My thanks to the makers of TimingApp for sponsoring the network this week. Timing App for Mac makes time tracking simpler than ever while giving you all the advanced details of how you spend your time at your mac. Whether it’s analyzing your procrastination or seeing your productivity Timing lays it all out beautifully within its interface.

Timing will also be sponsoring an upcoming content campaign on “A Guide to Freelancing” so stay tuned for more content & why the importance of managing your time matters.

As someone who works, plays, and practically lives on my computer tracking how & what I do is important. Be it for seeing where I’m spending too much time not working (aka watching Youtube videos), getting a better idea of what apps I use the most, or just a general overview of my computer usage Timing makes that all possible. Timing App is a tracker for mac that simply runs in the background & tracks data from most used apps to time spent on them.


Time unlike most other resources is one we can’t make more of or get back. So understanding how we spend ours personally & professionally is important. Timing makes all of that easy to manage & displays it all in a sleek interface. Breaking it down in charts/graphs that really showcase how your using your mac day to day. Compare to older weeks, see your most active days, use it for freelance reporting & so on. Our lives consist of what we do day in & day out. Make yours easier to track & manage by using the Timing App. Automatic time tracking for mac made easy.

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