DigitalDojos is independently owned & operated by your’s truly Adrian Cauguiran. This alongside ScreencApp are my full time job. CEO & content creator for both means I’m spread across multiple projects. In a switch to our independent model meaning self chosen advertisers, sponsor campaigns, and so on allows me to run this site however I please.

While the majority of all the content I publish is & will remain free I ask for the support of my readers in the form of a membership. I’ve dedicated 9 years of my life producing content & projects to help pass some value to others & am asking for that support in return.

Membership Details:

A membership runs at $3 a month billed on a three month increment ($9) for transaction fee purposes.

Other option includes an annual plan at $30 (billed upfront).

What does becoming a member get me?

Aside from the satisfaction of supporting a content creator who’s work you value & help keeping everything running you get a couple extra benefits.

  • Access to a member exclusive podcast (Almost daily short & look at everything going on behind the scenes from business to everyday life & other topics. It’ll also serve as a survey field for member input on future future projects)
  • Member only newsletter filled with interesting finds, articles/links, and more sent out weekly
  •  Automatically added onto the thank you page (Unless otherwise stated) of the site & entered for member only giveaways from software, hardware, and other prizes.
  • 1 member every month will be picked for a 20-minute Skype conversation on whatever topic you choose. Basic conversation or picking my brain for some advice on your business, website, what have you. (Option to have it recorded & uploaded to the Youtube channel w/permission)

This contribution helps me as a content creator keep everything running from the site costs to pure time investment that is made to produce it all. Allowing me to focus on producing more & higher quality content for my readers.

These small contributions add up & allow you to show your support for content that may have helped or influenced you in anyway.


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