Skype has updated their mobile iOS application to support group calling up to four people. Simply make a call on the application then use the + button to add on an additional three people into your call. Previously the iPhone app only supported one to one calling and has made the same jump that the […]


After the ongoing news of multiple leaks of photos of high profile people’s personal photos being leaked. Apple has gone on record to announce that the leak which was claimed to be stemmed from a breach in iCloud their online backup service is false. The news which broke out after an anonymous user had posted […]


I follow a bespoke¬†jewelry company out of London known as Gold & Co. They’re known for partnering with certain retailers to provide custom plated luxury iDevices. From iPads & iPhones covered in anything from 24kt gold, rose gold, and other materials for various other devices. Today on Instagram the Gold&Co account posted pictures featuring what […]