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Apple vs FBI Case Comes to a Close After Successful Entry of iPhone

The news world be it within tech circles or not have been focused on the big encryption case of Apple vs FBI over the last couple weeks. We’ve seen debates from both sides & the outpouring of support from both companies & everyday citizens be it for or against Apple refusing to create a backdoor to get into the San Bernardino shooters iPhone.

After much back & forth debate it was revealed last week that the FBI may have had a 3rd party source who claimed to have a method to bypass the iPhone lock functionality & gain access to the device to uncover whatever data they could find. As of today the FBI has officially submitted for the cooperation of Apple in the case come to a close after claiming successful entry into the device. The FBI has yet to disclose what exactly was found on the phone or the 3rd party method involved in bypassing the phone. Stating:

Our decision to conclude the litigation was based solely on the fact that, with the recent assistance of a third party, we are now able to unlock that iPhone without compromising any information on the phone.

This brings the very drawn out case to a close for now… Apple will surely rebuttal with a case for the FBI to report said bypass so that they can ideally patch this method for future use. While the battle for the FBI in this case may be won the war for encryption and the governments say in what a company must do is far from over. Many have speculated the method that allowed the 3rd party & FBI access but with physical possession of the device it’s likely that they used some sort of hardware modification to gain access, if not exploiting & taking advantage of an unknown iOS bug.

However the flip side of this is that it’s public knowledge now that there is a method of some sort to access locked devices & the Justice Department for the most part has this in their possession. Whether they continue to use it in similar cases or honor their claim that this was a specific situation. Apple has yet to make a official statement regarding the breach & I can only imagine are scrambling behind the scenes to uncover this entry into their devices which while it represents one device accessed could mean many more in the future. As Apple has always stated this isn’t about the specific case & iPhone rather about their customers privacy to their data.

The case may be over but the story is far from finished.

What Instagram’s Timeline Update Means

Maybe you’ve seen images with the following text floating around.

Starting tomorrow IG will no longer be using chronological order for your timeline. Instead it will be using an algorithm to determine what it thinks you find “relevant” and place those posts at the top of your feed

Is this some hoax or scam to get you to click some random button. In this case it actually is accurate. Influencers on Instagram are asking followers to sign up for push notifications in the event you’d like to see their photos. The irony being if this “algorithm” works the way it should then your suppose to see their photos to begin with.

Starting tomorrow the Facebook owned photo sharing network will be rolling out a pretty big change to the app. Recently Instagram posted the following blog post outline their new “moment” based timeline.

You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. As Instagram has grown, it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people share. This means you often don’t see the posts you might care about the most.

What exactly does mean for your feed?

Essentially the typical chronological order your used to based off who you follow will change. You’ll start to see photos you care about more based off what Instagram’s algorithm thinks. Taking into account for example people you tag in your photos, profiles of peoples pictures you typically like, and so on. Given that some accounts are tied into Facebook this would be easy for them to find out more info & tailor your feed. While they quote you miss 70% of your feed due to the chronological order.

This is nothing new in the world of social networks both Facebook & Twitter have made a move towards algorithmic based timelines/feed but to see on a very visual app will be a big change. While I agree that some pictures can buried in the current chronological timeline from peoples whose post I may have missed I’d much prefer scrolling down through it then having everything in disarray. I think the “Insta” part of Instagram comes under fire in this sort of timeline. You see pictures in the order they were posted. A visual storyboard so to speak & while moments I care about is a nice thing to prioritize I don’t know if it’s worth jeopardizing the entire timeline. While this is yet to be rolled out to everyone you’ll notice the updates starting tomorrow. That said time will tell how Instagram responds to the feedback & how the users take to it.

So tomorrow when you open the app to scroll through take a moment to see how you respond to said photos. Is it the moments (photos) you care about or just a mix of pictures you’d much rather see in the order they were posted.

Top 5 Mac Productivity Apps

The apps we use day to day allow us to get the work & play done on our macs. Finding those gems in a sea of apps that allow us to save time, improve our workflow, or make our everyday tasks easier can make all the difference. Here’s a list of my top five favorite productivity applications.


1-TextExpander (Automate Keystrokes)

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.42.35 PM

TextExpander allows users to simply input a few keystrokes in place of full phrases you may typically input. Some great examples are addresses, e-mail signatures, and various other repetitive text forms. You simply set a shortcut such as:


TextExpander Translates:


Adrian Cauguiran

CEO ScreencApp | Head Content Creator DigitalDojos

This saves you a ton of time & can help in a variety of situations. A great part of the app is the communities snippets that you can find online to help you in various situations. A great technique I’ve seen is using TextExpander to autocorrect common typos you may constantly input. Simply put if your typing a lot & spend a great amount of your time filling out forms, inputting text, typing then grab it!

2-Yoink (Taking Drag & Drop to the next level)

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 4.51.00 PM

This is a simple but highly effective utility that takes the common drag & drop functionality & brings it to the next level. Yoink adds a pop-out bar to OS X that allows you to easily drag files from anywhere into Yoink. This allows you do multiple things. This is even more useful for OS X users who are limited to a single screen. As this saves you the tedious tasks of navigating finder windows or copy/pasting files & so on.

You can store app-content into the Yoink bar & then simply switch to the app you’d like to use them in. A great example is taking multiple files from a desktop & dragging them into Yoink from there swiping back to another space or app like mail. What I love most about Yoink is the customizable options it brings. Allowing you to easily place the Yoink bar & adjusting it to your liking. Simple time saving apps like these go a long way.

3-Daisy Disk (Find the Largest Files in the Shortest Time)

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.04.57 PM

Time to time our mac hard drives get full & it’s a reminder for us to do some file cleaning. Whenever it happens it can be a hassle to find out what exactly is taking up the most space on your hard drive & how to get rid of it. Having an app daisy disk saves you all the time hunting the files down or going into Finder’s plain view size system.

DaisyDisk makes this process simple & better yet visually appealing. Laying out your disk in fragments so you can visually see which larger chunks are taking up your hard drive & making it simple to find & delete them. While you may not be doing this constantly whenever you need it the time save makes the app highly worth it.

4-F.Lux (Adjust your display to the time of day)

F.lux to me is an essential tool to have any time you get a new computer. While it isn’t an app that you interact with per say it’s something that’ll make those long hours of computer usage that much more bearable & return productive.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.14.51 AM

F.lux aims to essentially eliminate blue light the light emitted from display that not only effects our eyes but our sleep as well. The app adjusts the hue/color of your monitor depending on the time of day. Getting warmer as the night goes on & back to normal during the day. While it takes some time to get used to it’s definitely worth it.

5-Wunderlist (Easiest way to make/share lists)

There’s no shortage of to-do based apps but Wunderlist has always been a personal favorite. It’s cross platform compatibility & ease of use when it comes to sharing lists out makes it a key app. Whether it’s personal lists or professional based ones you can easily organize, share out, and create separate lists. All with a simple user interface to match.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.26.46 AM


So get working & remember that productivity at the end of the day comes down to whatever works best for you & your workflow. Whether it’s free, paid, mobile, or desktop apps as long as you get working!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

For the last 7+ years I’ve been an iPhone user. My unboxing going as far back as the iPhone 3G still exist on my personal Youtube channel if you dig deep enough. That all said I haven’t had an opportunity to really experience & review a flagship Android phone until now.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge is one of their new phones in the flagship lineup & while it offers incremental improvements over last years S6 it’s one of the best phones in 2016 thus far.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks testing out the S7 Edge while trying to use it predominantly over my 6S Plus. However thats for another story. Rather lets go ahead & focus on the S7 Edge & how it fared.

Video Review:

The Hardware:

To examine the S7 Edge we need to begin by looking at all the new hardware changes over the S6.


The S7 Edge sports a bigger screen than the S7 coming in at 5.5 inches. A super AMOLED display that is covered in Gorilla Glass 4. Samsung’s display technology excels in the phone as it offers amazing edge to edge clarity. The saturation, contrast, and overall brightness really makes colors pop. Text is clear when reading web pages & you get that immersive experience as the screen spills out to the edge.


Screen Resolution- 1440×2560

Dimensions: 5.5 inches


Another new aspect of the display is the Always On technology. While this is new for Samsung it’s something we’ve seen before in HTC’s phone. The idea is that it illuminates certain pixels while the screen is in sleep mode to display either a clock, calendar, or image. Constantly shifting the image in order to prevent image burn & save battery life. While the feature is nice, it isn’t something I decided to keep turned on.

Being that it is the “Edge” model you do get the dual edged screen. Which provides a much more immersive experience when it comes to viewing content then I thought. The edge of the screen can also be used to quickly access certain features on the phone. Think of it as shortcut panel allowing access to quickly open apps, see what contact is calling when the phone is faced down by a color array, and other quick shortcuts/tasks. While this is very customizable & can be useful in some instances I didn’t find myself swiping to use them that often. However in the end I’d rather have the edge model with it’s features & bigger battery/screen than not have it.


CPU, RAM & Graphic Processors:

Processor wise the S7 Edge is powered by a Snapdragon 820 Quad-core CPU in the US edition. It’s clocked at 2.15ghz & provides the phone with a lot of processing power.

Geek bench wise the S7 Edge benched as of this post:

Single-core: 2347

Multi-core: 5180

The S7 Edge is packed with 4 GB of RAM to help run everything smoothly. As far as graphics goes an Adreno 530 chip powers all GPU needs & performs quite exceptionally.

Scoring a BaseMark X (Medium Settings) bench of: 40833

How do all of these numbers & specs translate into real life performance? Well in my experience the phone performed exceptionally throughout my test. Be it casual or intense usage of the device. Multi-tasking always ran smoothly & without any hiccups. Occasional 3rd party app-crashes but that can’t be entirely blamed on the S7 Edge itself. Overall the S7 Edge performed in all areas I needed to on a day to day basis. Never showing sluggish performance or noticeable dropped frames. While gaming isn’t something I do to much of on my mobile devices the S7 Edge did handle intense FPS, racing, and various other titles without any problems. So all in all performance was solid & something you’d expect out of a 2016 flagship phone.


Now all the performance in the world doesn’t matter if the battery doesn’t last. This is the one area the S7 Edge goes above & beyond and makes it well worth buying over the normal S7 model. The edge packs a 3600 mAh battery that will surely last you throughout the day. In my tests normal usage without any power savings easily got me through the day with 5-6+ hours of screen on time. Furthermore if I did enable the power saving features then I wouldn’t have to charge the phone at all by the end of the night. If I found myself in a position where I was lower than 10% the S7 Edge’s fast charging easily brought the phone up to 50%+ within 30 minutes. So if your looking for a phone that’s power is equally matched by its longevity than the S7 Edge is an obvious choice.

Expandable Storage:

The S7 Edge brings a nice needed feature with expandable storage. For those limited to the 32GB model in the US have no fear as you can easily pop out the sim card slot to gain access to a micro-sd tray for your storage needs. So you can easily & economically add more storage to the S7 Edge without any problems.


Nowadays the most important feature arguably in smartphone is the camera. It can quite literally be a deal breaker for buyers & the S7 Edge doesn’t disappoint. I’d even go as far as dubbing it the best smartphone camera as of current in terms of both video & photos.

Spec wise the S7 Edge packs:

12 megapixel sensor 

f /1.7 Aperture

4K Video Support

60 FPS Recording

Again while these numbers don’t tell the full story the experience of using said camera really blew me away. While they lowered the pixels from the previous S6 the pixels are bigger allowing for better low light shots & amazing auto-focus technology.

S7 Edge’s camera is quick to access, point, focus, and shoot. It excels in natural lighting conditions & does decent in low light indoors. Outdoor low light shots tend to be a bit noisy but still bearable. The real advancement in the camera comes in the auto-focus. Focusing right away & making it easy to pull focus from objects in the foreground & background make it a all around great smartphone shooter.

Sample Photos (Unedited):

20160315_195058 20160315_185242 20160316_222858 20160320_164548 20160314_114317

Be sure to check out the video review up above to get some sample video shots of the S7 Edge in action. I can’t understate enough how phenomenal the rear camera performed be it photography or videography. However I can’t forget the front facing camera which comes in at 5 megapixels  & performs just as great. The wider lens allows on the front facing cameras make selfies or front facing video a breeze. Samsung throws in some filters to spruce up the photos in typical fashion however these can be tweaked. Standard photos come out with a boost of saturation, contrast, and overall color which to the naked eye may make for better photos. In most blind tests I constantly had people choose the S7 Edge photos versus the 6S Plus.

All in all this is the camera to beat in the smartphone market as of now.

Form Factor:

The S7 Edge comes in slightly smaller than the iPhone 6S Plus which I typically use on a day to day basis. Despite the 5.5 inch screen the phone still comes in at a great size be it in hand or pocket. The slimmer bezels & curved back make for a good fit overall despite how much fingerprints the back attracts.

Another feature that drew a lot of attention as far as build goes is the IP68 certification the phone has. The S7 Edge is essentially dust & water resistant which is definitely convenient & makes for a great party trick. You can completely submerge this phone & pull it out working without any hiccups. Saving you future troubles from any toilets, spilled drinks, or other water sources. However it does come at a cost. The built in speakers simply suck. They’re tiny sounding & distort at high volumes due to the sealing of the hardware for the waterproofing. Aside from that the S7 Edge is sleek & main focus comes in at the display & it’s quite a sight to look at. I’d advise a skin or case for those who phone is too slippery or fingerprint stained but other than that you have the solid base of the S6 improved upon in ways that make it more comfortable to hold & operate. All the buttons & external hardware feeling solid & built to last.




Being new to Android I had to stumble around a bit to get use to Marshmallow 6.0 however for the most part everything was easy to navigate around just different habits to get used to. The OS performed in line with the hardware & one aspect thats foreign to me coming from iOS was the customization aspect.

If I didn’t like the launcher, settings panel look & feel, or what have you I could easily toggle & personalize it to my liking.

The biggest drawback in my opinion with the S7 Edge had to be the Touch-Wiz UI samsung pre-loads it with. It just seemed clunky in my opinion & while the new hardware carries the animations very well there was still things I found unnecessary & better suited with a 3rd party launcher.

Setting panels were easy to navigate & access at a swipe. Toggling features on/off as needed. The biggest convenience came in Samsung’s pay technology which pretty much work anywhere credit/debit cards are accepted. New features like Game Launcher make it easy to access all your games in one organized app & provides an overlay option when playing games to make it easy to disable features that hinder your gaming experience. Again while I don’t game that often on my mobile devices it was a nice addition.

The greatest aspect of software when it comes to Android devices is your freedom to really put what you prefer on your device. Root it, go with 3rd party solutions, disable/enable what you like it really is up to you & that’s something that is a nice change of pace from iOS.


Breaking down simply lets take a look at what I felt were the pros & cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.


  • Amazing Camera (Best as of current)
  • Incredible all day battery life
  • Expandable storage option
  • Solid build
  • Great edge to edge display 


  • Touch Wiz UI
  • Fingerprint reader while fast wasn’t always accurate
  • Built-In Speaker

In the end the cons that did exist aren’t enough to dissuade me from re-buying the phone if it came down to it. The S7 Edge is an all around solid phone that took the S6 strengths & really built on them with newer hardware & slight improvements. Yes it lacks USB C & no IR support but they’re not lacking features that’ll break the deal you get with the S7 Edge. If your looking for a consistent quality shooter in a phone, powerhouse device that’ll last you the day, and immersive display than this phone is for you.

Now if your on the S6 keep in mind your phone is still great & by no means should you be rushing to upgrade. If your cycle is upcoming then by all means. If your in the market for a new phone then the S7 Edge should definitely be on your consideration list.

At DigitalDojos I try to answer the question of whether the product at hand in my reviews are worth the purchase rather simply slapping a rating on it. In this case without a doubt the S7 Edge gets my seal of approval & two thumbs way up.

Again if you are looking into the S7 lineup of phones spend the extra bucks & go with the Edge model if anything for the bigger battery you won’t regret it. In a land of smartphones Samsung takes a great phone & adds just enough to make it that much more powerful & current. Sporting the best camera in the smartphone game right now you can’t go wrong getting this current gen flagship device that’ll definitely be one of the definitive phones of the year.


If you are ready to pull the trigger help support DigitalDojos by purchasing it through our link & enjoy your new S7 Edge!

Recap: Apple’s March 21st iPhone SE & iPad Pro Event

Here’s a look at everything that went down at Apple’s March 21st even that’s main focus was primarily on the iPhone SE & iPad Pro 9.7 inch announcement. This event ran shorter than typical Apple events at 1 hour & was hosted at Apple’s own campus.

The event opened with Tim Cook taking the stage to address some Apple’s ongoing news from sales to the current government case.


Apple vs FBI:

Tim Cook opened said event addressing one of the major news stories as of late the Apple vs FBI case in the San Bernardino court case. In short the FBI wants Apple to create a backdoor into the iPhone allowing them to try to bypass the iPhone passcode attempts.

Tim Cook stated:

We did not expect to be in this position, at odds with our own government,” he continued, “but we believe strongly that we have a responsibility to help you protect your data and your privacy.

This underlines how important privacy & security is for Apple. Reinforcing their stance on this topic and the importance of protecting their customer base as a whole.


Apple & the Environment:

Apple’s VP of Environment Lisa Jackson then took the stage to announce that Apple Inc facilities now runs on 93% renewable energy this is a move towards their goal every 2 years to get closer to a 100% renewable energy based company. Apple takes environmental concerns very seriously from their products to their facilities & they took a good portion of the opening keynote to address this.


CareKit is based off Apple’s ResarchKit and will allow people to develop their own health based apps. As Apple’s hardware begins to integrate more health based solutions it only makes sense they allow 3rd party developers to create similar apps. The framework is continuing on Apple’s trend of OpenSource based software. Apple COO Jeff Williams took the stage with the announcement & showcased apps that have been developed thus far on CareKit.

iOS 9.3 & TV OS:

Software wise Apple announced two updates ahead of WWDC that are being released today.

iOS 9.3 brings the following features/changes:

Night Shift Mode (F.Lux for the iPhone auto-adjusting screen tone/color)

Touch ID security for Notes app

-News App updates 

-Apple Music updates

CarPlay Support Improvement 

and much more the full release can be viewed here.

TVOS 9.2 Updates:

The Apple TV got some major updates today as well.

Siri Dictation Support

Siri App-Store Search Support

Bluetooth Keyboard Support


and other slight improvements to the UI & performance of the OS. This version address some major gripes from the Apple TV’s release & allow for much easier navigating with the Siri based remote.


Apple Watch Bands/Price Drop:

The first new hardware announcement came with the Apple Watch. As Tim Cook on staged announced that it was the #1 selling smartwatch in the world.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.26.36 PM

He went on to talk about the love for customizing the Apple Watch with bands & the all new ones that are coming this Spring.

These include:

-Nylon weave bands $50

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.33.49 PM

Leather Bands (Teal/Red)  $150

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.34.51 PM

Sport Bands (Yellow) $50Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.35.24 PMBlack Milanese Loop $150

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.36.47 PM


Along with the announcement of new bands the Watch now starts at only $299 so a $50 price cut. These new bands are meant to give users more options & probably make way for the future gen 2 announcement possibly late in the year.

iPhone SE:

The announcement that everyone was waiting for could be considered a step back literally when you look at it. The iPhone SE announcement is Apple’s take on second take on the 4-inch phone. It’s essentially the same 5S body with the addition of the new rose gold color & internal specs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.46.07 PM

Spec wise your getting everything from the current 6S model such as:

A9 Chip/M9 Co-Processor

12 megapixel camera w/4K Video

16/32GB Models

Price starts at $400 ($500 for 32Gb)

This is a phone thats 2x as fast as the 5S & all of it in the same 4-inch body. Apple claims that this is for the market that still prefers the smaller size iPhone & saves them overall in certain costs. They confirmed after the event that all 5S cases should support the SE model of phones. In a world of larger smartphone Apple is taking a step back & updating an older generation phone.

iPad Pro (9.7 inch):

It’s not being called the iPad Pro by any means rather it’s adopting the Macbook Pro model of names. The iPad Pro 9.7 inch & 12.9 inch models. Rather than the iPad Air 3rd gen Apple is rebranding it as the iPad Pro & adding all pro level specs to match.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 1.51.49 PM

-32,64, 256GB models

Improved Retina Display (Tru-tone, Anti-Reflective, Wide color display)

A9X & M9 Chips

-12 megapixel camera

4 Speaker Audio

Price: Starts at $599

The iPad Pro 9.7 inch introduces the first Rose Gold color option for the tablet line as well. It also features the all new improved camera for photos/videos (If your into that) but also brings the infamous camera bump to the iPad.  This iPad also features Apple’s all new display tech “True tone”. Sensors in the iPad Pro detect ambient light in your environment & adjust the screen tone as such to produce a more natural & easier on the eye experience. The most powerful iPad yet in a smaller form factor than it’s bigger sibling the iPad Pro 12.9 inch. So in the end it comes down to the screen size you prefer much like the iPhones.


All in all it was small scale event & one that’ll be the last time we hear of a product release from Apple’s town hall as their new campus is set to be ready by 2017.


These product announcements while new are all iterations of existing hardware in smaller form factors. The iPad Pro essentially being shrunk down to the 9.7 inch version & iPhone 6S specs meeting the 5S body results in the SE.  While this event wasn’t meant to be a major event for the company it’s their first big announcement in 2016 & is meant to set the pace for the upcoming products throughout the year such as the iPhone 7 & mac line upgrades.

For more information & to rematch the keynote head over to Apple’s official page.

Reminder to Update Your Pre-2012 Kindle’s

Amazon announced a critical software update for Kindle owners. Anyone using a Kindle Pre-2012 should be weary to update over wi-fi before March 22, 2016. As the new update will essentially brick your device until you manually update it via a computer.

Amazon’s statement:

Important: If you do not update your device by March 22, 2016, you will receive the following message on your device: Your Kindle is unable to connect at this time. Please make sure you are within wireless range and try again. If the problem persists, please restart your Kindle from the Menu in Settings and try again. If you see this message on your device on or after March 22, you will need to manually install the latest software update for your device. Go to Fire & Kindle Software Updates for more details.

Luckily they offer a simple chart to make it easier to ensure your device may need updating.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 6.41.56 PM

So as a friendly reminder from Amazon & I to you, update your Kindles! Read on.

What to expect at Apple’s March 21st “Loop” Event

The invitations have been sent out for Apple’s March 21st event! The tagline reading “Let us loop you in“. So that all said here’s a look at what you can expect announcement wise both hardware & software. The event itself will take place at 10:00 AM as most Apple events do, being held at the Apple Town Hall auditorium.

The two major announcements will be that of a new phone & iPad. Accompanied by of course sales numbers & progress, possible mac upgrades, and new Apple Watch accessories.

iPhone SE

The iPhone SE is either a step back or just so depending on how you look at it. The aim of the SE is to upgrade the former iPhone 5S device to current hardware specs. While maintaining the design for the most important part & with a 4-inch screen size. No your eyes do not deceive you, a phone company looking to go smaller rather than bigger with the screen. Seeing as not everyone is a fan of the big screen movement or new design this phone is meant to target those who preferred the compact 5S. (Compact by todays standards)

It’ll be updated as far as CPU & GPU goes, camera, and some other internal changes along with the external color schemes of current iPhones.

iPad Air 3 or Pro?


It’s due time for an iPad update & no doubt Apple will be pushing the specs of the devices such as the A9X chip, four speaker system, and possible name change. The rumors as of now is that Apple will unify the iPad line into an iPad Pro series. An iPad Pro 9.7 versus iPad Air 3 while the newly released iPad Pro would be the 12 inch model.

Other than that we’re not expected to see any major changes. As of now it’s doubtful Apple would integrate Force Touch into this edition seeing as the current iPad Pro lacks it. However we’ll probably see support for the new accessories like the Apple Pencil on said device.

Apple Watch Bands

space-black-milanese-loop-band-800x284Now it’s unknown whether Apple is alluding to their newly built HQ in the whole “Loop” message or rather their new bands set to come to the Apple Watch. One pretty much confirmed rumor is the Milanese loop band which comes in silver is set to receive a black edition for Apple Watch users. Other band said to be released are new sports band colors, possible NATO straps, and partnered promotions such as the previous Hermes straps.

This would be a bit before we’re set to hear about the possible Apple Watch 2 announcement in September. So if you were thinking about getting one, you may want to hold off.

Software Side

On the software end this area could be up for grabs seeing as it isn’t quite WWDC. However we may hear of update across the line of products such as iOS 9.3 features, Watch OS 2.2, TV OS 9.2, OS X 10.11.4 and possible iTunes update (please please please be true).

These would simply be glimpses at new features & things to give the customers, press, and stockholders a look at what’s to come. WWDC would be a good time to further dive into such topics so we’re likely to see a few of the above addressed.

What About the Macs?

Now while it isn’t outside the realm of possibility though less likely, the mac lineup. If we do hear about any mac refreshes at all it’ll surely be in that of the laptop department. Namely the Macbook Pro. We’ll probably see Apple start to lean towards the USB C movement across their laptop lineup & not just the latest Macbook. Of course this will also mean new CPU’s going into their Macs & other changes, possibly even a design one. However this isn’t guaranteed or even as solid as the previous rumors. It’s bound to happen as the upgrades are long overdue so if your waiting on a new mac & it’s not an iMac hang tight.

The event while at a much more smaller venue will be live streamed via their website. I’ll as always be covering said event & following up with an overview & my thoughts. So stay tuned!


Google’s Own Cellular Network “Project Fi”

Alright so it’s technically not Google’s cellular network rather they’ll be piggybacking off of giants like T-Mobile & Sprint but packaging it in their own fashion. Google’s Project Fi is meant to offer a easy & seamless cell phone carrier plan.

As of now you can sign up for Project Fi here as long as you have one of the following phones:

Nexus 6

Nexus 6P

Nexus 5X

How the Plan Works:

The aim is to offer a simple & straight forward plan.

$20 a month for Project Fi Basics which includes

Our plan starts with the Fi Basics for $20 per month, which includes: unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, ability to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and coverage in 120+ countries.

$10 per GB of Data USED

To see how much you’d save switching over see their plan page


Is it their own Network?

As mentioned earlier Google is piggybacking off of T-Mobile & Sprint   & of course wi-fi networks. The idea is that your phone will always switch to the best case network in your given area whether thats a wi-fi connection at home, 4G LTE while your out & about, or even 3G.  This theoretically means you’ll have optimal performance wherever you are. Given that Sprint & T-Mobile offer decent coverage you’re more than likely to always have some sort of stable connection.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 1.49.11 PM

As of now obviously this is only limited to Nexus users so anybody can’t switch over to it. However they are doing promotions if you buy a Nexus under Project Fi such as the Nexus 5X at $200. This isn’t for everyone but it is a great option for those who want to go with an alternative off contract carrier & if Sprint & T-Mobile offer great coverage in your are then it’s a win win situation. Now for others their current carriers may be just fine as you don’t get any benefits that independent carriers offer such as T-Mobile’s unlimited data & Binge service. So ultimately in the end it comes to weighing out what your plan & carrier offer at whatever price you pay. This is a very early project but one that can definitely see some potential given that Google is moving to do more of their things in-house from the phones now to the service.

Amazon’s Tap & Echo Dot “The Portable Alexa’s”

Amazon announced a two new devices in the Echo lineup the “Echo Dot” & “Amazon Tap“. The dot aims to be a semi-portable Alexa allowing you have Alexa in any room you can carry a small hockey puck like device & plug it in to get Alexa. The Dot packs the Alexa assistant in it with a small portable speaker but also allows for bluetooth & wired connection to other speakers. This means you can easily connect the Dot to existing speakers in any room be it the kitchen, living room office or of course use the built in one.Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 2.52.16 PM

While the Tap is essentially a portable bluetooth speaker meets Alexa. For the on the go traveler who wants the ability to play music from a mobile speaker. The Tap powers off of a battery that lasts up to 9-hours and can of course be recharged via it’s docking station. Tap coming from the microphone button which the user can easily press to input any voice commands such as play music, what’s the news, and so on.

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 4.07.33 PM

The catch being the only way to currently order the Dot is through an existing Alexa device scubas the Echo or Fire TV, while the Tap can be pre-ordered. Essentially you need to have Amazon Echo in order to buy the Dot. The Dot will be retailing at $90 while the Tap pre-orders at $130. Amazon has stated however the ordering process will be available for all customers soon. There have been a few workarounds posted on the web if you really are anxious to get one.

Alexa Amazon’s assistant built into echo allows you to do various things such as stream music, order new items, ask various questions (weather, basic arithmetic, etc),  and even place order for third party services like Uber. The current Echo offers a base station solution that while convenient isn’t at portable. It’s meant more for a central location where in the Dot is cheaper can be connected to other speakers & be taken room to room as needed.

As of now the ordering process for the dot is exclusive while the Tap can be pre-ordered. This expands Amazon line of Echo devices making everyday tasks more convenient and automated through Alexa.

The Music Streaming Service Battle

There’s no shortage of music streaming services nowadays. Spotify as one of the leading services, perhaps your on Apple Music if you came from Beats or are an Apple exclusive user, Amazon Prime members may enjoy Amazon Music platform, & then there’s other services like Jay-Z’s Tidal with it’s high quality audio.


Point being music streaming services are all over & aren’t going anywhere. Some offer certain incentives to get you to use their platform be it exclusives, bundling into other services, or quality.  The landscape however may be changing. As of now the big competitors consist of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google, and Tidal.

Apple Music being the latest to join the game with the acquisition of Beats. While Apple has ways to go it has established itself as a competitor offering the service to their user base on iDevices. It comes down to a number of elements nowadays with each service offering relatively similar libraries. Factors such as price, quality, exclusives, and extras/add-ons. Amazon for example includes their music streaming service within Prime which gives you faster shipping options, savings, video streaming access, and much more.

That all said the competitive field opens the door to possible mergers & acquisitions in order to gain an upper hand. It was recently announced by both Google & Spotify that Spotify would be moving their core infrastructure (backend) to Google’s cloud platform to help increase quality, service, and of course pricing for their streaming platform. This is a big announcement for both companies & one that raise a lot of questions in terms of a possible acquisition down the line for Google to help it’s standing in the space. At 75 million active users there’s no better option than Spotify currently & given that Google made an offer in 2014 for the company it’s not completely far fetched. As of now Spotify says the move will take some time but with its growth it was necessary to continue to provide a seamless experience for its users.

This talk has also sparked up other conversations with companies such as Samsung which is now rumored to be in discussions with Jay Z’s company Tidal which he acquired only 16 months ago. Tidal being the service that focuses on quality & exclusives from Jay Z’s fellow artists such as Kanye West recent album “The Life of Pablo” which skyrocketed Tidal’s subscription & download numbers to #1 in the app-store briefly. The company which had a rocky start with lawsuits, shuffling through CEO’s and other issues this would be a buyout that would help save the company. Samsung has already done a deal in the past with business mogul Jay Z securing his album for an exclusive release for $5 million. All in an effort to gain an advantage in this streaming space that is crowded by great companies.

This could possibly mean with the mergers we’d see a Google/Spotify versus Tidal/Samsung, Apple Music/Beats, and Amazon battle. Acquiring not just the talent & subscriber base but software. All of this is of course just speculation & whispers at this point but nothing is too far off given the past negotiations & the way the industry in particular is heading. While artists like Swift & Adele may still hold out from the streaming space initially it’s becoming a force that can’t be ignored this day in age. Positioning yourself as a corporation with the best team, resources, and name is a wise decision.

Whether the deals happen or not there’s no evidence that the growth of such services will slow down the question only remains who’ll be left remaining when all is said & done.