Amazon held a press event today to announce a whole new lineup of it’s Alexa smart home products. Ranging from an updated Echo to newer accessories for every room. Expanding upon the smart home products & it’s ability to interact with other devices in your household.


Starting off with the updated Echo. After 3 years Amazon has updated the product that kicked off the smart speaker market. The new Echo comes in a slightly smaller form factor & houses a dedicated woofer & tweeter with Dolby sound. Additionally it’ll now come in fabric cloths meant to provide a softer feel similar to that of Google Home. The Echo will be priced at $99 & is available today.

Next up was another upgrade to the Echo line in what Amazon is calling the “Echo Plus”. The design mimics that of the original Echo while packing some extra hardware inside. The major update is it’ll house a Smart Home hub internally allowing it to serve as the center of your smart home (light bulbs, switches, etc) they’ll even ship out the Plus with a Philips Hue bulb for a limited time. Internally the speaker architecture has been improved alongside Dolby sound to provide a better listening experience. The Echo Plus will be priced at $150.


Next up is the Echo Spot which is designed to fit in between the Dot & Echo Show. Offering a small display on its cylindrical design it can be used as an alarm clock while still having Alexa built in & the ability to connect to a speaker system via bluetooth or wire.


Lastly Amazon offered an accessory for Echos. Echo Dot will come in at $20 a pair & serve as puck like buttons for certain Alexa-Powered games. A buzzer essentially. Outside of trivia games there’s no confirmation on what else the buttons will be capable of doing via Alexa.

Credit: TechCrunch


That said Amazon has released what looks like a very competitive lineup feature & price wise. Stacking up against other companies entering the space such as Apple & Google. Alexa is definitely the dominant smart speaker/assistant in the game right now & today’s release has showcased Amazon’s plan to integrate it in as many rooms/scenarios as possible. You can begin ordering the new Alexa line of products today! (aff)