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Sponsor: Literature & Latte Makers of Scrivener

My thanks to the folks at Literature & Latte for sponsoring DigitalDojos this week. L&L has always been dedicated to making great apps across the board for mac OS, iOS & Windows. Makers of the amazing writing tool that is Scrivener L&L has always put writers first & provided the perfect app to do just that. With the release of Scrivener 3 the app has got even better offering all sorts of tools for authors, screen play writers, and just well anything you want to write. Be it a short story or a full manuscript Scrivener surely has the tools for you. 

This weeks content is made possible by the team & their great writing tool. Stay tuned as we take a deep dive at the latest version of Scrivener & how you can use it for any & all of your writing needs. Check out Scrivener for Mac, iOS, and windows today!


Whose Scrivener for for?

That’s the best part Scrivener is really for anyone who has something to say. Used worldwide by authors, biographers, poets, screenwriters, and much more.

Platforms is Scrivener Available for?

Write anywhere on whatever platform suits you best. Start on your mac or PC & end up writing via your iPad or even iPhone with their latest iOS app.

What Makes Scrivener Unique?

My favorite thing about this is there’s no one specific thing. Rather the app itself is a workshop for you to do as you please. Write freely & unstructured or piece your story together meticulously in the great interface. A powerful binder allows you gather all your research materials & easily reference while your writing, keeping you focused on what matters. It can be as advanced as you need it to be or as simple as needed & that’s the beauty. Overall what Scrivener allows me to do is take my thoughts dump them into the app & figure out how to stage it from there. Be it an e-book idea, list of notes, or research for a much bigger project.

Amazon Announces New Line of Alexa Devices

Amazon held a press event today to announce a whole new lineup of it’s Alexa smart home products. Ranging from an updated Echo to newer accessories for every room. Expanding upon the smart home products & it’s ability to interact with other devices in your household.


Starting off with the updated Echo. After 3 years Amazon has updated the product that kicked off the smart speaker market. The new Echo comes in a slightly smaller form factor & houses a dedicated woofer & tweeter with Dolby sound. Additionally it’ll now come in fabric cloths meant to provide a softer feel similar to that of Google Home. The Echo will be priced at $99 & is available today.

Next up was another upgrade to the Echo line in what Amazon is calling the “Echo Plus”. The design mimics that of the original Echo while packing some extra hardware inside. The major update is it’ll house a Smart Home hub internally allowing it to serve as the center of your smart home (light bulbs, switches, etc) they’ll even ship out the Plus with a Philips Hue bulb for a limited time. Internally the speaker architecture has been improved alongside Dolby sound to provide a better listening experience. The Echo Plus will be priced at $150.


Next up is the Echo Spot which is designed to fit in between the Dot & Echo Show. Offering a small display on its cylindrical design it can be used as an alarm clock while still having Alexa built in & the ability to connect to a speaker system via bluetooth or wire.


Lastly Amazon offered an accessory for Echos. Echo Dot will come in at $20 a pair & serve as puck like buttons for certain Alexa-Powered games. A buzzer essentially. Outside of trivia games there’s no confirmation on what else the buttons will be capable of doing via Alexa.

Credit: TechCrunch


That said Amazon has released what looks like a very competitive lineup feature & price wise. Stacking up against other companies entering the space such as Apple & Google. Alexa is definitely the dominant smart speaker/assistant in the game right now & today’s release has showcased Amazon’s plan to integrate it in as many rooms/scenarios as possible. You can begin ordering the new Alexa line of products today! (aff)


Everything Announced At Apple’s iPhone 8 & X Event

Apple just wrapped up their highly anticipated September 12th event & here’s a look at everything officially announced.


Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple watch saw an upgrade in an all new LTE based model. Identical in its design & form factor the series 3 focuses on freedom from the phone with cellular/LTE. Allowing you to receive texts, calls, and stream music all from your watch without the need of your phone. This works via a new eSIM Apple has built into the watch. No word on the carrier plans & how that’ll work as of yet however the series 3 will start at $399 for LTE & $329 for the non-cellular model and works its way up from there depending on your model.


  • LTE/Cellular Chip
  • $329 Starting price point / $399 for LTE 
  • Available Sept 22nd

Apple TV 4K


The Apple TV set top box got it’s much needed 4K support driven by the A10x processor (same as the iPad Pro). This means the Apple TV can deliver much more powerful content including 4K content & improved gaming experience for TVOS apps. Outside of that the box & overall design remain the same. The 4K version of the Apple TV will come in at $179 for 32GB model & 64GB at $199.


  • 4K Content Support
  • 32 GB= $179 64 GB=$199

iPhone 8

The much anticipated release was that of the iPhone lineup & Apple kicked things off with the iPhone 8 line, the 8 & 8 Plus. The phones share a similar design to that of the iPhone 7 with the biggest change being the all glass body & steel frame. This design change makes way for one of the new features wireless charging (Qi supported) & also integrates some new internal hardware such as the new A11 Bionic chip. Overall performance across the board has seen big updates from graphics to processing power. Coming in a new brushed gold, space grey & silver finishes. Similar to the 7 the base 8 model will include a single 12 megapixel camera while the Plus will feature the dual camera system. Outside of the physical changes the hardware will also make way for the future of augmented reality & ARKit as Apple’s been pushing forward with this technology in several of their apps. Price wise the 8 will start at $699 & Plus comes in at $799 for base models.


  • Glass body w/steel frame
  • Wireless charging support
  • A11 Bionic Chip
  • $699 for iPhone 8 & $799 for iPhone 8 Plus base models

iPhone X

 Jumping in the naming scheme a bit Apple’s one more thing is what most would consider the pro iPhone. The X seeks to change the iPhone design fundamentally by integrating a 5.8 inch OLED screen experience that offers a full edge to edge display. Replacing the former home button with  gesture based swipes to navigate iOS & the all new Face ID feature to unlock your device. Face ID takes advantage of several cameras/sensors in order to detect your face & unlock your device. The X will also feature the new A11 bionic chip & house the dual camera system on the back at a vertical alignment versus the previous horizontal layout on the 7 Plus. In conjunction with the hardware software changes have been announced such as the ability to take portrait mode photos with your facetime camera & offering what are known as “Portrait Lighting” a beta feature which will allow for lighting effects to be used on your portrait mode photos. From a design perspective the iPhone X will come in the form factor of the traditional 7 or 8 size but have a screen equivalent to the Plus due to the edge to edge display. Coming in at the highest baseline we’ve seen for an iPhone at $999.


  • 5.8 inch OLED edge to edge display
  • No Touch ID replaced by Face ID (Facial recognition)
  • Glass body coming in Silver & Space Grey
  • A11 Bionic CPU
  • $999 baseline price (64 GB)


Software Features:

Outside the new hardware we some new software features integrated into the new iPhone 8 & X lineup some of which will surely make their way to iOS 11 overall.  These include features like

Face ID (Facial Recognition unlock for iPhone X)

Portrait Lighting Effects

The portrait mode will get a new beta features that allow for lighting effects to be adjusted prior to the photo.


More of a fun filled feature Apple is throwing in the iPhone X’s new camera in conjunction with the sensors & what not used for AR will also be used for animated emojis. Tracking your face & allowing you to adjust the expression of everyone’s favorite emoji to send via iMessage.



That about wraps up all the major announcements from Apple’s event! Mainly focused on that of the iPhone we now have a three tiered release for the next Apple smartphone. All coming down to your upgrade plan & what you are seeking most of your next iPhone. This all comes in conjunction with the upcoming release of new software from Apple later in the year such as iOS 11, TVOS, WatchOS & much more. What are your thoughts on the event? Stay tuned for more coverage & thoughts on everything announced today at the new Steve Jobs theater.






SPONSOR: Time Tracking for the Mac Made Easy

My thanks to the makers of TimingApp for sponsoring the network this week. Timing App for Mac makes time tracking simpler than ever while giving you all the advanced details of how you spend your time at your mac. Whether it’s analyzing your procrastination or seeing your productivity Timing lays it all out beautifully within its interface.

Timing will also be sponsoring an upcoming content campaign on “A Guide to Freelancing” so stay tuned for more content & why the importance of managing your time matters.

As someone who works, plays, and practically lives on my computer tracking how & what I do is important. Be it for seeing where I’m spending too much time not working (aka watching Youtube videos), getting a better idea of what apps I use the most, or just a general overview of my computer usage Timing makes that all possible. Timing App is a tracker for mac that simply runs in the background & tracks data from most used apps to time spent on them.


Time unlike most other resources is one we can’t make more of or get back. So understanding how we spend ours personally & professionally is important. Timing makes all of that easy to manage & displays it all in a sleek interface. Breaking it down in charts/graphs that really showcase how your using your mac day to day. Compare to older weeks, see your most active days, use it for freelance reporting & so on. Our lives consist of what we do day in & day out. Make yours easier to track & manage by using the Timing App. Automatic time tracking for mac made easy.

Grab it at a special 10% price for DigitalDojos readers by using our link below & get tracking today!

10% off Timing App Plans

Amazon Prime Day Deals are Officially Live

Today marks the official start of Amazon Prime Day. The event is a one day global shopping event for Amazon Prime members only. Featuring exclusive deals, spotlight items, and revolving hourly deals across the site.

Heading to Amazon now you can get a look at all the deals & for those who aren’t prime members you can easily sign up or use a trial to take advantage of all the sales. Deals range from technology devices to home goods. Here’s a look at just some of the great deals featured on Prime Day.


Note: All links are affiliate links DigitalDojos gains a small commission for every sale which goes towards helping improve the network as a whole.


Amazon Echo Dot ($35) Get started in the Alexa family of devices with the super affordable Echo Dot

Amazon Echo ($90) At 50% off if you want the full bodied Echo there’s no better time than now

Philips Hue Lightbulb White+Color ($40) The very popular smart bulb is off by $10 on this Prime deal however keep in mind you need an existing hub to use it. However if your expanding your system it’s a great savings.

Seagate Drives ($Varies) You can never have enough storage be it internal or external & seagate has all sorts of deals ongoing

Blue Yet USB Mic ($90) Still one of the best all around USB mics you can get if your into video or audio this is a no brainer

Gaming Deals ($Varies) From gaming desktops to accessories like headsets & VR goggles gamers can browse through the assortment of deals offered


There’s a ton of deals still live via Amazon so take advantage while the time lasts. Furthermore throughout the day more deals will pop up in a flash sale so be on the lookout. We’ll keep the site updated with any other deals that may look promising but for now happy Prime day shopping!



Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Resigns

As of Tuesday Travis Kalanick CEO of Uber has officially stepped down from the role amidst a lot of pressure over the last weeks that range from various sexual harassment claims to his mothers recent passing.  Kalanick co-founded Uber in 2009 building what is now the most recognizable ride sharing service.

According to sources early Tuesday morning five members of Uber’s board called for Kalanick’s resignation amidst all the turmoil. Citing that Uber as a company needs new leadership. Upon discussing further with other board members Kalanick agreed to step down as CEO but remain on the board of directors releasing the following statement.

“I love Uber more than anything in the world and at this difficult moment in my personal life I have accepted the investors’ request to step aside so that Uber can go back to building rather than be distracted with another fight”

Uber has been in the public eye following allegations of sexual harassment in the workplace to Kalanick’s own dispute with an Uber driver caught on tape & the most recent personal tragedy with his mothers passing. Not to mention a series of other ongoing lawsuits from the likes of Google to name but one.

Uber a company valued at about $70 billion has definitely had it shares of ups & down. The recent spotlight has certainly hurt the company’s overall image & that can be argued that it stems from the top. However with Kalanick resigning we can only see how new management/leadership plays out for the ride sharing business.

Sponsor: The Best Writing Tool Find’s Its Way to iOS (Scrivener)

My thanks to Literature & Latte the makers of great apps like Scrivener for sponsoring the content on DigitalDojos this week. It’s through our sponsors that we can support the work we produce here as an individual content network. Literature & Latte makes simply one of the best writing tools available in Scrivener & we’re proud to have them supporting DigitalDojos.


When it comes to writing a book, preparing your manuscript, or any important writing project Scrivener has been a name in the industry that resonates with so many. Allowing you to write the way you want to write. As they put it

Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.

The amazing app well known on the Mac & Windows however now takes its next big leap to the mobile device more specifically iOS. Now you can truly write anywhere be it on your iPhone or iPad simply get writing whenever inspiration strikes. All with the same ability to gather your research & organize your thoughts effectively. Write on the go, whenever an idea forms, or simply start a project on the phone & get back to it when your at home on the mac. I personally know how hard the team at Literature & Latte have been working on porting their amazing app to the small screen & they’ve done without cutting any corners. Expect a full overview this week on the mobile version of Scrivener & how you can take full advantage of all its features as both a standalone app & in collaboration with the desktop version. Write anywhere with Scrivener for iOS.

DigitalDojos 2017 Address

Hello World

Nearly 6 years ago I started DigitalDojos with a great group of colleagues I had met through the Youtube community. Duncan, Dan, Nuno, Josh & myself all came together to produce quality technology content for the masses. Focusing on not just the content but the community. While it has evolved over the years & eventually turned to a an indepdenent content network that mission has remained the same. However in recent months I have personally lacked in keeping the network live & for that I owe an apology to the community. I was working on several other projects & my focus for what I thought DigitalDojos should be veered. That said after some time away from producing content I wanted to come back to Dojos with a solid focus in mind with what I wanted the network to be.


Video Overview:


I’ve decided DigitalDojos will remain a purely technology content based networks versus expanding into other areas in order to provide more focused content.

Technology news, reviews, and tutorials. Focusing not just on what’s happening in the world of technology but why it matters. In a fast paced industry we tend to forget to answer the basic questions. I want our content to not just be for the enthusiasts & tech-saavy but the everyday consumer.

News- The important stories in tech-simplified. Answering not just the what but why behind tech topics.

Reviews- An honest & in-depth look at both hardware & software while answering the question of who such things are for, is it worth your hard earned cash, and the overall pros/cons.

Tutorials- Back to the basics of what got me started in the content creation space. DIY, How-To’s and various other guides across the world of technology.


Something I feel is important to address off the bat is the tone in which I’d like our content to adapt. As an independent network I write for my audience & DigitalDojos as a brand. That said we have 0 outside capital or partnerships which allows us to write as we please. I’d like our content to offer a direct tone to our readers. Where I feel it can be easy to get caught up in delivering content swiftly in exchange for views or what not I feel the intent is much more valuable. We want our readers to get not just get the information they need but understand why it matters all while maintaining a personal aspect to what we do. I don’t envision DigitalDojos to be the next multimedia mogul of a brand but I do want it to have its own voice. I don’t want our reports to be a simple statement of facts or information that can be gathered elsewhere rather an insight & discussion into the things changing around us.


As I begin to ramp up the content production I’d also like to explore areas within technology that I’ve always wanted to cover & bring to the DigitalDojos network. As with such a vast industry there is always more to cover & areas of interest that I know the community would like to see us delve into.

Gaming- Call it entertainment, stress relief, or what have you. Gaming is an increasingly growing category in the world of tech, from the E-Sports scene to the vast live streamers who provide hundreds of thousands content to watch. This is definitely an area I’d like to expand to from Livestreams, reviews and so on. You’ll now find a “Gaming” section on DigitalDojos where much of the content will live.

Podcasts- This is a medium of content that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Long form content in particular is something I want to expand into & I feel podcasts fit that format very well. This would range from various tech-topics & other areas so stay tuned for this future launch.

Deals/Promotions- Helping you save on hardware/software alike through deals that we can highlight that benefit both you the consumer as well as our end. Getting the best price without compromising on quality. While it may be easy nowadays to find cheaper prices in terms of value it doesn’t always focus on the overall worth of the product at hand. A deal is a deal by all means but we believe it should be for something worth while.

Youtube- I have always had soft spot for Youtube as its quite literally responsible for where I’m at today. I started back on the site in 06 & became a partner early following the Google acquisition. The landscape of the site has changed & some obstacles along the way forced me to move my audience outside the platform. Growth has halted over the years not to mention the last 6 months of my absence. Youtube is a game of not just quality but more importantly consistency. It will continue to be a platform that I share my videos on as long as its around & I want to invest the resources to really scale the channel. So if your not already be sure to subscribe to our channel for new videos as they go live. Additionally we’ll be experimenting w/platforms such as their live streaming service & so on.

Community Involvement:

Another big aspect I want to focus on with DigitalDojos going forward is building up the community. Not necessarily in the sheer numbers of readers, subscribers and so on but the value we can give to you as well as your involvement in building the network. Community feedback & participation has always been an important aspect of my growth on the internet & something I want to bring back the focus to. Q&A sessions, better commenting/feedback systems, having the audience help vote up & suggest future content. All of these things are aspects I’d like to make easier & increase on the site.

Business End:

DigitalDojos has & will continue to be an independently owned & operated network. That said we strive to find more unique & better forms of revenue streams that don’t just help our bottom end but also benefit the audience. We don’t want the site littered in advertisements or promoted posts thus we have limited our main advertising spots to be exclusive. Banners, posts and so on will run independent of each other as to not overload your experience on the site. In the last couple years we’ve made the decision to remove adsense from the site completely & as long as we can continue to have sponsors/support we’ll keep that up.

Our revenue sources break down to the following:

-Sponsored Campaigns (Promoted blog post, videos, banners)

-Adsense via our channel

-Affiliate Links

Thus we’d like to try to maintain said streams while also expanding & scaling new ones. We believe in transparent advertising & that the content should fall in line directly with the advertisers we feature. Never will we promote products/services we don’t believe in or stand behind.  While our aim is to continue to make great content we’d also like to maintain a great business in the process. Allowing us to expand the site, improve equipment, assist in hiring more writers & staff to scale the overall experience.

The majority of our content has & will continue to be 100% free to our audience however this year I’d like to dabble in the space of paid offerings/products whether it be courses, digital product, and so on. This will unfold as time goes on but DigitalDojos will always strive to prioritize content & our community first.



As they say  you can’t score if you don’t have a goal & for that very reason I want to publicly state my personal goals for the Dojos network going forward. If anything these will serve as the guidelines as to what I work towards creating for myself & the community.

  • 100K Youtube Subscribers
  • 50%+ engagement across Youtube Video comments, blog, etc
  • 50K+ RSS/Newsletter Subscribers
  • 1 established podcast show (consistent of 70+ episodes)
  • Doubling our site visits & revenue
  • 10+ new sponsors



As someone whose been in the content creation space for over a decade I’ve seen the landscape of the field change & grow. I’ve succeeded in adapting in some areas & failed in others. I’ve had all the ambition in the world & at some points none. However the passion & desire to deliver not just great content on my end creatively but for the masses as well. DigitalDojos begun as a passion project & I want to take that to the next level & pour the appropriate amount of resources & time into it. This is not a journey that can be achieved alone as it requires the help & support of my audience as well as others. I look forward to collaborating with others in my field as well as bringing on new members to the team to help scale & provide the best content we can for our community. It’s been a very fast paced year with many changes for me personally however I’m excited & focused in my return to bring this network to the level it deserves.

I’m excited for whats to come for the network, community, and future of my work/career. To new & better beginnings.

The Best Writing App Scrivener Makes it’s way to iOS (Sponsor)

  My thanks to the folks at Literature & Latte makers of Scrivener & Scapple for sponsoring DigitalDojos for the month of August & September. Making all the content possible & free for our audience. Check out the latest version of Scrivener for iOS here.

 The Journey to iOS

Scrivener has long been a favorite & essential writing tool for me be it for personal projects or long form writing for work & miscellaneous projects. The team at Literature & Latte has been hard at work for as long as I can remember looking to bring Scrivener to iOS. Not that long ago they announced that they’d personally be heading up the development project. Months later all that hard work came to fruition & the iOS version came out officially in late July. I personally have been in touch with the team & have seen their journey over the years from their great desktop apps & the recent release of their iOS app. They deserve every bit of praise they’ve got thus far & I’m honored to have them as a sponsor of DigitalDojos. This release means Scrivener is available nearly everywhere in the Apple ecosystem. Start a project on your mac, touch it up later on the iPad, or add on certain notes on the go with your iPhone. Writing apps shouldn’t cause friction rather they should give the ability to simply write & have additional features there as needed, Scrivener provides just that.


What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is for writers of every type be it authors, bloggers, storyboards, scripts, what have you. The iPhone & iPad version capture all those great features & bring to your mobile devices in a straightforward UI packed with tons of features.


-Built in research section

-Import multiple file types & export such as PDF, Word, Plain Text

-Sync across devices Mac/Windows, iPad, iPhone, & utilize Dropbox Sync

-Full rich text editing

Just to name a few. All of course packaged in user interface that makes Scrivener an essential tool. Allowing you to create, research, and organize all in one app experience. Whether it was using it on the bigger iPad screen or spur of the moment write ups on the iPhone Scrivener makes the experience seamless. The best thing about an app like Scrivener is there is no wrong way to use it. Utilize it’s great array of features or simply just use to it to focus on writing & research for your project.

Video Overview:

Take a look at my full overview on the all new Scrivener for iOS!

(Currently processing)


Trust me if you do any sort of writing & need the tool to make that process seamless & efficient as possible check out Scrivener for your iOS devices today!



Spotify Upgrades Family Plan (6 Users for $15)

Spotify has announced today that they’ll be upgrading their Family Plan for all users (excluding Canada) to a new $15 a month plan for up to 6 users. This matches their competitor Apple Music’s promising Family Plan. Saving users significantly over the months.

As a Spotify Family Plan member myself I was previously paying $25 USD a month for 5 users plus myself. Now I save around $120 a year for the same plan. The Family Plan includes separate accounts for users to use so that you can have your own playlists, saved songs, and so on. While access to over millions of songs in Spotify’s library.

In a very competitive music streaming space pricing & exclusivity seem to be the big factors in users choice. Now with Spotify matching Apple’s family plan it could incentivize more users to either switch, stay, or upgrade their account on the platform.

You can read the official announcement on Spotify’s blog here & sign up for the Family Plan here

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