iOS 8 was discussed at WWDC 2014 announcing a slew of new features. Personally I see it as what iOS 7 should’ve and could’ve been. That’s neither here nor there. With that said, I wanted to take a look at my top 5 features that iOS 8 offers.   1- Interactive Notifications iOS 8 now allows […]

  This holiday season will be filled with tablet purchases be it iPad or Android and so on but with so many options available theres tons of things to consider before buying a tablet, especially in the case its for someone else. Below are some our top tips to consider before buying your tablet to […]

Choosing the Right Mobile Plan In as much as prepaid loading is the economical preference of some, others would adhere to phone plans given that they spend a lot more time sending SMS and making calls. Mobile plans are created to deliver optimized call connections by giving lower SMS and call rates to the users […]

If you haven’t seen the announcement video here, I’ll be leaving for a week or so for some family business and a small vacation to the Philippines. As I went packing up for the trip I figured I’d drop my 5 tips for traveling with technology and some things to consider on the go.   […]

Aside from software tweaks, optimization, etc hardware upgrades are about the best things to do to speed up an old and or even new computer be it mac and or windows. Here are the top 5 upgrades that can be done with a reasonable amount of skill level. 1-Hard Drive Upgrade   Hard drives are […]

  Jailbreaking 101 A common question I get revolves around Jailbreaking what it is, how you do it, etc etc. This post is here along with the video to fully explain the common things surrounding jailbreaking and the basics of it all.     What is Jailbreaking: In its simplest form, allowing your iDevice to […]

Today marked the announcement of the new iPad 3rd generation and even new apple tv at apples yearly update round. The keynote while great pretty much lived up to speculations of all rumors etc, nothing out of the ballpark released but still a great update to the new iPad along with some other products.   […]