My thanks to the team at TurnTouch for sponsoring DigitalDojos & being apart of our upcoming Smart-Home campaign!  The Turn Touch is a smart remote that brings a variety of control to your home while maintaining a simple & sleek wooden design. The wooden remote gives you the ability to control everything from your smart lights, speakers, Mac and much more. At the core of the TurnTouch is its wooden design that comes in a variety of options to add a personal touch to your setup.



The Remote:

TurnTouch comes in at a $50 price point with additional options for different wood type, optional pearl-inlay & a wall mount for you to dock the remote. All of its smart are due to its ability to communicate over bluetooth with the devices in your smart-home setup.

-Genuine Mahogany & Rosewood options

-4 buttons to interact with

-All held in place with magnets to contain the circuitry inside

What TurnTouch Can Do:

The best part about TurnTouch is its versatility. You can use to control a decent amount of smart home options such as:

-Philips Hue Lights

-Sonos Speaker

-Mac OS

-Belkin Wemo


-Smart Locks

to name but a few

The TurnTouch allows you to program each of the 4 buttons to your preference via it’s app. You can even redefine the whole category of buttons by simply holding one down. For example: Holding the top button can enable Hue Mode so now all 4 buttons do something different in relation to your hue lights (Set a scene, turn them off/on, etc) Furthermore you can do gestures such as double tapping a button to do different commands on the same button.



In turn giving you up to 32+ combinations/controls for different scenarios. This is ideal for fast switching to controlling your lights, music, and other smart devices. This is where the true complexity lies in the TurnTouch remote. Simple in design but complex in implementation & it really does just work. No fiddling around through multiple apps to control volume or having to have multiple remotes to do different things. All can be handled via the TurnTouch. Place it somewhere convenient or simply carry it around as needed.

My personal favorite aspect of this is the ability to come home take it off the pedestal and instantly interact with the essential things in my room. Turn on the lights & set a certain scene. Start playing music. Recently I’ve even used to control the alarm via the mac app for when I wake up in the morning. Having it at my bedside makes it ideal & it’s form factor & no need to dock or charge it makes is an essential to my smart home setup. I’ve reviewed & tested out all sort of fancy remotes that cost 10x the price & the TurnTouch in all its simplicity does almost everything they do.

If you have even a basic smart home setup your looking to control I definitely recommend checking out the TurnTouch remote! At its price point it really can’t be beat, that coupled with its natural wood design really does make it stand out. A huge thanks again to the team for sponsoring DigitalDojos content & our upcoming smart-home series.


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