Application Overview : TextExpander for Mac  Smile Software are the great team behind TextExpander for mac and iOS, today I wanted to take a look at the OS X version and why I think its one of the best productivity tools out there. Think of text expander as snippets shortcuts that allow you to save […]

iCarbon kindly sent out their “iPhone 5 Carbon Skins” for review and heres a full look at the product. In the past we took a look at their 4S line and with the iPhone 5 they’re now offering a new two-tone skin kit. Over at iCarbon you can find a variety of their skins for […]

iPhone 5 Review – Same old phone, New tricks. Apples iPhone 5 has been out for quite awhile now and features an upgraded design from the 4S, while still maintaing that old iPhone form factor its internals are all new and improved. Now featuring the 4-inch retina display, A6 CPU, and 4G LTE antenna along […]

Review : Googles Nexus 7   The Nexus 7 is one of the tablets taking the market by storm. Googles first step into the pure google experience partnered with Asus brings a great 7 inch form factor tablet that is really captivating the market and competes with tablets like the iPad Mini &  Kindle Fire. […]

Mobees Magic Charger allows you to wirelessly charge your Apple Magic Mouse using its simple dock station. Using its induction charging it allows you to save on ever replacing batteries for your mouse.   VIDEO REVIEW: HOW IT WORKS: How does it all work, first off the Mobee Magic Charger includes 3 items in the […]

A while back I did a review video on the iCarbon iPhone 4S Skins, as issues came in the way I never was able to get a full written review out on my opinions on the products.   Video Review:   In my review process iCarbon was kind enough to send me 2 iPhone 4S […]

Windows Magnet for OSX is a windows organizer tool very similar to that of windows 7 snap tool.   The tool allows for auto aligning windows easily using keyboard shortcuts or dragging to hot corners. Available in the app store for only 1$, this tool is definitely one of the best in the app store […]

Starting the end of this month and months to come I’ll be posting a round-up of my favorite applications for the specific month. Rounding up my favorite games, productivity apps, and so on. Free and paid applications will be mentioned and in this case it’ll be highlighting iOS applications for both iPhone/iPad depending on the […]

JumpCut is a free OS X utility that offers a clipboard history of sort, so lets say you accidentally copy a link over something you needed. This tool gives you the freedom to copy and paste without worrying about losing something you copied like a link or paragraph it stores everything for you to go back and […]