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Arguably one of the best things about Apple’s most current Apple TV is the all new Siri remote. From it’s trackpad to the glossy form factor the all new Siri remote is a convenient way to navigate the TV OS. So why let that experience stop at the TV. SiriMote allows you to connect the bluetooth based remote to any mac that supports bluetooth 4.0 & is on El Capitan 10.11 or newer.

The SiriMote utility is completely free & allows for basic control over media functionalities throughout not just OS X but 3rd party apps as well.

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Video Overview:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.54.11 AM

SiriMote is highly useful when it comes to controlling media on your mac. Whether your listening to music on iTunes or watching movies on VLC. The app outlines a method for connection as simple as enabling bluetooth & pressing two buttons. From there your guided through the interface of SiriMote as it pertains to OS X. Noting that you cannot actually use the swipe functionality on the new trackpad just yet however all other buttons work fine & replace a common media key such as play/pause, next/forward, previous/rewind.

I personally think the utility is great for instances where you use the mac as a media server like platform. As someone who has a library of content for my iMac SiriMote is convenient as the new remote is all bluetooth based so no having to worry about IR signal or line of sight when it comes to controlling. I can be away from the desk in a chair or what have you to simply control the media. SiriMote however controls more than just media, another use case for me lies in the ability to control presentations. With support for Keynote or PowerPoint you can easily go through slides which I find handy for when I’m pacing the room & practicing my slides. This could obviously be used in a full presentation mode & allows you that extra flexibility & freedom from the mouse/keyboard.

All in all SiriMote acts as a simple bridge to connect & use your brand new SiriMote alongside your mac for free. Keeping in mind the Apple even sells the remote separately via their site if your ever interested in picking up the remote by itself sans Apple TV (Though I’d recommend just getting both at the price point). So if your looking for a simple & free way to connect your remote to your mac look no further than SiriMote.