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Why Google Glass Broke

Great piece by Nick Bilton of NYT on the story of Google Glass rise & fall.

Swatch to enter Smartwatch market

Famous watch maker Swatch known for their iconic affordable & unique timepieces are set to enter the digital space. Competing head to head with the smartwatches latest competitor Apple who’s set to release their Apple Watch this April.

The Swiss watchmaker CEO Nick Hayek has stated they’ll launch their smartwatch within the next three months. Backed with 30 years of experience & understanding of the watch space they want to offer high tech devices that couple the traditional timepiece with technologies such as NFC to communicate with other devices & support mobile payments.

On the other hand Apple’s watch is set to premier at $350 USD price point with multiple models in their line up. Running a version of iOS tailored for the device. Swatch has stated their devices will run on both Android & Windows based software.

Apple Watch Lineup

Apple Watch Lineup

It’ll be interesting if anything to see Swatch spin on the smartwatch, certainly a category thats beginning to get some recognition in the market. From Samsung’s Galaxy Gear to the LG G watch. It’s only a matter of months now till we see how well the customers react to this revived gadget that is the smartwatch.

Astarick’s World Premiere Digital Business Card System

I’d like to thank Astaricks (Website) for being one of the first official sponsors of the new DigitalDojos network in 2015. Supporting the site & it’s content for the month of February.

Astaricks is a digital business card system unlike any other. Giving you the ability to save, sort, view, and share your digital business cards with ease. I’ve personally had the great privilege to work alongside Astarick’s team to learn about their innovative & highly powerful system they offer. More than the ability to simply create an online business card your joining a system that enables any small to big business to increase exposure & effectiveness of their online presence. From their amazing card based system, business directory, mapping solution and more your business is literally at your fingertips.

Having a system like Astaricks is unlike any other platform. Offering the ability to:

  • Update hundreds of thousands of business cards in a click of the button never having to distribute out new cards to people again (Have a change simply make it & distribute it out to your contacts)
  • Free advertising on their business directory & maps service
  • Instantly share cards via SMS, QR Codes, Mobile app, e-mail, and more
  • Full contact details, HD pictures, links, and more all displayed on your high quality card

and much much more.


You can also see the video overview I posted on our channel previously.

Find out more information on Astaricks at their site & get your business the digital business cards it deserves.

Review: AnyTrans (All-in-One iOS Content Manager)

Video Review:


AnyTrans by iMobie is an all-in-one content manager for your iOS devices be it iPhone, iPods, or an iPad. Allowing you full control over your device & the ability to manage the media from the device to your computer and or vice versa. This is useful in a variety of situations from backing up data, importing content, and or bypassing traditional iTunes sync methods. The app handles all sorts of media from photos, video, contacts and more. Simply plug in the device & get a visual representation of the device & everything on it.


AnyTrans really spans across so many use cases. Let’s say your upgrading from an older device to a new one & want to migrate specific content or all of it over well AnyTrans can do just that. Have a device that iTunes won’t allow access to or allow import/export of media AnyTrans can handle that and the list goes on. It’s a great way to bypass & completely take over iTunes as a content manager and does so in a easy to use fashion.

The features covered include the following:

  • Entertainment (Music, Podcasts, Photos, Videos, etc)
  • iCloud Content
  • Apps & Docs
  • Personal Info ( SMS, Contacts, etc)
  • File System (Disk Mode)

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 3.15.51 PM


The best part about the content manager built into AnyTrans is that the interface is clean & simple. Plugging in the device shows you a overview of everything on it & from there you can sort through the media you want to control then choose the method of export. You have the option to move content to iTunes, your mac/pc, and  even another device. Everything is visually showcased & easy to navigate and use depending on your needs. Additionally you have the ability to add in content & as well.


Use Cases:

Getting back to the overview of the app & who’d exactly would want this covers a wide range of users.

If your looking to replace iTunes completely with something that skips the permissions & common syncing issues than this is for you. While on vacation I use the app to transfer music to my new iPhone that was previously synced with an old library & in order to achieve the same thing through iTunes I’d have to sync with my Macbook Air’s library essentially erasing all my data.

Extracting data, transferring between devices, backing up data and so on are all ways to use this as a content manager. The power really lies in what you want done with your iOS devices. Giving you back complete control & transfer rights to your devices.



Easy to use UI

Full System Control

Video Optimization Tool

Various Usecases


N/A in my usage




Worth the Download 

It gets my seal of approval & is certainly one of the best iOS content managers available. Allowing the user full control over their devices & the capability to manage the content as they see fit. At this price, its worth having ever in case you’ll need it down the road.


Download & purchase the app via the links below for either OS X or Windows. Each copy runs for about $40 USD with family licenses available for more.

OS X (aff)

Windows (aff): 

The Power of the Suit

A big part of the sites revision is the expansion into new categories one of the many new ones being menswear and fashion. Suits are a big part of who I am & how I carry myself in the world. I’ve always admired a well cut suit & the way an individual carries it. So I’m excited to share my own perspective on this space in fashion & advice & lessons I’ve learned along the way.

When I was youngerI remember I used to think of suits as office job attire or for only formal events. Never seeing past their symbolism in the society till I began working for myself. Starting from the age of eleven & producing online content I was looked at as a kid with a hobby. When my site grew & eventually I would go on to start a business I wore suits as way of earning others respect. That I was to be taken seriously & this wasn’t just a hobby. All of this brings me to present day where I’ve learned a lot more about my sense of style, suits, and menswear as a whole. Learning that it isn’t just about other perception but more importantly your own & how you carry yourself. The suit is but a piece of clothing. That’s the most important thing when it comes to suits no matter the type, quality, brand you can afford how you carry yourself is what is key to harnessing its power.

The suit nowadays says a lot about our society. It’s the uniform for most workers, a night out in town, or the formal level of attire when it comes to certain events. Dress it up or down the suit has become a versatile fashion piece since its early inception. It’s been adapted to the culture, circumstances, and even conditions its been worn in from military occasions or the slimmer tailored fit thats so popular today

So where does the power itself come from the outfit. Well there so many details that make up a suit to begin with. But to break down in a basic format you have

  • Suit Jacket 
  • Suit Pants
  • Dress Shirt
  • *Optional: Tie/Accessories

Of course the anatomy of a suit goes well beyond this. What separates a suit typically from a jacket, sports coat, and so on is that its sold as a complete set. This can be a 2 or 3 piece suit depending on your preference.

That said the suit eludes a certain power to it that I’ve learned growing up from wearing them in High school & out in the everyday world.

A suit gives you a feeling of class, power, and certain elegance if worn correctly.

It makes you stand a certain way, walk a bit more confidently, and overall appear tapered or a bit slimmer to the eye if cut right. They provide a sort of illusion that if carried correctly speaks for itself. An attire that in fashion & culture has really remained timeless from the cinema world to fashion brands worldwide are continually innovating on. Some of the worlds best are recognized for the suit. Think everyone from the famous & infamous Frank Sinatra, Al Capone, the President of the United States (or any political figure for that matter), Gordon Gecko, James Bond, the list goes on and on.


All of this achieved via perception. Lapels, the fit, button stance, and much more all add to the overall appeal of a suit. It can make you appear taller, thinner, a bit bulkier all without the need to hop on that treadmill. However I don’t like to think of it as method to hide or false advertising rather a way to highlight an individuals figure no matter their size or shape.

At the end of the day the suit is but a piece of clothing. However it carries in itself the sense of power, business, and so much more. It’s a vital part of a mans wardrobe this day in age. No matter what you do for a living you probably have at least one suit in your closet for the odd occasion, interview, formal event and so on.

Grey Pinstripe+Dark Blue Grey Pinstripe+Purple Solid Double Breasted

I’ve made my share of mistakes in the suit world from decisions when buying off the rack, meeting with a tailor to get a custom made suit, and other fashion sins as they’d be considered. That’s the best part of it all you live & learn along the way. As a CEO & just everyday human being I aim to present myself to the world the way I want to be portrayed. For me thats most comfortable in a suit & tie. I follow the principle in life that you only make first impressions once so make them count. I’m not saying the suit will improve your workflow or make you a better human its simply a tool. A facilitator that can make you feel like a million bucks & present yourself to the world in a certain light. The power when all is said & done comes from you & the confidence you carry with it.

Snapchat “Discover” Overview



Snapchat recently released their all new “Discover” mode in the last update. This is both a monetization platform for the network as well as a dive into the news business. Discover is a way for users of Snapchat to discover ongoing news topics from various networks including CNN, People Magazine, MTV, and more in a very Snapchat-esque format. Simply swipe right to your stories page to find the new discover button in the top right of the app. This then opens bubbles corresponding to all the networks available as of launch.

Once in the discover mode you can easily swipe through the news headlines/videos. Swiping up goes to the full article or content, swiping to the right goes to the next headline, and lastly swiping up takes you back to the discover page.

Essentially a news outlet or snapchat story for these many networks. Surely this also allows for advertisement/monetization for the platform. What really stands out is the ease of use & navigation behind all of it. Something most users who use Snapchat daily will be comfortable with. Integrating news in the already popular network. To me this captivates the audience who are used to short form content in a very appealing user interface. While most users may not normally have a news reader app or open CNN or MTV if its a swipe away within their favorite social network then why not. I feel Snapchat is used to see whats ongoing in your world. Your friends, their stories, and sharing yours. This discover mode lets you take that one step further & consume whats going on in the world in all too familiar format.

As their blog post on the release of new feature depicts:

Discover is different because it has been built for creatives. All too often, artists are forced to accommodate new technologies in order to distribute their work. This time we built the technology to serve the art: each edition includes full screen photos and videos, awesome long form layouts, and gorgeous advertising.


It’ll be interesting to see how Snapchat expands upon this.

Mobee Magic Feet Charging Station

Video Review:

(Originally filmed in December 2012 this review has been revised for my experience with the product up to this point)

Product Rating- 8.5/10

Retail Price- $150 USD (Click Here to Purchase Mobee Magic Feet)

Mobee’s Magic Feet is a charging solution for your magic mouse, trackpad, and Apple wireless keyboard. The charging station uses specially designed rechargeable batteries in line with inductive based charging that can be wirelessly charge input devices on the docking station. Coupled with its sleek aluminum design the charging station nestles well on your desk or on your iMac base station. The advantage being that you can charge your input devices simultaneously without every having to replace batteries. The Magic feet also conveniently adds 4 extra USB ports with its built in hub making plugging in other devices an arms length away.

This all in one solution solves your dead battery issue while making it simple & convenient.

Breaking down the product into 3 categories. Design, functionality, and ease of use.


The Magic Feet is simply stunning in its design. Going along with the Apple aesthetic of an all aluminum base station. Magic Feet comes with a Magic Mouse battery pack, Apple Wireless/Trackpad battery pack & the base station itself. The station requires one power cord with a pretty big adapter thats interchangeable for specific regions & another mini USB cord to power the hub. The magic mouse charging station at the top can charge up to two mouses (battery packs sold separately) while the front end can mount either an Apple wireless keyboard or magic trackpad. To top it off the product is made of 100% recyclable material.




The main function of the Magic Feet is to charge. In my testing over extended period of usage the devices held up in great condition only requiring a charge after weeks of usage. In some cases the battery packs would lose connection but nothing a simple on/off couldn’t fix. Charging works efficiently & within an hours time can put great life into your mouse or keyboard. USB ports built into the Magic Feet also act as a convenient location for plugging in small devices such as pen drives, external drives, etc. Seeing as this is typically on your desk or in the front of your iMac its in the perfect location for usage. Charging the Apple Wireless keyboard on the station still allows for use while charging making it all the more convenient. On top of that you save on the cost of constantly replacing batteries for your input devices thus making the product that much more eco-friendly.

Ease of Use-

Mobee did a great job of making the Magic Feet simple to use & setup. Simply replace your old battery packs in the standard devices then set up your charging station & desired and charge when needed. The product features 3 LED lights that are red when the devices aren’t being charged, blinking green when charging, and solid green for a full charge. Allowing you to charge 2 Magic mice and an Apple wireless keyboard or trackpad. The overall design makes it easy to access all USB ports on the hub & charge devices neatly.


-Wireless Charging (Inductive based)

-Saves cost of traditional batteries

-Convenient design

-Green Tech


-Power Adapter Size


Overall the Mobee Magic Feet at its $150 price point really is a great charging solution to invest in. In the near 3 years I’ve been using the product the rechargeable batteries have remained reliable as ever. If anything I’ve made my money back in terms of savings regarding batteries that I tend to have to replace after prolong usage of each input device. Mobee also sells battery packs separately for you to purchase via their site if need be. Having multiple macs myself the convenience of being able to charge two mice at once really helps. As far as wireless charging stations go Mobee has hit the nail on the head with the Magic Feet. It really is a all in one solution for your Apple input devices. If your a mac user & more so a proponent of the Apple input devices than consider investing in the Mobee Magic Feet.


DigitalDojos 2015 Revamp

As 2015 has came upon us I’ve decided to revamp DigitalDojos as brand & business. This site which was originally founded by Duncan Maile, Joshua Oakes, Dan Valverde, Nuno Ledo, and I began as a way to provide high quality technology content for the masses. The nerds & everyday users alike. Focusing on content from news to reviews & tutorials.

The site & network has both grown & stagnated along the way. I took ownership of the network a little over a year and half ago. I had visions to scale the site which didn’t go according to plan. I was spread to thin & had other obligations which prevented me to providing the attention DigitalDojos needed. Since then I’ve started ScreencApp a client services business which has grown in the last year to 100+ clients.

All of that said I wanted to revisit the idea of DigitalDojos & what we intended it to be. A content platform to provide the masses with meaningful & educational material. One of the most important goals for me in my work over the last 9 years has been to instill value to my audience & community. To make an impact with the work I produce.

In order to do so I’ve directed a more focused idea for DigitalDojos & its future. While this network isn’t my primary source of income I’d like to still scale the project & continue offering content to my viewers. To do so some changes have to be made to allow more time and attention to be spent on it.

I’ve made the decision to go fully independent with the site as far as the business model goes. Allowing me to not only pick advertisers & sponsor campaigns but rid it of any big named networks. Another big part of the site will be the community involvement. A membership program has been instilled to allows supporters to contribute a small portion to keeping everything running as well as pave the road going forward. Another big part of the change to the site will be an expansion of content coverage.

While technology is still something I’m very passionate about my interests are very diverse. I’d like a platform to share just that & educating consumers in other areas that I’ve developed a passion for. Still following the same principle of delivering content of value no matter the category.

The following outlines the details of the major changes of DigitalDojos:

  • Revamped design & clean slate

I’ve decided to revamp the whole site in relations to the new direction for DigitalDojos. Providing a better sense of the content I want to produce & how I want it presented. A clean slate was something that I also found necessary to begin the new year. So that the mission statement of the site isn’t confused in the archives of posts. I wanted to illustrate a network that focuses on more than just one side of technology. Truly catering to the nerds, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and most importantly everyday user.

  • Renewed Revenue Model

Switching to a more independent model allows me to ditch some of the older forms of revenue streams I use to run through the site. Two major components will make up the new model. Advertising will still exist to keep the lights on & allow me the site to have a revenue stream. However we’ve moved to a hand picked model allowing me to accept & decline sponsors at will. Campaigns will be chosen specifically by me in interest of the content & what I believe my readers will enjoy. Ditching the older ad networks to provide a more tailored experience when browsing our network. The other half will consist of a membership program for my readers to help support the site & content we produce. Lastly the site will be introducing some new methods of income from paid content to new courses that I’ll be introducing down the line. I’ve spent the last 9 years producing free content for my viewers & will continue to do so. Paid content will just be something new to supplement the income of the network but primary content will remain free.

As I aim to be transparent about the revenue streams of the network hears a breakdown

  1. Membership Program (Crowd Funded by you the readers & viewers of my content. Support from my audience allows me to invest more time in DigitalDojos & focus on expanding the network as a whole)
  2. Advertisers/Sponsor Campaigns (Independent advertising method will allow me to hand pick the sponsor campaigns that go live on the site. This allows me to showcase products/services I believe in while paying some of the bills without directly affecting the audience. Above all this allows me to cut out advertising networks & provide a more streamlined experience for everyone)
  3. Premium Content (Elaborated in the section below.)
  4. Affiliate/Referral Program (Products/Services linked may have affiliate programs tied in which essentially means I get a cut if you buy any products we link off to. In some cases even saving you some while we get a small portion of the sale.)

All of this again to bring DigitalDojos to the next level & of course create an income for the time I’ll be investing. This is a network of valuable content that I aim to deliver but at the same time a business I’d like to keep up & running. The independent model allows me to have complete control & provide a better experience to the readers & community members so that you get content you enjoyed coupled with amazing supportive sponsors & campaigns we believe in while doing our best to deliver the same high quality content.


  • Content Expansion

A bigger part of the revamp will be the launch of new content categories. Focusing not just on technology itself from news, reviews, and tutorials but in a much broader sense. Branching out to business based content & lending my advice, tips, and experience from my entrepreneur background. Beyond anything I don’t want to limit the site by focusing on just one topic of interest. Rather as an enthusiast of many things I want this network to reflect my interests & passions. All while giving back to my readers & viewers of my content. Another part of this expansion will be diving into new media opportunities. Podcasting has been something I’ve tried to tackle on & off without much success. DigitalDojos will be a platform for me to publish shows I’ve been wanting to release for quite some time. Expanding into new areas & platforms of media that I hope the audience will enjoy. Most importantly bringing a better sense of order & focus that has long been lacking in my content. New types of content you’ll be seeing on the site will include

  1. Opinion based pieces (Keeping the personal feel to the site I’d like to expand on my thoughts/insight on specific topics)
  2. Linked Content (Sharing & getting other great content from other creators is apart of something I’d like to share on this site as well)
  3. Curated Content (Rounding up the best of my own material as well as curating the internet so that you can get a feel of not just my own reviews or thoughts but others as well. So best of, list content, and more)
  4. Paid Content (I’ll also be introducing some paid content such as courses, educational material, and so on. This will be covering software & other lessons from technology to business. These premium content will be another way to supplement a revenue stream for the site & myself. While majority of content will remain free these course which I’ll be putting a lot of time, effort, and research into will be content that I’ll charge for in the hopes that the community will support the work & gain some value out of it)
  • Value & Community

One of the most important principles behind the content I’ll be putting up here is instilling value. I aim to give back as much value as possible to my readers & community members. The new content in areas of business will aim to shed as much light on the things I’ve learned over the years. In an effort to influence others to chase their passions & become self sufficient themselves via the internet. A total transparency model that will dissect the income of this very site & how I draw my revenue streams in an effort to showcase by example. The failures, pitfalls, and ultimately successes of the network. Another big focus will be community. I’ve always wanted to get the viewers of my content more involved & hope to do so going forward with direct input. Implementing some new tools & services to get a feel for what the readers want & are interested in viewing. Anywhere I can give back in my areas of expertise I aim to do so. From tech-support, FAQ’s, and more. We’ll be implementing new ways for our users to stay up to date with everything from a newsletter & e-mail list to account system that’ll give users certain benefits to interact with the site & its members.


All these new changes will take some time to get right & for me to adjust to. It’ll be a tedious process but one that I think will be worth it for both the business end & personal direction I want to be taking. Allowing me to focus more on producing content that I enjoy while expanding to new areas of interest. My main goal in this line of content production work is to always enjoy what I do, to have the underlying passion always be there. While also maintaining a successful & prosperous business. This is a project I’m currently undergoing completely by myself & independently with 100% bootstrap funding. Down the road it may be something worth hiring some extra hands for but as of current it’s something I choose to pursuit alone. I’ve reduced other responsibilities & even cut off projects to focus on the future & where I see myself down the road. DigitalDojos has become a hobby in light off of my other ventures like ScreencApp I hope to be able to rebuild it as a more stable & successful business going forward while maintaining many of the core values & passion that begun this whole journey. As always your continued support across all platforms & in any capacity is always appreciated. I literally would not be writing this very announcement if it wasn’t for my audience & the voice they gave me.

That said I’d like to end this post with a list of goals I have in place for 2015 & DigitalDojos one that I’ll be checking on periodically as the year goes on. A list to keep the mission of the network in focus & allow us to have milestones to work towards.

DigitalDojos 2015 Goal List:

  • 10,000+ registered RSS readers
  • 1,000+ Subscription Members
  • 2+ Podcasts launched reaching 50+ episodes
  • 10,000+ Youtube Channel Subscribers
  • 100+ published articles

These are broad goals but attainable none the less. I look forward to the 2015 year & chance to rebuild the site & name that is DigitalDojos. The name which originally formed in part because of the technology angle & age we’re living in “Digital” & “Dojo” which derives from a martial arts school popularly known in Asia. In effort to connect that of the internet age & a place of learning & education. An enthusiasts playground if you will, a place to learn, interact, and most importantly enable you as a reader to go out & pursuit your own goals in life. My aim as an individual & by extension my businesses is to be to complex to categorize. A jack of all trades. I look forward to partaking in that journey.

Welcome to the new DigitalDojos.

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