/professional endeavours and family/community. And thankfully, I feel I’m at a point in my life where I no longer have to have to make such tough choices anymore. And for that I am truly grateful. Carpe Diem.

The whole post is definitely worth the read and provides a look at Patrick’s a glimpse of his time at Google but more importantly events that occurred over that time frame. Touching on very personal milestones in his life from his family to the very story that started it all the climbing of Mt Kilimanjaro. As of yet Google hasn’t announced a replacement but Mr.Pichette will stay in place until the transition occurs.

It reminds me of the great quote by Alain De Botton

There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.


Complete Apple Watch Overview

Great breakdown of everything about the Apple Watch from Macstories announced yesterday at the Spring Forward event. Filled with a full price/tier listing.



Apple’s “Spring Forward” Event Recap

Apple’s “Spring Forward” event has just wrapped up & here’s a full recap of everything announced. The primary focus of the event was to highlight the Apple Watch which was announced several months ago while also pushing some updates across the mac lineup.

Video Overview:

Opening Figures-

Apple Keynotes are known for their openings figures & sales this event was no different.

Main aspects from the introduction included

  • Over 120 million people have visited Apple Stores in the last quarter
  • 6 new stores released in China totaling 21 stores
  • 700 million+ iPhones sold

Apple TV-

Cook quickly took the time to touch on the Apple TV updates.

  • Price reduced from $100 to $70
  • HBO Now Introduced

HBO Now will be an exclusive deal to bring HBO’s content & popular shows such as Game of Thrones to the Apple TV platform for $15 a month.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 6.21.05 AM

Research Kit-

Tim Cook then introduced Jeff Williams (Senior VP of Operations) to talk about the importance of research kit. Research kit’s aim to provide a powerful tool for medical research. Advancing how we gather data & making it easier for app developers to build these amazing applications. They went onto showcase some of these apps behind major diseases such as Parkinson’s & Diabetes.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 7.00.45 AM

The “New” Macbook-

One of the more surprising announcements was the all new Macbook that’ll be in the middle of the laptop lineup. This all new macbook as it was touted is the thinnest laptop that Apple now offers. Redesigned from the ground up to provide a more portable & powerful experience from battery to design.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 6.25.00 AM

From a pure engineering standpoint this laptop is an amazing feat as far as what they’ve crammed into while maintaining the power & battery life it offers. Some main takeaways from the Macbook are

  • $1,299 baseline price
  • 13.1 mm at its thickest point
  • Available in Gold, Silver, and Space Grey
  • 9-Hour Battery Life (Estimate)
  • All new keyboard/track mechanisms
  • USB C- All in one port

The all new profile does come at a cost. Your now limited to one “USB C” port that requires adapters to hook up USB, HDMI, and other devices. So port wise your very limited in this case with no other ports available outside of a 3.5 mm jack for headphones.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 7.08.36 AM

Other major technology integrated into the Macbook is the all new trackpad which integrates new sensors & haptic feedback to really verify your clicks/presses. On top of that you can use OS X settings panel to control the tension of the trackpad.

Tech-Spec wise here’s the breakdown for the baseline model.

Retina Display 2304×1440

1.1GHz Intel Core M (Turbo to 2.4GHz)

8GB of memory

256 PCIe-based onboard flash storage 

Weight: 2.03 pounds

Wireless: Wi-Fi 802.11ac & Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology


Apple Watch:

Most of the Apple Watch was already known from a design & information perspective. The two main aspects we were lacking in was the release time frame & price point.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 7.12.50 AM

Apple went onto reiterate their idea behind the watch & it being a personal device. They then went onto really specify their materials that go into each watch from the aluminum to steel. Even dedicated a section to showcasing WatchKit’s apps that have been developed thus far & how the interaction with the watch may look like.

Then it came down to brass tax.

Apple Sport Watch-

$350 for 38mm size

$400 for 42mm size

Apple Watch-

$550 for 38mm size

$600 for 42mm size

Apple Watch Edition-


Now each watch price not only depends on the size but the bands well from rubber to steel making it a very varying factor with prices across the board. More over the rumors surrounding the luxury end watch edition came priced at $10,000 to start & can go up to even $17,00 based on your customizations. This of course is very niche watch and Apple plans to offer this for a limited time to those who can afford it. Featuring 18K gold by itself already raises the price in this case your paying a premium for the right to own one of the exclusive watch editions. All watches feature the same specs only differing in material which the base is made of.


Release date wise pre-orders start on April 10th & set to ship April 24th.

All in all Apple’s Spring Forward event was nothing new under the sun. The exception of course really came in the form of the Macbook which leaves much room for question regarding the macs lineup & future of the Air. The Watch front pretty much secured all notions of price & estimated April release time. We got to get a better look at the overall experience & how well it integrates with iOS & the iPhone in general. Acting as an extension of our every day convenience and irony aside give us time back while tracking it.

Stay tuned for more coverage regarding the event & in-depth look at the announcements.


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Astaricks: Premiere Digital Business Card System

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Apple’s “Spring Forward” Watch Event Set for March 9th

Apple has announced their March 9th event with the headline “Spring Forward”. The event will be live streamed via their site on March 9th at 10 a.m PDT. Timing wise its more than likely this event will center purely on the Apple Watch. Giving us further details on the product that was announced months ago with little details surrounding areas like price.


That said I’ll be covering the event live with commentary on all announcements made via the Youtube channel.

As far as what can we expect regarding the Apple Watch lets take a look at what we know first.

What We Know:

Three Models-

There’ll be three models of the smart watch. The Apple Watch (Base level), Apple Watch Sport (Fitness Model), and the Apple Watch Edition (High End Model).

Interchangeable Straps-

Each watch model will feature straps which can be removed & swapped out for leather, rubber, and various other materials provided by Apple & 3rd party companies much like a standard watch.

Apple Pay-

The Apple Watches will feature Apple Pay allowing you to pay with your watch in hundreds of locations around the U.S.


Running a mobile version of iOS the watches will support apps specifically for the watch interface. Developers have access to a WatchKit in order to start app development.


You’ll be able to interact with the Watch via a touch screen or using the digital crown similar to what you’d use on a standard watch to adjust the time.


A set of sensors to monitor your physical activity will also be built in to the smart watch. Pedometer, heartbeat monitor, and so on.


What We Don’t Know:

Price point-

The big question is regarding the price of the watch models. Estimated to range from $350-10,000+. The big issue here comes at the high end model the “Apple Watch Edition”.  This is the first time Apple really is entering a luxury market, think of an actual watch thats built with 18K gold then add on the digital features. This is certainly a premium model & it’s price can’t be rightly gauged but more than likely we’ll be seeing something in the 1k+ range. Some argue Apple will offer a sort of upgrade program for this premium model others state that it isn’t like Apple to provide such a program. Then again its unlike Apple to offer a full 18K gold product to begin with. This smart watch is all new territory thats just now coming into public eye & anything can really go here when it comes to price on the Watch Edition. More than likely the Apple Watch & Sport will be the higher selling models for everyday customers.

Battery life-

Another big aspect of a smart watch is the battery life. Something you’d ideally be wearing all day needs to survive just that. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has already been quoted stating

wind up charging it daily

Due to constant usage of the device so we’re estimating about 2.5-3.5 hours of usage at a constant rate. Obviously this would span out across the day if your using it on and off much like a phone. Heavier usage would drain it quicker but using at a glance now & again could certainly last you a majority of the day.

Ship Date-

At the event we’ll be sure to hear the official shipping date of the devices. Early estimates were predicted that it would ship in April but with the event being held a bit earlier we may see a new launch date for specific models or a full scale rollout later in the month.


These are the big three questions that’ll all be answered at the event. Alongside recapping the watches capabilities & Apple’s strategy in this new market as they certainly aren’t the only competitors in the space with tons of new products announced from LG to the all new Pebble.

Stay tuned for the official coverage & commentary come March 9th.

How to Watch the Oscars Online

Verge outlines simple legal methods to catch the 2015 Oscars online.

Quick Tip: How to View Your “Liked” Posts on Instagram

I follow a lot of fashion/style based Instagram accounts for inspirations & ideas. That said I was looking for an outfit that I liked a while back on Instagram only to wonder how exactly you access your “liked” photo gallery. It’s definitely a feature within Instagram just a couple taps away in the settings panel.


Step 1: Profile Tab

Begin by clicking on your profile tab within Instagram.



Step 2: Settings

Open your settings panel by clicking the gear in the top right. Which will take you to your Instagram settings.


Step 3: Photos You’ve Liked

Under the account section you’ll find the “Posts You’ve Liked” button. Enjoy viewing a gallery or list view of the photos/videos you’ve liked. Making it easier to filter through the posts you enjoy.



Relative to Instagram version 6.6.1