Today Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 to the world. Bringing all new hardware to a form factor we’re all to familiar with. Here’s what you need to know about it.


Whats New?

To break it down simply:


It incorporates an all new A10 fusion chip which means its twice as fast as the previous iPhone 6S plus. Equaling improved performance across the board.

Color Schemes

The iPhone 7 introduces two skews of black. Jet black as its called is the glossy new finish while black is essentially a matte look.


Better Camera’s

The iPhone 7 will feature a 12 megapixel camera, optic image stabilization, and an improved flash for all your photos. Offering some of the highest quality shots & video. Improving in areas such as low-light shots & overall quality this is the best camera the iPhone has ever sported. Now if your interested in the iPhone 7 Plus that’ll feature not one but two cameras. A dual system where one camera will focus on telephoto shots & the other wide angle shots.  In theory offering you an actual zoom functionality through the multiple cameras. Additionally the front facing camera got some love this time around being upgraded to 7 megapixels.

New Home Button (or lack thereof)

The new home button isn’t actually a button rather a pressure sensitive pad for your touch-ID unlocks, tap to home screen, and so on. It’ll determine the force at which you press it & react as such. Offering haptic feedback so you feel a vibration or click to confirm the press. Similar to whats offered across Apple’s macbook lineup.

No more headphone jack

So the most controversial update was the removal of the standard 3.5 mm jack. This means all audio will now run through the digital lightning port. EarPods have been converted to fit the lightning connector & the phone will ship with an adapter if you choose to still use analogue headphones. This is in an effort to phase out the old connector in hopes for improved digital ones which equal better quality but not the most convenience this early on.

IP57 Resistant

Basically this means its dust & water resistant to a certain standard. So next time you drop your iPhone 7 in a puddle, toilet, or what have you. It’s more likely to withstand such a mishap due to the way its sealed.

Improved Retina Display

While the physical display size is the same the technology behind it has been improved. The display is now 25% more brighter & due to the wider color gamut will display more vivid/accurate reparation of colors.

Stereo Sound

There will now be speakers on top & bottom of the phone to produce a more richer & immersive sound when your gaming on the device or just listening to music out loud.

Now onto some other practical questions you’d want to know about the all new phone from Apple.

How much does it cost?

The iPhone 7 starts baseline (32GB) at $649 while the Plus model will run you $749 this varies on your country & method of payment of course. For example Apple offers their own iPhone program where you can finance it at as little as $32 a month.

When is it available?

Pre-orders begin September 9th (12:01 AM) & will begin release on September 16th.

Hows the battery life?

Despite all the upgrades Apple is claiming battery life has actually improved. Getting 2 more hours of usage then last years 6S in the 7 & an extra hour in the plus models.


What are the dimensions?

In terms of size & shape your really getting about the same form factor as the previous models.



Should you upgrade?

This is a more situational question however let me put it this way. The phone itself is faster & for the most part the same form factor as the previous 6/6S phones. If you really want to see the difference outside of speed the phone to go for will be the iPhone 7 Plus as it features the new dual camera system which I think is something most people look for in a new phone given how often we use them as our main cameras nowadays. That said if your on a 6S or 6 Plus you can wait it out for the 7S generation or if your up for an upgrade by all means. Anyone on a phone lower than the 6 honestly would see tremendous differences across the board. It’s not for everyone & of course other factors come into play here like money for example but take a look at what you have & your options are to determine whether or not it’s right for you.


That about in a nutshell wraps up Apple’s latest phone. By all means its an engineering marvel as always & will sell well but nothing groundbreaking or features we haven’t seen before from other manufactures. If your in the Apple ecosystem & due for an upgrade now may be the time otherwise it’s either wait or survey what else is available outside of Apple.