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Nearly 6 years ago I started DigitalDojos with a great group of colleagues I had met through the Youtube community. Duncan, Dan, Nuno, Josh & myself all came together to produce quality technology content for the masses. Focusing on not just the content but the community. While it has evolved over the years & eventually turned to a an indepdenent content network that mission has remained the same. However in recent months I have personally lacked in keeping the network live & for that I owe an apology to the community. I was working on several other projects & my focus for what I thought DigitalDojos should be veered. That said after some time away from producing content I wanted to come back to Dojos with a solid focus in mind with what I wanted the network to be.


Video Overview:


I’ve decided DigitalDojos will remain a purely technology content based networks versus expanding into other areas in order to provide more focused content.

Technology news, reviews, and tutorials. Focusing not just on what’s happening in the world of technology but why it matters. In a fast paced industry we tend to forget to answer the basic questions. I want our content to not just be for the enthusiasts & tech-saavy but the everyday consumer.

News- The important stories in tech-simplified. Answering not just the what but why behind tech topics.

Reviews- An honest & in-depth look at both hardware & software while answering the question of who such things are for, is it worth your hard earned cash, and the overall pros/cons.

Tutorials- Back to the basics of what got me started in the content creation space. DIY, How-To’s and various other guides across the world of technology.


Something I feel is important to address off the bat is the tone in which I’d like our content to adapt. As an independent network I write for my audience & DigitalDojos as a brand. That said we have 0 outside capital or partnerships which allows us to write as we please. I’d like our content to offer a direct tone to our readers. Where I feel it can be easy to get caught up in delivering content swiftly in exchange for views or what not I feel the intent is much more valuable. We want our readers to get not just get the information they need but understand why it matters all while maintaining a personal aspect to what we do. I don’t envision DigitalDojos to be the next multimedia mogul of a brand but I do want it to have its own voice. I don’t want our reports to be a simple statement of facts or information that can be gathered elsewhere rather an insight & discussion into the things changing around us.


As I begin to ramp up the content production I’d also like to explore areas within technology that I’ve always wanted to cover & bring to the DigitalDojos network. As with such a vast industry there is always more to cover & areas of interest that I know the community would like to see us delve into.

Gaming- Call it entertainment, stress relief, or what have you. Gaming is an increasingly growing category in the world of tech, from the E-Sports scene to the vast live streamers who provide hundreds of thousands content to watch. This is definitely an area I’d like to expand to from Livestreams, reviews and so on. You’ll now find a “Gaming” section on DigitalDojos where much of the content will live.

Podcasts- This is a medium of content that I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember. Long form content in particular is something I want to expand into & I feel podcasts fit that format very well. This would range from various tech-topics & other areas so stay tuned for this future launch.

Deals/Promotions- Helping you save on hardware/software alike through deals that we can highlight that benefit both you the consumer as well as our end. Getting the best price without compromising on quality. While it may be easy nowadays to find cheaper prices in terms of value it doesn’t always focus on the overall worth of the product at hand. A deal is a deal by all means but we believe it should be for something worth while.

Youtube- I have always had soft spot for Youtube as its quite literally responsible for where I’m at today. I started back on the site in 06 & became a partner early following the Google acquisition. The landscape of the site has changed & some obstacles along the way forced me to move my audience outside the platform. Growth has halted over the years not to mention the last 6 months of my absence. Youtube is a game of not just quality but more importantly consistency. It will continue to be a platform that I share my videos on as long as its around & I want to invest the resources to really scale the channel. So if your not already be sure to subscribe to our channel for new videos as they go live. Additionally we’ll be experimenting w/platforms such as their live streaming service & so on.

Community Involvement:

Another big aspect I want to focus on with DigitalDojos going forward is building up the community. Not necessarily in the sheer numbers of readers, subscribers and so on but the value we can give to you as well as your involvement in building the network. Community feedback & participation has always been an important aspect of my growth on the internet & something I want to bring back the focus to. Q&A sessions, better commenting/feedback systems, having the audience help vote up & suggest future content. All of these things are aspects I’d like to make easier & increase on the site.

Business End:

DigitalDojos has & will continue to be an independently owned & operated network. That said we strive to find more unique & better forms of revenue streams that don’t just help our bottom end but also benefit the audience. We don’t want the site littered in advertisements or promoted posts thus we have limited our main advertising spots to be exclusive. Banners, posts and so on will run independent of each other as to not overload your experience on the site. In the last couple years we’ve made the decision to remove adsense from the site completely & as long as we can continue to have sponsors/support we’ll keep that up.

Our revenue sources break down to the following:

-Sponsored Campaigns (Promoted blog post, videos, banners)

-Adsense via our Youtube.com/digitaldojos channel

-Affiliate Links

Thus we’d like to try to maintain said streams while also expanding & scaling new ones. We believe in transparent advertising & that the content should fall in line directly with the advertisers we feature. Never will we promote products/services we don’t believe in or stand behind.  While our aim is to continue to make great content we’d also like to maintain a great business in the process. Allowing us to expand the site, improve equipment, assist in hiring more writers & staff to scale the overall experience.

The majority of our content has & will continue to be 100% free to our audience however this year I’d like to dabble in the space of paid offerings/products whether it be courses, digital product, and so on. This will unfold as time goes on but DigitalDojos will always strive to prioritize content & our community first.



As they say  you can’t score if you don’t have a goal & for that very reason I want to publicly state my personal goals for the Dojos network going forward. If anything these will serve as the guidelines as to what I work towards creating for myself & the community.

  • 100K Youtube Subscribers
  • 50%+ engagement across Youtube Video comments, blog, etc
  • 50K+ RSS/Newsletter Subscribers
  • 1 established podcast show (consistent of 70+ episodes)
  • Doubling our site visits & revenue
  • 10+ new sponsors



As someone whose been in the content creation space for over a decade I’ve seen the landscape of the field change & grow. I’ve succeeded in adapting in some areas & failed in others. I’ve had all the ambition in the world & at some points none. However the passion & desire to deliver not just great content on my end creatively but for the masses as well. DigitalDojos begun as a passion project & I want to take that to the next level & pour the appropriate amount of resources & time into it. This is not a journey that can be achieved alone as it requires the help & support of my audience as well as others. I look forward to collaborating with others in my field as well as bringing on new members to the team to help scale & provide the best content we can for our community. It’s been a very fast paced year with many changes for me personally however I’m excited & focused in my return to bring this network to the level it deserves.

I’m excited for whats to come for the network, community, and future of my work/career. To new & better beginnings.