DigitalDojos will be hosting a live stream with our opinions on the Apple October 23rd “iPad Mini” rumored event. The event starts at 10AM PST at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco.   Apple however has announced the keynote this time will be live streamed via their site to iOS devices etc. Check out […]

If your like me and work from home then sitting is probably what you do for a majority of the day be it coding, blogging , and or video editing most of that work is done in a chair at your desk. Recently I’ve made it a goal to switch over to a standing desk […]

Choosing the Right Mobile Plan In as much as prepaid loading is the economical preference of some, others would adhere to phone plans given that they spend a lot more time sending SMS and making calls. Mobile plans are created to deliver optimized call connections by giving lower SMS and call rates to the users […]

If you’ve read any news lately a ton of people have been talking about the SOPA & PIPA bill being talk about in senate. Basically put if passed it would be one of the biggest censorship acts ever passed. Its primary goal is to prevent piracy though it puts much power in the hands of […]

You have probably noticed that lately I haven’t been doing many posts and this is because I was diagnosed with bone cancer and have been in and out of hospital, because of this I have made the decision to leave DigitalDojos indefinitely. I have a bone tumor in my right leg in the tibia, I have started […]

This Sunday many people arrived at the Stanford University Memorial Church for a private service commemorating Apple’s co-founder and Technology Hero Steve Jobs. Many of the guests, wearing black were firstly greeted by intense security guards amid fears of a protest by Westboro Baptist Church. The memorial comes a little more than a week after a small […]