Coloring Book is artists Chance the Rapper’s third official mixtape that has been highly anticipated for 2016. The mixtape can now be streamed as of now officially exclusively on Apple Music. Time will tell if it will be released across other platforms such as Spotify. Coloring Book features a wide arrange of features from Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Future to Justin Bieber, T-Pain, and many other artists. Spanning across 14 tracks the Hip-Hop/Rap mixtape is certainly one that’ll be on peoples streaming rotation for the weeks to come.

In initial listening the album has a very gospel like vibe similar to that one of Chance’s idols Kanye. With two tracks both named “Blessings” it’s not necessarily hard to tell. Further the Chicago based rappers performance on “The Tonight Show” had the choir in full effect for the song.

Stream the mixtape now via Apple Music & if you aren’t a member keep in mind there’s a free 3-month free trial & 50% off plans for students so take advantage while you can!