Here at Digital Dojos, we welcome new sponsorship and advertisers to help both companies and ourselves to connect with our audience. Through advertising we hope to bring new viewers and customers to our sponsors. Digital Dojos has a highly technology based readership.Through our package we offer advertising through our RSS feed, homepage, and youtube video campaign. In return putting your product or service out to a great group of individuals to help grow & expand your audience

Digital Dojos offers fair and competitive advertising  to welcome both new and established companies. Below you will find our advertisement proposal. Feel free to contact if you need any other details.

  Statistics (As of June 13th, 2014):

Statistics as of June

Statistics as of June

Digital Dojos metrics: -over eight years of content experience -combined over six million views on YouTube -global viewership -daily content posted -over 1000 plus videos in our library

Advertisement Package:

Ad specifications:

-250×250 clickable banner

-featured twitter mention

-1 YouTube video mention

-1 RSS sponsored blog post (at start/end of campaign)   

Placement of Ad:

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 2.55.30 PM


Duration: Digital Dojos offers advertising in monthly terms

Price: $375  USD per month (discounts available for any duration over 3 months)

*note: if you need a bigger ad or custom space, please contact for more information

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