My thanks to the folks at Literature & Latte makers of Scrivener & Scapple for sponsoring DigitalDojos for the month of August & September. Making all the content possible & free for our audience. Check out the latest version of Scrivener for iOS here.

 The Journey to iOS

Scrivener has long been a favorite & essential writing tool for me be it for personal projects or long form writing for work & miscellaneous projects. The team at Literature & Latte has been hard at work for as long as I can remember looking to bring Scrivener to iOS. Not that long ago they announced that they’d personally be heading up the development project. Months later all that hard work came to fruition & the iOS version came out officially in late July. I personally have been in touch with the team & have seen their journey over the years from their great desktop apps & the recent release of their iOS app. They deserve every bit of praise they’ve got thus far & I’m honored to have them as a sponsor of DigitalDojos. This release means Scrivener is available nearly everywhere in the Apple ecosystem. Start a project on your mac, touch it up later on the iPad, or add on certain notes on the go with your iPhone. Writing apps shouldn’t cause friction rather they should give the ability to simply write & have additional features there as needed, Scrivener provides just that.


What is Scrivener?

Scrivener is for writers of every type be it authors, bloggers, storyboards, scripts, what have you. The iPhone & iPad version capture all those great features & bring to your mobile devices in a straightforward UI packed with tons of features.


-Built in research section

-Import multiple file types & export such as PDF, Word, Plain Text

-Sync across devices Mac/Windows, iPad, iPhone, & utilize Dropbox Sync

-Full rich text editing

Just to name a few. All of course packaged in user interface that makes Scrivener an essential tool. Allowing you to create, research, and organize all in one app experience. Whether it was using it on the bigger iPad screen or spur of the moment write ups on the iPhone Scrivener makes the experience seamless. The best thing about an app like Scrivener is there is no wrong way to use it. Utilize it’s great array of features or simply just use to it to focus on writing & research for your project.

Video Overview:

Take a look at my full overview on the all new Scrivener for iOS!

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Trust me if you do any sort of writing & need the tool to make that process seamless & efficient as possible check out Scrivener for your iOS devices today!