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Author: Adrianc

Reddit Launching Its Own News Site “Upvoted”

The popular website Reddit is launching a service dedicated to news this Tuesday. Upvoted will be site dedicated to news from Reddit itself by their own editorial team. This means they’ll create their own original stories & publish it all under the Upvoted brand. Despite the sites name Upvoted will not use a voting based system to rank content. Rather it’ll curate stories around posts, comments, and other media from Reddit. Diving deeper into popular reddit posts in order to bring a full story. The catch is all articles will feature or not feature a comment section. Upvoted will focus...

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Re-Enable “Dashboard” on El Capitan

If you recently updated to Mac OS X El Capitan you may have noticed that the dashboard feature is no longer enabled by default. If you were like me & actually used the dashboard feature then you’ll want to be re-enabling it right away. Here’s how: 1- Open System Preferences 2-Open “Mission Control” 3-Enable Dashboard by choosing either Overlay or Space The two options provide you a choice to have Dashboard open as an overlay on top of whatever you have ongoing or slide over to a separate space. This is entirely up to you & how you prefer...

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Import/Export between Scrivener & Scapple

My thanks to Literature & Latte for making this content possible. They’re the makers behind the amazing writing tool that is Scrivener & idea organizational tool Scapple. Scrivener & Scapple are amazing standalone apps. However using them in tandem is just as easy & beneficial. Scrivener an essential writing tool that I’ve covered multiple times is a great writing studio app for a variety of needs that allows you to gather & produce all your work in one place. While Scapple is an amazing visual tool that allows you to take ideas & organize them in anyway you please....

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[Sponsor] Quickly Record Ideas w/Scapple

My thanks to Literature & Latte for filling our premier sponsor spot  & supporting DigitalDojos. Allowing creators like myself to produce content as independent network. This sponsored post ran September 28th-October 9th. Literature & Latte are the makers of two amazing writing tools for both OS X & Windows. Scrivener & Scapple are independently powerful tools to allow you to write & gather ideas quickly. Together however there’s no better combination of writing tools available. Whether it’s a novel, script, or mapping out an idea their tools have you covered. We previously highlighted Scrivener in a past campaign: Best Writing Tools...

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Should you get the iPhone 6/6 Plus or 6S/6S Plus?

The big question for existing or new iPhone users is what model should they go with. The choice being the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus and the all new 6s or 6S Plus. If your reading into this then I can only assume your an iOS user or looking to get your first iPhone so the Android phones are out of the question. Though some great alternative to said phones if you are interested in Android may be the S6, S6 Edge, or Note 5. To Plus or not to Plus The first decision to make revolves around the...

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