The tech-sector has been buzzing lately over the controversial support of Silicon Valley mogul Peter Thiel in his funding support of Hulk Hogan’s case towards Gawker. While Gawker in itself is no stranger to controversial content the leak of the Hogan sex tape may have been their last time crossing the line. As a result of the Hogan case Gawker was fined $140 million. As a result of the legal fees & court decision Gawker has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Sources have all stated that the current #1 bidder is Ziff Davis with a bid around $100 million.

The case & support of Thiel has been the center of discussion lately as people question the ethical standpoint of silencing journalists & their words by blatantly supporting a case in order to shut down the organization itself. All of this sparked by Gawker’s outing of Thiel’s sexual preference. Nonetheless Gawker has a very current situation to deal with & is responding by selling at a price that only weeks ago would’ve much higher.

Nick Denton the man behind Gawker had this to tweet:


Surely this won’t be the last we hear of said case & the future of Gawker as a whole however this does raise a lot of questions & in the eyes of not just Hogan but Thiel as well a victory.