It’s about an hour till Apple’s yearly World Wide Developer Conference kicks off & here’s a quick rundown of what we can expect & possibly hope for at this years event. Amidst all the sales figures & other achievements of Apple over the last year let’s focus on what we can expect from the two major categories Software & Hardware.


As the focus of said event is for developers we’re likely to see an update across all of Apple’s software OS lineup. In order to prepare developers for whats to come & what we as consumers can look forward to in the upcoming months feature wise.

iOS 10- 

We’re more than likely to see our first glimpse at the latest iOS version thats in the works & what we can expect to see from the next big update. This would likely include major updates to Siri, a redesigned music app, improved features such as 3D Touch and much more.

OS X 10.12- 

Going hand in hand with the mobile OS update would be a OS X update. No word on the possible naming scheme for said update but this would also bring Siri to mac finally & improvement across some of apple stock apps like Photos, Apple Music/iTunes, and so on.

TV OS 2-

The Apple TV software would be getting some love to in order to match up with iOS/OS X. Improved Siri functionality would make sense in order to have unified experience across all Apple devices along with some visual improvements throughout the OS.

Watch OS 3-

While we’d like to see a gen 2 of the Apple Watch all together if that’s not yet announced then we’ll settle for a OS update. Hopefully bringing improvements to the overall performance of the OS while also pushing for further Native app support on the watch.



On the hardware side of things it’s a bit different. While we may hear announcements we’re not likely to see anything ready for a June/July release time frame. So if anything we may get a teaser for new hardware or they may hold off all together on those announcements.

Macbook Pro 2016-

One of the most talked about pieces of hardware without a doubt is Apple’s Macbook Pro that’s been awaiting an update for quite some time now. This will include upgrades across all specs CPU, RAM, and so on. More importantly adopting an improved design with an OLED touch bar replacing the normal function key rows & some new USB-C ports to match their latest Macbook line.

Apple Cinema Display 5K Edition- 

Another big rumor is that of the Apple Cinema Display which is heavily outdated since its release years ago. The rumor is that Apple would be integrating the same 5K display from their iMac line into a standalone monitor form factor for power users & macbook users alike. This is something consumers have been awaiting for quite some time now & granted it’ll come with the Apple price point given the current display still retails for around $900+.

Macbook Air 2016-

A less likely rumor is that we’ll see an all new Macbook Air announcement at this event. Given that it was bumped up in RAM not that long ago this isn’t as likely to happen however we’re more than certain to see all macbook models eventually unified as far as specs & hardware by the end of 2016.