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Author: Adrianc

Review: AnyTrans (All-in-One iOS Content Manager)

Video Review:   AnyTrans by iMobie is an all-in-one content manager for your iOS devices be it iPhone, iPods, or an iPad. Allowing you full control over your device & the ability to manage the media from the device to your computer and or vice versa. This is useful in a variety of situations from backing up data, importing content, and or bypassing traditional iTunes sync methods. The app handles all sorts of media from photos, video, contacts and more. Simply plug in the device & get a visual representation of the device & everything on it. Features: AnyTrans...

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The Power of the Suit

A big part of the sites revision is the expansion into new categories one of the many new ones being¬†menswear and fashion. Suits are a big part of who I am & how I carry myself in the world. I’ve always admired a well cut suit & the way an individual carries it. So I’m excited to share my own perspective on this space in fashion & advice & lessons I’ve learned along the way. When I was youngerI remember I used to think of suits as office job attire or for only formal events. Never seeing past their...

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Snapchat “Discover” Overview

Video:   Snapchat recently released their all new “Discover” mode in the last update. This is both a monetization platform for the network as well as a dive into the news business. Discover is a way for users of Snapchat to discover ongoing news topics from various networks including CNN, People Magazine, MTV, and more in a very Snapchat-esque format. Simply swipe right to your stories page to find the new discover button in the top right of the app. This then opens bubbles corresponding to all the networks available as of launch. Once in the discover mode you...

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Mobee Magic Feet Charging Station

Video Review: (Originally filmed in December 2012 this review has been revised for my experience with the product up to this point) Product Rating- 8.5/10 Retail Price- $150 USD (Click Here to Purchase Mobee Magic Feet) Mobee’s Magic Feet is a charging solution for your magic mouse, trackpad, and Apple wireless keyboard. The charging station uses specially designed rechargeable batteries in line with inductive based charging that can be wirelessly charge input devices on the docking station.¬†Coupled with its sleek aluminum design the charging station nestles well on your desk or on your iMac base station. The advantage being...

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