Spotify has announced today that they’ll be upgrading their Family Plan for all users (excluding Canada) to a new $15 a month plan for up to 6 users. This matches their competitor Apple Music’s promising Family Plan. Saving users significantly over the months.

As a Spotify Family Plan member myself I was previously paying $25 USD a month for 5 users plus myself. Now I save around $120 a year for the same plan. The Family Plan includes separate accounts for users to use so that you can have your own playlists, saved songs, and so on. While access to over millions of songs in Spotify’s library.

In a very competitive music streaming space pricing & exclusivity seem to be the big factors in users choice. Now with Spotify matching Apple’s family plan it could incentivize more users to either switch, stay, or upgrade their account on the platform.

You can read the official announcement on Spotify’s blog here & sign up for the Family Plan here