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Yahoo $4.48 billion Sale to Verizon Approved

Yahoo & it’s shareholders have officially approved the sale to Verizon that will be set to close on Tuesday. The deal closes at $4.48 billion for the company that has seen a struggling past. Yahoo alongside AOL (two names that yes still exist) will be combining under Verizon in a new company called “Oath”.

Alongside the transition Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyer will be stepping down & Verizon will be issuing a 15% employee cut. Given Yahoo’s recent password hack the original asking price was lowered by $350 million. In the event of said sale Yahoo’s stock has gone up by a little over 9%. Verizon has stated this acquisition & merger of both companies is a combined scale effort. Looking to increase growth leveraging both Yahoo & AOL’s user. Oath is set to act as a B2B branding company. In much simpler terms it’s a unified brand for Verzion to pitch out to investors & the public while keeping Verizon it’s own separate entity. A marketing ploy.

Two unlikely names combining under another time can only tell how Oath will benefit the future of Verizon.



Sponsor: The Best Writing Tool Find’s Its Way to iOS (Scrivener)

My thanks to Literature & Latte the makers of great apps like Scrivener for sponsoring the content on DigitalDojos this week. It’s through our sponsors that we can support the work we produce here as an individual content network. Literature & Latte makes simply one of the best writing tools available in Scrivener & we’re proud to have them supporting DigitalDojos.


When it comes to writing a book, preparing your manuscript, or any important writing project Scrivener has been a name in the industry that resonates with so many. Allowing you to write the way you want to write. As they put it

Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.

The amazing app well known on the Mac & Windows however now takes its next big leap to the mobile device more specifically iOS. Now you can truly write anywhere be it on your iPhone or iPad simply get writing whenever inspiration strikes. All with the same ability to gather your research & organize your thoughts effectively. Write on the go, whenever an idea forms, or simply start a project on the phone & get back to it when your at home on the mac. I personally know how hard the team at Literature & Latte have been working on porting their amazing app to the small screen & they’ve done without cutting any corners. Expect a full overview this week on the mobile version of Scrivener & how you can take full advantage of all its features as both a standalone app & in collaboration with the desktop version. Write anywhere with Scrivener for iOS.

Apple’s WWDC 2017 Overview

Apple hosted their annual World Wide Developers Conference for 2017. Here’s a run down of the major announcements & product releases. Skipping the traditional Apple sales numbers & figures Tim Cook simply opened with the statement that Apple is doing great.

Video Overview


Broken into 6 parts WWDC focused on

  • tvOS
  • WatchOS
  • Mac Lineup
  • iOS 11
  • iPad Pro
  • HomePod



Apple first announcment focused on the recently overhauled Apple TV OS. Not much was highlighted about the OS other than to confirm rumors that Amazon Video will be coming to Apple TV. This means Prime members can now stream Amazon Video content on their Apple TV devices. We’re sure to see the Amazon App hit the TV App-Store soon.


Coming off the release of the Apple Watch 2 the company seeks to bring some software updates to improve the overall OS performance as well as bring some new customization to the watch. watchOS 4 will be bringing features like new watch faces, improved activity goals, improved music controls & some behind the scenes improvement.


A look at some of the new watch faces featuring the all day siri assistant face or the interactive Toy Story faces.







Minor touch ups here for an already highly improved OS.



This time around for the Mac rather than an all new OS we got another revision of what we’re currently on with Sierra. Dubbing the new OS update “High Sierra” yup you read that right. High Sierra will focus on updates to the core technology of the OS. These updates however are not to be dismissed as they make big leaps towards modernizing the OS as a whole.

Three main areas that High Sierra will aim to focus on:

File System- Ditching the HFS file system MacOS finally makes the leap to APFS (Apple File System) the same filing system that is used on iOS. This means all your documents, photos, and so on are now organized in a system that is not only safer but faster in it’s overall performance whether it’s duplicating files or  transferring them across the drive.

Video- Adopting the new HEVC standard for video MacOS will support H.265 files which is up to 40% better compression for video & supports the raising standard of 4K video. Allowing to stream & handle 4K playback much more seamlessly on the mac.

Graphics- On that same token graphics is another big area High Sierra seeks to improve upon. Metal 2 will bring much needed improvements to the GPU in macs & allow for overall better performance be it gaming, video editing, and so on. The same platform will allow for a better VR experiences on the mac. Yup that’s right VR on the mac. Metal VR will allow developers to creative VR experiences on the mac & work effectively with new headsets as well as pro grade apps on the mac such as final cut.

Outside of these core improvements several apps throughout macOS will also receive some updates & new features. Safari is a notable one that’ll be getting features such as Auto-Play video blocking & intelligent tracking prevention when it comes to your browsing habits. Other apps such as Photos & Mail will also get some new features such as editing tools & improved full screen support. You can read more about the updates to apps here on the official page.

Dev Beta is available today while Open beta will be released in July.

Mac Lineup

The entire mac lineup received updates to the hardware all mainly surrounding Intels latest Kaby Lake chipset.


Macbook – The standard macbook received the latest Intel chipset alongside getting a bump to the 1.4 Ghz i7 model (Turbo boost up to 3.6 Ghz) & available up to 16GB of RAM.

Macbook Pro- Processors upgrades from 3.5 to 4.1 Ghz depending on the 13 or 15 inch model.

Macbook Air- Upgrade to the 1.8 Ghz Intel Kaby Lake chip.

Intel Iris Plus graphics 640 are now the based config for the 13-inch Macbook Pro with the higher 650 upgrade available. Price point wise the 12-Macbook has a new entry level price of $1,299.

iMac- A refresh of the iMac brought all new GPUs to the base 21.5 & 27 inch model housing either the Intel Plus Graphics 640 or Radeon Pro 550 or 560 for the 21.5 inch model which is the first time we’ve seen discrete graphics offered to said model. The 27 inch will have three options for GPUs in the Radeon Pro 570, 575, or 580 at 8GB of VRAM.

The main idea here is that said iMacs be it the 21.5 or 27 inch model can handle VR now making it more appealing for developers or simply gaming through the all-in-one desktop.

The bigger announcement comes around the next generation of iMac. Apple’s iMac Pro is an answer for the prosumers while still housing it in the famous all-in-one shell. The iMac Pro features such specs:

  • Processors that can support up to 22 teralops (8, 10, and 18 core Xeons)
  • Memory up to 128 gigs
  • 4 TB of Storage
  • Improved thermal cooling system

Oh & a truly sleek space grey color scheme to pull it all together


As for external ports Apple has added additional ports for expansion via their recently adopted USB C ports. Notice that all the ports axed from either the latest iPhone or Macbook Pro are still located on the latest iMac.

The iMac Pro will start at steeper price point of $5,000 & won’t be available until December. Now this is definitely a machine more geared towards the professional grade consumer in mind. In a way its a response to show Apple still does acknowledge the market while also ignoring their lack of support the Mac Pro. Housed in an all-in-one body & behind a 5K retina display however you can’t help but be marveled at the iMac Pro.


iOS 11

Apple then moved on to focus on the mobile line of devices & the latest iOS 11 update set to come later this year. In all honesty not much to highlight here other than a couple features most of which will be brought over to the iPad Pro.

Notable updates include:

  • Apple Pay brought to iMessage (Venmo for iMessage essentially)
  • LivePhotos recieved Loop, Bounce, and long exposure updates to create more interactive photos
  • New Photo Filters
  • Brand new App-Store app
  • Improved iMessage App-Drawer
  • Siri updates including beta translation software
  • AirPlay2 now provides multi-room audio streaming (Think Sonos for your iOS based devices)
  • Improved Control Center UI


The other major updates were iPad Pro focused. Bringing for the first time a cross between iOS & macOS for the latest iPad Pro.

AppDock- Think a mac dock for your iPad that can now be brought up in the OS to quickly access functions & most used apps.


Improved Drag/Drop Gesture Support – You can now in combination with the splitscreen view easily drag & drop text, images, and files from one app to another.

Improved Markup for PDFs via Apple Pencil & within notes

ARKit – This will bring augmented reality kit to iOS & more particularly the iPad Pro to interact with digital objects in a real life setting. The technology demo’d looked promising & ran well on the iPad Pro.

The improvements while subtle on the iPhone end do bring some promising additions to the iPad line. Bridging the gap between mac & iOS.

iPad Pro

On the topic of the iPad Pro it did receive it’s own update. Coming in now at at a 10.5 inch model while still weighing at a unbelievable 1lb. The biggest & maybe underplayed update comes in it’s new display that is better & bigger in every aspect. Leaving more room for the content to shine with the slimmer bezels. Under the hood however the iPad Pro receives a 120 hz refresh rate versus the previous 60 hz.

The iPad Pro continues to pave the way for a portable device that more some users can entirely replace their mac. Paired with iOS 11’s new feature set the iPad pro is faster & better then ever.



In the final announcement Apple introduced their highly anticipated smart speaker the HomePod. While I’m personally not a huge fan of the name think of it as Siri meets wireless speaker. Competing with the existing market of Amazon Alexa & Google’s Home. Taking it a step further the HomePod aims to rival sound systems such as Sonos with the ability to pair multiple speakers for a multi-room experience.

The HomePod focuses on quality audio with it’s seven tweeter system to produce sound at every angle. Paired with technology that Apple claims will detect the environment in order to project the appropriate sound given the speakers location. Of course the other end of the device is the smart assistant built into it. Trigger the phrase “Hey Siri” will allow you to ask Siri almost anything from sports scores to setting a timer or of course streaming music through Apple Music. The big kicker is its price point at $350. Comparing it to the base models of Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, or even the Sonos Play 1 this is definitely coming it at a more premium price. Pairing this with multiple HomePods in a household will allow for multi-room audio streaming similar to that of Sonos. This is a new area for Apple & one that they’ve been eyeing for quite some time so we’ll see how it plays out in the smart home space. The device will integrate tightly with HomeKit in order to communicate with smart devices be it lights, doors or a security system.



In all we saw Apple really cover a lot of ground with the conference. Quickly going over micro updates to tv & watchOS & moving into the heavier hitting upgrades such as the iMac Pro & so on. If anything this event showcased Apple pushing the envelope forward for a lot of their technology be it on the software or hardware end. Moving into spaces such as AR & VR showcased Apple’s willingness to dive into what some may consider gimmicky or a trend in tech. Apple doesn’t normally tackle things first rather they try to do it best. The HomePod will have to offer up some better integration & features to stand out against its lower priced competition & time will only tell. The iMac Pro’s announcement paves way for the prosumer space & if anything showcases Apple hasn’t entirely forgotten about that market that once made up a big share of its customers. Featuring a great combination of hardware & software in a way only Apple can do. Are you looking at the typical Apple tax with such hardware? Without a doubt but it’s no question your getting a quality machine that in this case doesn’t pack too many compromises compared to that of the controversial Macbook Pro update. Apple is taking their dominance and pushing it forward in software & hardware while I like the direction their going I still feel there’s more room to improve, a lot more.. iOS 11 for example felt more of a version update of iOS 10 rather than an entirely new OS. iPad Pro users see some great features however it still leaves the OS in many aspects exactly the same. Not too many risks or groundbreaking improvements.

While some will appreciate such updates across the line there still leaves a lot of questions for what Apple has lined up in other areas such as the phone & other lines such as the Mac Pro. Share your thoughts & opinions down below in the comments!




Whats on my iPhone (May 2017 Edition)

It’s been awhile since I’ve taken into account all the apps I use on a day to day basis be it for work,  killing time on my commute, or to get that 3 AM meal I’m craving after getting back from a night out. Thus I wanted to bring back the What’s on my iPhone series & try to keep you all up to date from time to time on the latest & in my opinion best apps I’m currently using. As time goes on of course these change slightly however I’m always open to new suggestions & better alternatives so if you see or know any better solutions drop them in the comments!

App List:


  • Yelp
  • Cavia
  • UberEats
  • PostMates


  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Skype
  • Messenger
  • Facebook
  • Tumblr
  • Discord
  • Viber


  • Apple Pay/Wallet
  • NavyFederal
  • Venmo
  • Chase
  • CapitalOne
  • PayPal
  • TrueBill
  • Robinhood
  • CreditKarma

Smart Home

  • Kasa
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Ring
  • Philipps Hue
  • OnSwitch
  • Harmony App
  • Apple TV Remote


  • Lyft
  • Uber
  • CalTrain
  • Bart


  • PrimeNow
  • Overcast
  • Audible
  • Reddit
  • LastPass
  • Youtube
  • Wunderlist
  • Sonos
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • AirBnb
  • GOAT
  • Bumble…. Tinder
  • Kayak
  • Soundcloud
  • Funnel
  • Kami 2
  • United
  • Adidas Confirmed
  • Groupon
  • Google Maps
  • Charades
  • Rinse
  • Google Voice
  • Asana
  • VSCO
  • Google Drive
  • Eero



DigitalDojos 2017 Address

Hello World

Nearly 6 years ago I started DigitalDojos with a great group of colleagues I had met through the Youtube community. Duncan, Dan, Nuno, Josh & myself all came together to produce quality technology content for the masses. Focusing on not just the content but the community. While it has evolved over the years & eventually turned to a an indepdenent content network that mission has remained the same. However in recent months I have personally lacked in keeping the network live & for that I owe an apology to the community. I was working on several other projects & my focus for what I thought DigitalDojos should be veered. That said after some time away from producing content I wanted to come back to Dojos with a solid focus in mind with what I wanted the network to be.


Video Overview:


I’ve decided DigitalDojos will remain a purely technology content based networks versus expanding into other areas in order to provide more focused content.

Technology news, reviews, and tutorials. Focusing not just on what’s happening in the world of technology but why it matters. In a fast paced industry we tend to forget to answer the basic questions. I want our content to not just be for the enthusiasts & tech-saavy but the everyday consumer.

News- The important stories in tech-simplified. Answering not just the what but why behind tech topics.

Reviews- An honest & in-depth look at both hardware & software while answering the question of who such things are for, is it worth your hard earned cash, and the overall pros/cons.

Tutorials- Back to the basics of what got me started in the content creation space. DIY, How-To’s and various other guides across the world of technology.


Something I feel is important to address off the bat is the tone in which I’d like our content to adapt. As an independent network I write for my audience & DigitalDojos as a brand. That said we have 0 outside capital or partnerships which allows us to write as we please. I’d like our content to offer a direct tone to our readers. Where I feel it can be easy to get caught up in delivering content swiftly in exchange for views or what not I feel the intent is much more valuable. We want our readers to get not just get the information they need but understand why it matters all while maintaining a personal aspect to what we do. I don’t envision DigitalDojos to be the next multimedia mogul of a brand but I do want it to have its own voice. I don’t want our reports to be a simple statement of facts or information that can be gathered elsewhere rather an insight & discussion into the things changing around us.


As I begin to ramp up the content production I’d also like to explore areas within technology that I’ve always wanted to cover & bring to the DigitalDojos network. As with such a vast industry there is always more to cover & areas of interest that I know the community would like to see us delve into.

Gaming- Call it entertainment, stress relief, or what have you. Gaming is an increasingly growing category in the world of tech, from the E-Sports scene to the vast live streamers who provide hundreds of thousands content to watch. This is definitely an area I’d like to expand to from Livestreams, reviews and so on. You’ll now find a “Gaming” section on DigitalDojos where much of the content will live.

Podcasts- This is a medium of content that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Long form content in particular is something I want to expand into & I feel podcasts fit that format very well. This would range from various tech-topics & other areas so stay tuned for this future launch.

Deals/Promotions- Helping you save on hardware/software alike through deals that we can highlight that benefit both you the consumer as well as our end. Getting the best price without compromising on quality. While it may be easy nowadays to find cheaper prices in terms of value it doesn’t always focus on the overall worth of the product at hand. A deal is a deal by all means but we believe it should be for something worth while.

Youtube- I have always had soft spot for Youtube as its quite literally responsible for where I’m at today. I started back on the site in 06 & became a partner early following the Google acquisition. The landscape of the site has changed & some obstacles along the way forced me to move my audience outside the platform. Growth has halted over the years not to mention the last 6 months of my absence. Youtube is a game of not just quality but more importantly consistency. It will continue to be a platform that I share my videos on as long as its around & I want to invest the resources to really scale the channel. So if your not already be sure to subscribe to our channel for new videos as they go live. Additionally we’ll be experimenting w/platforms such as their live streaming service & so on.

Community Involvement:

Another big aspect I want to focus on with DigitalDojos going forward is building up the community. Not necessarily in the sheer numbers of readers, subscribers and so on but the value we can give to you as well as your involvement in building the network. Community feedback & participation has always been an important aspect of my growth on the internet & something I want to bring back the focus to. Q&A sessions, better commenting/feedback systems, having the audience help vote up & suggest future content. All of these things are aspects I’d like to make easier & increase on the site.

Business End:

DigitalDojos has & will continue to be an independently owned & operated network. That said we strive to find more unique & better forms of revenue streams that don’t just help our bottom end but also benefit the audience. We don’t want the site littered in advertisements or promoted posts thus we have limited our main advertising spots to be exclusive. Banners, posts and so on will run independent of each other as to not overload your experience on the site. In the last couple years we’ve made the decision to remove adsense from the site completely & as long as we can continue to have sponsors/support we’ll keep that up.

Our revenue sources break down to the following:

-Sponsored Campaigns (Promoted blog post, videos, banners)

-Adsense via our channel

-Affiliate Links

Thus we’d like to try to maintain said streams while also expanding & scaling new ones. We believe in transparent advertising & that the content should fall in line directly with the advertisers we feature. Never will we promote products/services we don’t believe in or stand behind.  While our aim is to continue to make great content we’d also like to maintain a great business in the process. Allowing us to expand the site, improve equipment, assist in hiring more writers & staff to scale the overall experience.

The majority of our content has & will continue to be 100% free to our audience however this year I’d like to dabble in the space of paid offerings/products whether it be courses, digital product, and so on. This will unfold as time goes on but DigitalDojos will always strive to prioritize content & our community first.



As they say  you can’t score if you don’t have a goal & for that very reason I want to publicly state my personal goals for the Dojos network going forward. If anything these will serve as the guidelines as to what I work towards creating for myself & the community.

  • 100K Youtube Subscribers
  • 50%+ engagement across Youtube Video comments, blog, etc
  • 50K+ RSS/Newsletter Subscribers
  • 1 established podcast show (consistent of 70+ episodes)
  • Doubling our site visits & revenue
  • 10+ new sponsors



As someone whose been in the content creation space for over a decade I’ve seen the landscape of the field change & grow. I’ve succeeded in adapting in some areas & failed in others. I’ve had all the ambition in the world & at some points none. However the passion & desire to deliver not just great content on my end creatively but for the masses as well. DigitalDojos begun as a passion project & I want to take that to the next level & pour the appropriate amount of resources & time into it. This is not a journey that can be achieved alone as it requires the help & support of my audience as well as others. I look forward to collaborating with others in my field as well as bringing on new members to the team to help scale & provide the best content we can for our community. It’s been a very fast paced year with many changes for me personally however I’m excited & focused in my return to bring this network to the level it deserves.

I’m excited for whats to come for the network, community, and future of my work/career. To new & better beginnings.

The Best Writing App Scrivener Makes it’s way to iOS (Sponsor)

  My thanks to the folks at Literature & Latte makers of Scrivener & Scapple for sponsoring DigitalDojos for the month of August & September. Making all the content possible & free for our audience. Check out the latest version of Scrivener for iOS here.

 The Journey to iOS

Scrivener has long been a favorite & essential writing tool for me be it for personal projects or long form writing for work & miscellaneous projects. The team at Literature & Latte has been hard at work for as long as I can remember looking to bring Scrivener to iOS. Not that long ago they announced that they’d personally be heading up the development project. Months later all that hard work came to fruition & the iOS version came out officially in late July. I personally have been in touch with the team & have seen their journey over the years from their great desktop apps & the recent release of their iOS app. They deserve every bit of praise they’ve got thus far & I’m honored to have them as a sponsor of DigitalDojos. This release means Scrivener is available nearly everywhere in the Apple ecosystem. Start a project on your mac, touch it up later on the iPad, or add on certain notes on the go with your iPhone. Writing apps shouldn’t cause friction rather they should give the ability to simply write & have additional features there as needed, Scrivener provides just that.


What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is for writers of every type be it authors, bloggers, storyboards, scripts, what have you. The iPhone & iPad version capture all those great features & bring to your mobile devices in a straightforward UI packed with tons of features.


-Built in research section

-Import multiple file types & export such as PDF, Word, Plain Text

-Sync across devices Mac/Windows, iPad, iPhone, & utilize Dropbox Sync

-Full rich text editing

Just to name a few. All of course packaged in user interface that makes Scrivener an essential tool. Allowing you to create, research, and organize all in one app experience. Whether it was using it on the bigger iPad screen or spur of the moment write ups on the iPhone Scrivener makes the experience seamless. The best thing about an app like Scrivener is there is no wrong way to use it. Utilize it’s great array of features or simply just use to it to focus on writing & research for your project.

Video Overview:

Take a look at my full overview on the all new Scrivener for iOS!

(Currently processing)


Trust me if you do any sort of writing & need the tool to make that process seamless & efficient as possible check out Scrivener for your iOS devices today!



Everything you need to know about the iPhone 7 Simplified

Today Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 to the world. Bringing all new hardware to a form factor we’re all to familiar with. Here’s what you need to know about it.


Whats New?

To break it down simply:


It incorporates an all new A10 fusion chip which means its twice as fast as the previous iPhone 6S plus. Equaling improved performance across the board.

Color Schemes

The iPhone 7 introduces two skews of black. Jet black as its called is the glossy new finish while black is essentially a matte look.


Better Camera’s

The iPhone 7 will feature a 12 megapixel camera, optic image stabilization, and an improved flash for all your photos. Offering some of the highest quality shots & video. Improving in areas such as low-light shots & overall quality this is the best camera the iPhone has ever sported. Now if your interested in the iPhone 7 Plus that’ll feature not one but two cameras. A dual system where one camera will focus on telephoto shots & the other wide angle shots.  In theory offering you an actual zoom functionality through the multiple cameras. Additionally the front facing camera got some love this time around being upgraded to 7 megapixels.

New Home Button (or lack thereof)

The new home button isn’t actually a button rather a pressure sensitive pad for your touch-ID unlocks, tap to home screen, and so on. It’ll determine the force at which you press it & react as such. Offering haptic feedback so you feel a vibration or click to confirm the press. Similar to whats offered across Apple’s macbook lineup.

No more headphone jack

So the most controversial update was the removal of the standard 3.5 mm jack. This means all audio will now run through the digital lightning port. EarPods have been converted to fit the lightning connector & the phone will ship with an adapter if you choose to still use analogue headphones. This is in an effort to phase out the old connector in hopes for improved digital ones which equal better quality but not the most convenience this early on.

IP57 Resistant

Basically this means its dust & water resistant to a certain standard. So next time you drop your iPhone 7 in a puddle, toilet, or what have you. It’s more likely to withstand such a mishap due to the way its sealed.

Improved Retina Display

While the physical display size is the same the technology behind it has been improved. The display is now 25% more brighter & due to the wider color gamut will display more vivid/accurate reparation of colors.

Stereo Sound

There will now be speakers on top & bottom of the phone to produce a more richer & immersive sound when your gaming on the device or just listening to music out loud.

Now onto some other practical questions you’d want to know about the all new phone from Apple.

How much does it cost?

The iPhone 7 starts baseline (32GB) at $649 while the Plus model will run you $749 this varies on your country & method of payment of course. For example Apple offers their own iPhone program where you can finance it at as little as $32 a month.

When is it available?

Pre-orders begin September 9th (12:01 AM) & will begin release on September 16th.

Hows the battery life?

Despite all the upgrades Apple is claiming battery life has actually improved. Getting 2 more hours of usage then last years 6S in the 7 & an extra hour in the plus models.


What are the dimensions?

In terms of size & shape your really getting about the same form factor as the previous models.



Should you upgrade?

This is a more situational question however let me put it this way. The phone itself is faster & for the most part the same form factor as the previous 6/6S phones. If you really want to see the difference outside of speed the phone to go for will be the iPhone 7 Plus as it features the new dual camera system which I think is something most people look for in a new phone given how often we use them as our main cameras nowadays. That said if your on a 6S or 6 Plus you can wait it out for the 7S generation or if your up for an upgrade by all means. Anyone on a phone lower than the 6 honestly would see tremendous differences across the board. It’s not for everyone & of course other factors come into play here like money for example but take a look at what you have & your options are to determine whether or not it’s right for you.


That about in a nutshell wraps up Apple’s latest phone. By all means its an engineering marvel as always & will sell well but nothing groundbreaking or features we haven’t seen before from other manufactures. If your in the Apple ecosystem & due for an upgrade now may be the time otherwise it’s either wait or survey what else is available outside of Apple.


Review: S7 Edge Walnut Burl Carved Case

Cases come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. You can go for form, function. or some balance of both. Carved comes in at a unique point for cases. Offering an all natural wood made case for a line of devices. I had the opportunity to review the Samsung S7 Edge version in Walnut Burl & can’t say I was disappointed.  Let me preference this by stating I have always been a fan of the wood aesthetic so this case just stood out to me from the beginning.

Video Review:

The idea behind Carved cases is simple protection from natural materials all hand made in the US. Originated in 2011 Carved aimed to make a wooden iPhone case & since they’ve added multiple designs to their line while supporting a number of next gen phones while maintaining that hand made & natural material mission. The Walnut Burl is coated with a material that protects that wood & preserves as you drop, ding, and put your phone through it’s paces.


Now the case itself isn’t all wood based material to achieve the protection aspect the surrounding case is made from a poly carbonate shell. That rubber material not only makes the case easy to take on or off but also helps with shock absorption & protecting the edge of the S7. All while also adding much needed extra grip to the S7 Edge. Despite the new design I felt the phone still felt fragile in the hand so having the added grip does add a sense of comfort for me.

All ports are accessible & available if you need to charge, listen through the speakers, or plug in headphones. At the end of the day this case really comes down to the craftsmanship. Laser etched wood all made by a small team in Indiana. If your into the wooden look then you won’t be disappointed by their various designs on their site. If that still doesn’t satisfy you then simply use their custom case maker app on the site to design your own & pick your own material. You do pay a premium here at $32 USD for the case but that in part comes from the story of the company itself. Etched in each case is signatures of the carved team showcasing how personal & specifically made this case is for your device. Not all cases are created equal in this well… case.


-Basic level of protection

-Easy access to ports

-Natural material/handmade in the US

-Added layer of grip to the S7 Edge


-Design isn’t for everyone

-Not full scale protection

Buy S7 Edge Walnut Burl Case here

Now this isn’t met for full level protection & if your looking for something more rugged that’ll protect that gorgeous S7 screen then this isn’t for you. Furthermore not everyone is into the wooden design & that’s fine. However if you are in the market for a wooden based case then take a look at Carved’s inventory you won’t be disappointed. Nonetheless I’d still reccomened this case for those in the market for just that. A uniquely designed natural material based case. In my experience with it on the S7 over the last month I was satisfied with it’s protection & wear the case had. The walnut burl stood out & drew attention while doing it’s most basic job of protecting the S7 Edge from day to day use. It’s not for everyone but for those who are interested in it you can’t go wrong with Carved. Precision crafting, great material, and a wide variety of designs housed in a wooden based case, Carved quite literally for you.

Quick List of Things to Expect & Hope for at WWDC 2016

It’s about an hour till Apple’s yearly World Wide Developer Conference kicks off & here’s a quick rundown of what we can expect & possibly hope for at this years event. Amidst all the sales figures & other achievements of Apple over the last year let’s focus on what we can expect from the two major categories Software & Hardware.


As the focus of said event is for developers we’re likely to see an update across all of Apple’s software OS lineup. In order to prepare developers for whats to come & what we as consumers can look forward to in the upcoming months feature wise.

iOS 10- 

We’re more than likely to see our first glimpse at the latest iOS version thats in the works & what we can expect to see from the next big update. This would likely include major updates to Siri, a redesigned music app, improved features such as 3D Touch and much more.

OS X 10.12- 

Going hand in hand with the mobile OS update would be a OS X update. No word on the possible naming scheme for said update but this would also bring Siri to mac finally & improvement across some of apple stock apps like Photos, Apple Music/iTunes, and so on.

TV OS 2-

The Apple TV software would be getting some love to in order to match up with iOS/OS X. Improved Siri functionality would make sense in order to have unified experience across all Apple devices along with some visual improvements throughout the OS.

Watch OS 3-

While we’d like to see a gen 2 of the Apple Watch all together if that’s not yet announced then we’ll settle for a OS update. Hopefully bringing improvements to the overall performance of the OS while also pushing for further Native app support on the watch.



On the hardware side of things it’s a bit different. While we may hear announcements we’re not likely to see anything ready for a June/July release time frame. So if anything we may get a teaser for new hardware or they may hold off all together on those announcements.

Macbook Pro 2016-

One of the most talked about pieces of hardware without a doubt is Apple’s Macbook Pro that’s been awaiting an update for quite some time now. This will include upgrades across all specs CPU, RAM, and so on. More importantly adopting an improved design with an OLED touch bar replacing the normal function key rows & some new USB-C ports to match their latest Macbook line.

Apple Cinema Display 5K Edition- 

Another big rumor is that of the Apple Cinema Display which is heavily outdated since its release years ago. The rumor is that Apple would be integrating the same 5K display from their iMac line into a standalone monitor form factor for power users & macbook users alike. This is something consumers have been awaiting for quite some time now & granted it’ll come with the Apple price point given the current display still retails for around $900+.

Macbook Air 2016-

A less likely rumor is that we’ll see an all new Macbook Air announcement at this event. Given that it was bumped up in RAM not that long ago this isn’t as likely to happen however we’re more than certain to see all macbook models eventually unified as far as specs & hardware by the end of 2016.




Gawker Files for Bankruptcy following the Hulk Hogan Case

The tech-sector has been buzzing lately over the controversial support of Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel in his funding support of Hulk Hogan’s case towards Gawker. While Gawker in itself is no stranger to controversial content the leak of the Hogan sex tape may have been their last time crossing the line. As a result of the Hogan case Gawker was fined $140 million. As a result of the legal fees & court decision Gawker has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sources have all stated that the current #1 bidder is Ziff Davis with a bid around $100 million.

The case & support of Thiel has been the center of discussion lately as people question the ethical standpoint of silencing journalists & their words by blatantly supporting a case in order to shut down the organization itself. All of this sparked by Gawker’s outing of Thiel’s sexual preference. Nonetheless Gawker has a very current situation to deal with & is responding by selling at a price that only weeks ago would’ve much higher.

Nick Denton the man behind Gawker had this to tweet:


Surely this won’t be the last we hear of said case & the future of Gawker as a whole however this does raise a lot of questions & in the eyes of not just Hogan but Thiel as well a victory.