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Author: Adrianc

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 7 Simplified

Today Apple unveiled¬†the iPhone 7 to the world. Bringing all new hardware to a form factor we’re all to familiar with. Here’s what you need to know about it.   Whats New? To break it down simply: Faster It incorporates an all new A10 fusion chip which means its twice as fast as the previous iPhone 6S plus. Equaling improved performance across the board. Color Schemes The iPhone 7 introduces two skews of black. Jet black as its called is the glossy new finish while black is essentially a matte look. Better Camera’s The iPhone 7 will feature a...

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Review: S7 Edge Walnut Burl Carved Case

Cases come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. You can go for form, function. or some balance of both. Carved comes in at a unique point for cases. Offering an all natural wood made case for a line of devices. I had the opportunity to review the Samsung S7 Edge version in Walnut Burl & can’t say I was disappointed. ¬†Let me preference this by stating I have always been a fan of the wood aesthetic so this case just stood out to me from the beginning. Video Review: The idea behind Carved cases is simple protection...

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Quick List of Things to Expect & Hope for at WWDC 2016

It’s about an hour till Apple’s yearly World Wide Developer Conference kicks off & here’s a quick rundown of what we can expect & possibly hope for at this years event. Amidst all the sales figures & other achievements of Apple over the last year let’s focus on what we can expect from the two major categories Software & Hardware. Software: As the focus of said event is for developers we’re likely to see an update across all of Apple’s software OS lineup. In order to prepare developers for whats to come & what we as consumers can look...

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Gawker Files for Bankruptcy following the Hulk Hogan Case

The tech-sector has been buzzing lately over the controversial support of Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel in his funding support of Hulk Hogan’s case towards Gawker. While Gawker in itself is no stranger to controversial content the leak of the Hogan sex tape may have been their last time crossing the line. As a result of the Hogan case Gawker was fined $140 million. As a result of the legal fees & court decision Gawker has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sources have all stated that the current #1 bidder is Ziff Davis with a bid around $100...

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Spotify Upgrades Family Plan (6 Users for $15)

Spotify has announced today that they’ll be upgrading their Family Plan for all users (excluding Canada) to a new $15 a month plan for up to 6 users. This matches their competitor Apple Music’s promising Family Plan. Saving users significantly over the months. As a Spotify Family Plan member myself I was previously paying $25 USD a month for 5 users plus myself. Now I save around $120 a year for the same plan. The Family Plan includes separate accounts for users to use so that you can have your own playlists, saved songs, and so on. While access...

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